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  • Sean's infatuation with the lovely "Pucks!" actress Morning Randolph is given an opportunity to blossom when Matt invites the two of them to a charity benefit. Sean realizes that his attraction to her may be, in fact, mutual. Meanwhile, Beverly and Carol share a joint and commiserate about the men in their lives. At the end of the night, Sean has a difficult choice to make, and Beverly learns that she has more to worry about in regard to her husband and the actress than even she realized.

  • Sean's amused appreciation of the librarian-playing, miraculously young Pucks lead actress Morning Randolph is inflated by implicitly jealous sneers from Bev, who finds a confident in Merc's secretary and jealous ex, and 'innocent flirtation'-encouraging Matt. Sean resists temptation when invited by Matt to the annual rape prevention charity dinner annex wine tasting, finding Morning at their table, yet can barely divert stop Bev's jealousy by mentioning their former script assistant, handsome Andrew Lesley, now has a Hollywood blockbuster with a big enough star to render Matt jealous.


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  • Sean walks into wardrobe, where the costumer asks Sean if the shirt Morning is wearing is "too booby." Her chest is spilling forth and he takes a moment to gather his thoughts and stammer that there's no such thing as too booby.

    She says great, then takes her shirt off to change. Except that she doesn't change. She just stands there in her bra as Sean hands her the new script pages and tries not to stare at her chest.

    Bev walks in, and tries to hide her surprise that Sean is standing and staring at their leading actress in her bra.

    Out at the craft table, Bev jokes about Morning's "bazooms," and says she's glad Sean is getting to enjoy them. He assures her he's immune.

    Bev is exhausted and just wants to go home. Sean says Matt has tickets to a charity thing. Bev doesn't want to go.

    As it happens, Matt only had one extra ticket, so she doesn't have to.

    Upon learning she's not invited, Bev suddenly wants to go.

    Sean explains that it makes sense Matt wouldn't invite her, since she didn't want him for the part, treats him like an idiot and hates him.

    "Still, that's no reason not to invite me," Bev says.

    Sean is unclear on the details of the fundraiser, but "rape is involved." It's a wine tasting.

    Bev goes in to wardrobe to check out Morning's costume. It's a suit but the skirt is so short it's almost a belt.

    They have her look at it with the glasses.

    Carol from the network comes by and immediately loves the outfit. Bev tries to hold herself together as she insists that the suit and Morning's "reproductive organs" are not going in her TV show.

    Carol escorts Bev on a walk to ask what's wrong. She asks if Bev is having fun.

    Bev says every day she feels like they're making the show worse, she hates LA, she's tired of feeling fat when she's not fat.

    This prompts Carol to ask if she's fat.

    Bev says she wouldn't mind a bit if Carol told her the show was over and she could just go home.

    They see Morning leaving. She's all glammed up and wearing a black shirt that's even boobier. She tells them she's off to some rape prevention function. When Bev mentions Sean will be there, Morning already knows. "We'll miss you," she says.

    At the dinner, a woman gives a fairly grim recount of her own attack. Matt whispers to Sean that he did a pilot with her once. He thinks she does voice overs now.

    As the woman goes on about rape stats, Matt opens the bottle of wine on the table, with a loud pop. Morning arrives. Sean didn't know she was coming.

    Back on set, Bev reassures herself she trusts Sean. The problem is Morning, whom she doesn't trust any farther than she can stretch her face. Carol listens sympathetically, saying that the word is Morning gets injected with some serum made from Chinese babies.

    Carol asks Bev if she smokes. Bev resists, saying she quit ten years ago. She wrestles with the idea, until Carol points out she didn't mean cigarettes. "Oh, that's fine," Bev says.

    Back at the dinner, Matt says he invited Morning for Sean. He wanted to give them some space. Sean tries to say he's happily married, but he's flattered by the idea that Morning might like him.

    Matt suggests that various "jobs" aren't cheating, but Sean insists that anything that ends in "job" is.

    Matt tells Sean he knows what he's missing out on, because of the tape.

    Sean has no idea what he's talking about. Matt tells him about a sex tape from 10 years ago of Morning "and some black guy, doing stuff."

    Back on the set, Bev says she and Sean have been married for eight years and he's never cheated. But he was married when they met.

    Carol tells Bev she's been seeing a married guy. "I can't tell you his name, if it got out it could ruin a lot of lives," Carol says.

    "It's Merc, right?" Bev asks. "Yea," Carol says.

    At the dinner, Merc arrives with his blind wife, who is the cochair of the whole function.

    Merc starts evaluating the various fundraisers he's been to, including colo-rectal cancer and the one for "kids with hairlips."

    He wanders off without saying anything to his wife.

    She asks Sean if Bev's liking LA any more and then makes a reference to her husband, who she clearly thinks is still standing next to her. She realizes he's gone and starts pawing the air looking for him.

    Back on set, Carol tells Bev that Merc was going to leave his wife, and then she went blind. "It's like I was being punished," Carol says.

    Carol knows she should end it. She says the most pathetic thing is that she's become an expert on Merc's wife's blindness.

    "I just keep hoping that some doctor, somewhere, will find a cure and give that poor woman her sight back -- so he can f----- leave her," Carol says.

    At the fundraiser, Sean makes Morning laugh.

    Sean runs into an old friend from England. He mentions that Bryan Singer is directing his screenplay, staring Matt Damon and Kiera Knightley. Sean tries to quash his envy.

    He introduces his friend, a former PA. Sean tells him they're remaking "Lyman's Boys" and his friend asks who's playing Lyman.

    He busts out laughing when Sean says Matt is, thinking it's a joke.

    He also thinks the name "Pucks!" is a joke. He excuses himself to get back to Kiera and all the Paramont people.

    Bev and Carol ransack craft servces for leftover food. Carol finds a donut with a bite out of it in the garbage. They scarf it down.

    Morning reassures glum Sean that he's a brilliant writer. She takes his hand and asks if he knows how talented he is. "I show up at that stage every day and I can't believe I get to work with you," she says.

    As she's concluding her earnest flattery, sitting behind her, Matt looks at Sean and makes the universal symbol for a kind of "job," suggesting Sean go with it.

    Outside at the valet, Mourning gives Sean a booby hug good bye. Matt says that's a great opportunity leaving.

    But when Morning gets in the car, she realizes it's not hers. She turns around, and Matt narrates the opportunity coming back.

    She's tipsy and Matt suggests she shouldn't be driving. He volunteers Sean to take her home, but he says he has to go by the office and mentions Bev. So Matt takes her, glaring at Sean.

    Sean comes home to find Bev chowing through several takeout boxes of Chinese. He tells her about running into their old PA and lists off the famous people there. Bev fishes, asking if she knew anyone else there. He says no.

    Finally, Bev says Morning was there and Sean tries to pretend like he forgot. Finally, he says he didn't want to mention it because it would make Bev act how she's acting.

    Bev tries to remain calm.

    Sean tells her there was a moment at the end, when something could have happened.

    "I chose you," Sean says.

    "I would hope so! You don't get extra points for that," Bev says.

    Sean goes up to bed.

    Later, in the middle of the night, Sean gets up finds Morning sex tape on the computer. He, uh, plays along.

    Bev sees him.

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