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Spacetime explained: Exclusive preview of How the Universe Works finale

Space: The final frontier…no truer words spoken by a voiceover artist as we delve into the mysteries of time and space combined on tonight’s finale episode of How the Universe Works. The episode attempts to explain a concept many people, unsurprisingly, have difficulty comprehending — “spacetime”. Science Channel has given Monsters and Critics an exclusive […]

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Exclusive clip: Mystery of Planet 9 on How the Universe Works

Could doom be lurking on the very edge of our own solar system in the form of a mysterious ninth planet? Science Channel looks into the question tonight on How the Universe Works: Mystery of Planet 9. Scientists have found evidence of the huge space object, thought to be 10 times as massive as Earth and with the potential to have some moons. The right combination of elements could even give it the ability to sustain potential extraterrestrial life, some experts say. How the Universe Works is narrated by Mike Rowe (Deadliest Catch) and tonight’s Mystery of Planet 9 episode boasts interviews with Cal Tech astronomer Mike more
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Punkin Chunkin Competition Airing on the Science Channel & Discovery Channel this November

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Gourds will be launched long distances through the air before splattering back to earth when the Punkin Chunkin competition is featured on the Science Channel and the Discovery Channel this November.

Press Release: Projectile pumpkins take over the sky as Punkin Chunkin returns to Science Channel with a three hour simulcast with Discovery Channel – that’s more primetime gourd-chunkin hours than ever before! Punkin Chunkin is the epic gathering of unconventional engineering teams and builders who compete using a variety of technologies - air cannons, catapults, trebuchets and other homemade contraptions - to see who can propel a pumpkin the farthest. This signature Science Channel television event celebrates the science and engineering skills of all those who compete, as well as their creativity, ingenuity, teamwork, and passion. Punkin Chunkin returns in all its glory after a two-year absence as a simulcast on Science Channel and Discovery Channel Saturday, Nov. 26 at 8Pm.
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Celebrate 4/20 with these highly recommended streaming picks

Celebrate 4/20 with these highly recommended streaming picks
Dude. It’s 4:20pm… on 4/20. Are you as hungry as I am?

After getting all your afternoon snacks in order, consider celebrating this auspicious day with one (or more) of these, er, green-friendly streaming picks. Each one can be viewed from the comfort of your own couch — though you might want to pull out a fan before you start watching. Otherwise, certain hazy elements might make it tough to see your computer screen.


As of today, this 144-minute documentary about the reggae legend is officially available On Demand, on iTunes, and streaming on Facebook. When we asked a
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