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Korea beat again with Heartbeat!
fluffset5 October 2012
Korea always got a new idea for their movie. I'm agree if all moviemaniac now will prefer Korea more than USA. Who can think that story about a heart's donor can be very exciting. What a Korea! This story is about a mother who desperate to find his daughter's heart donor. She found one, but that's not easy as she see.

Until know in IMDb, Heartbeat just got 6.5(6/10/12). I thought it should be around 7.5 above. But, its okay. Don't believe with the rating, just watch it first.

It got all movie needs; emotional,thrilling,some action. And what I love about Korea cinema is, their creativity. Worth watching!
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Excellent movie
MrGeneSnitsky7 November 2011
I caught this movie last year on a plane from Seoul to South Africa. I really enjoyed it. Good script and acting, I was pulled into this emotionally more than I've been by a film in a long time.

A woman is trying to find a heart donor for her young daughter. She thinks that she has one lined up, but it's not all that it seems.

How far would you go when it comes to protecting or saving someone you really love?

I like that unlike American films, you don't know where this one is going to end up. And that you can understand the motivations from all sides even if you don't agree with them.

Highly recommend.
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