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Starts out wobbly, but does get better
Klapaucious25 March 2015
I don't know why so many user reviews for this show are so negative, but I like it. I will agree with others that the story starts out a little wobbly, but the more you watch and actually pay attention, the better it gets. This isn't a mind numbing superhero show.

Instead of the usual good vs evil shtick, there is this gray area that people with powers reside in making the actual concept of good and evil a bit hazy. As for the whole people having powers and everyone knowing about it, as a fan of superhero flicks like The Avengers, it wasn't hard for me to believe and accept the concept. Cheesy superhero names? Sure. Cliché costumes? Of course. Rip-off of some other superhero flick? Every superhero flick rips off of other superhero flicks in some way or another, should be used to it by now.

All in all, I say give it a chance. Watch the first few episodes. If you still don't like it, then obviously this show isn't for you. However, if you find yourself wanting to know what happens next episode, then you and I are in the same basket.
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The same but different.
A world where people with powers coexist with normal people, yea sure it's been done before. Though I believe with this one they got things right. Unlike so many other shows these days that try to grab the audiences attention through sex, violence and special effects, powers focused quality actors, good dialogs and interesting musical choices. Sure the theme has been visited before, though none quite like powers. When I first saw the play-station logo appear I very nearly stopped watching all together, but I was glad not to. The plot seems thick the characters are extremely well rounded (not your usual good Vs evil type thing) and the acting is just superb. This show is a true work of quality, not just some mind numbing rehash as others might suggest, original and clever and just reeking of humanity. I would give it 8/10
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Terrible pilot, gets much better by episode 3.
gmackenz12 March 2015
First off a correction to the various misconceptions by earlier reviews on IMDb. This show is based on a comic book that appeared 6 years earlier than Heroes TV show and 13 years before the Reckoners book series. I'd posit that those works were probably influenced by Powers (and other comics of the time (Watchmen anyone?).

I was very disappointed in the pilot episode for the unnecessary massive info dump from of all people Mario Lopez as an on screen celebrity reporter. The pilot seemed like it had been shot cheaply and clearly seems written as network sales pitch episode and it doesn't fit with the more nuanced better 2nd and 3rd episodes I've seen. Third episode redeemed the pilot in all aspects. The direction, script and acting all made me accept the sometimes dramatic differences to the source comic book series.
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So freaking good (despite the first 2 episodes)
girlsondrugs8 May 2015
As other reviewers have pointed out, the first couple episodes are lousy (like I'm-kind-of-embarrassed-for-these-actors level of lousiness). BUT the rest of the season more than makes up for the rocky start. While the whole superheroes thing has been done to death, Powers has definitely made the theme their own. With characters that aren't flatly just "good" or "evil" but rather more realistic humans, superb acting, and good dialogue and plots, this show is a must-see for any sci-fi/superheroes fans. There is so much potential for development of this universe; you can really see they have planted seeds for this to go so far above and beyond what we see in the first season. The PlayStation logo alone almost turned me away but I'm so glad I listened to the other reviewers and gave it a shot. Sure it's not perfect - the special effects could definitely use more work, and the writing and sets could be better, but I have a feeling they will really catch their stride in the second season - and I for one can't wait for it!
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Solid story, and characters that aren't predictable. The best of superhero TV right now.
ericjcant-14 May 2016
With the first episode of Powers I wasn't really sure what to think. It was good, but it seemed fairly obvious that the budget probably wasn't all that big and it has a different direction than the other superhero TV shows, yet I couldn't put my finger on it until about the third episode when it really take offs into being one of the best, if not the best of the superhero shows. First is that it's a real ongoing story, and it's solid, where everything that happens actually matters. People die, characters have both good and evil aspects, and everyone has a real back story that affects the big picture. BUT what probably works better than anything else in Powers is that the characters have complex relationships with each other that seem fairly realistic, or at least genuine in their motivations towards each other with invested interests so that the action carries a lot of weight. Show like Gotham, Arrow, and even Daredevil don't reach this level of effectiveness in their characterization.

One thing I would note is that this probably isn't for kids. There are a lot of F bombs, and though it doesn't really have sex, there are a few discussion about people using sex as a way to get what they want. Just FYI.
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Season 1 review: I binge-watched it and so should you
Chiller730 April 2016
I didn't know much about this show except that it was based on a comic that I haven't read. But when I saw it on the Crackle streaming service, I thought "why not?" and started watching, and ended up thoroughly enjoying it and binged-watched multiple episodes per day, completing Season 1 within just a few days. This is a great show.

Themes: I loved how the powered people are viewed and treated in this world, as celebrities. Why wouldn't a celebrity superhero use their fame to endorse commercial products? If kids really had super-powers, they probably would be more interested in showing off to gain popularity than actually battling evil. It's interesting seeing an ordinary police force dealing with powered people who go bad, dealing not only with the powered criminals, but also with media coverage, interference from other powered heroes, etc.

The powers we see on this show are not particularly original. We've pretty much seen it all before in other more famous super hero comics: flying, super-strength, teleportation, energy projection, super-healing, absorbing other powers, body duplication, etc. But it still manages to portray some of these powers in interesting ways. For example, the multiplying man, Simons, seems to have separate personalities for each of his duplicates, which was weird. And this show sure doesn't hold back or limit some of these powers. The villains, Johnny Royale and Wolfe, have powers so extreme, I was constantly wondering how anyone in this world can possibly oppose them. This made me want to keep watching.

Visuals: At a glance, it may be easy to dismiss this show as silly, because the costumes are intentionally bright, colorful, and often cheap-looking, but that's how I'd imagine super-hero costumes really would look if people were making them themselves. There's an interesting contrast between the bright and colorful look of the show and the dark, adult nature of its content.

I've seen people criticizing the effects for looking cheap and I kinda see their point, but I'd say the visual effects are actually about on par with other modern superhero shows I've watched, like Supergirl or Agents or Shield, etc. What more can you expect from a TV budget?


Walker: Sharlto Copley is excellent as the star of this show, weird-sounding American accent aside. To his credit, I watched an on-set interview for this show and noticed that he was still doing the accent in the interview. Now that's commitment! He's an actor with more than enough intensity to play the role of Walker, this troubled, multi-layered guy, previously an arrogant bully, now humbled by the loss of his powers, but still reckless enough to put himself in danger in the face of danger. I liked this character.

Deena: Here's a character who could have easily been annoying, as the inexperienced partner who disagrees with everything the main character does, but she was actually pretty funny and often more relatable than Walker himself, showing just how reckless Walker was, which makes them both interesting.

Calista: She's the show's central mystery. What does she know that others don't? Why is everyone after her? I see people describing her as annoying, and yeah, maybe I see their point, but she was so cute, I'll forgive her.

Johnny Royale: This guy was interesting, possibly my favorite character on the show. He seems at first like nothing more than some sleazy drug-dealer, but then you quickly realize how extremely dangerous and scary his powers are, but then you find out there's more to the guy - He was Walker's best friend in the past? Why is he so seemingly genuinely caring towards Calista? - he's definitely not just some cardboard villain.

Wolfe: This is a very intriguing bad guy, a well-spoken philosopher villain. Right from when we meet him we wonder what level of powers could possibly have to warrant being restrained, monitored, and repeatedly lobotomized on a regular schedule? And then when we see what's he's capable of, yeah, he really did need that level of restraint! I love how the show slowly reveals what he could have done in the past that was so horrific and what was his relationship with Walker in the past. Slowly learning these details was the most interesting part of this show.

Retro Girl: She's this world's equivalent of Superman, revered by all as the greatest, and with the power level to back it up - when she shows up, watch out! But she seems to have grown embittered by her role as super-hero and status. I would imagine that someone burdened by such an enormous role as protector of everything wouldn't be cheerful for too long, so once again, I think this show gets it right, regarding how real people may behave in a world of super-powers.

Anyway, great Season 1. I look forward to Season 2.
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It's.. Different..
katirena12 April 2015
This show doesn't really seem suited for the masses. I find it requires a certain amount of patience and passion for good dialog to really appreciate this.

If you want some action-packed big blowout bad-ass superhero show, then you're out of luck. But.... If you want something different, something dark and mysterious and interesting then this is for you.

It could be better, it's true, But personally I like what it is and where it's going. There were a few times I was ready to give up on it, But I pushed through and was glad for it. The thing that frustrates me most is that I really want Diamond to get his powers back, And the show keeps teasing me with it but it hasn't fully happened yet.

Either way though, It deserves a chance. Give it one.
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Not perft, but best take so far
amaskedman30 March 2015
While not perfect, powers offers the best take on super powered beings thus far. Why? Because it actually focuses on heroes making real choices, not supermodels running around with teen angst, or layers of conspiracies that detract from characters.

The acting is great and the interaction between powers and ordinary people is believable. That is what makes the show special. When a power is confronted, there is real tension. The show plays on that interaction well, and often to great effect. The powers in the show know they are above the law and the non power know there is little they can do about it.

The dialogue is a bit rough and the show only plays with being a procedural, something I think they should focus more on. Solving crimes in a super powered world would be interesting However, not committing to being a cop show or a show strictly about powers is the shows greatest weakness. It is a show stuck between two genres and not developing or committing to either.
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lars_wh24 March 2015
If you love The Incredibles, The watchmen, X-men, Guardians of the Galaxy and Avengers and so forth.... you will love this :D

Sharlto Copley is fan-f-cking-tastic in this sci-fi-superhero series :D

Plot may seem off, but it works and gets better - a fresh, fun and geeky series with many funny actors out of their comfort zone :D

Picture is great - love the ambient music - this could be really really great if they keep developing the universe, and perhaps add more interesting well known actors into roles we normally don't see them in :D

Gonna stay tuned and hope they don't cancel this gem
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Could be way better
cheighlee3 May 2015
If this was a networked TV show and not PSN exclusive, it would probably get canceled halfway through the first season. And rightfully so.

The premise is interesting as it was in the original comics way back in 2000 but they didn't do much with it now for this show. After watching this first season I just can't say that it was a good show. Most of the time it was a mess of good and bad. As I said already, story is interesting and can yield interesting plots but it was just handled poorly with cheesy acting, weird editing and stupid non sequitur dialogs and monologues that most of the time go nowhere and are there just as a obligatory placeholder speech. Though I am going to give it a bit of slack because there are few really good speeches, but just a few.

The acting is colorful, from really bad to overacting. Susan Heyward was at times, totally giving her A game but then, Copley also half the time was looking like he's drunk and just reading the lines from a page. Don't get me wrong, I love Sharlto as an actor, he's good, it's just this show isn't and you can see that reflects in actors, sets and screen writing. Eddie Izzard was kinda OK, whatever, he also didn't give a damn and was there only to give us speech after speech. Same goes for Michelle Forbes and others.

I would like to say that the acting is the only bad thing and that I could blame directing for it but there's more, sorry. SONY somehow accomplished to make this show look like it was shot in 2000-2001. The visual effects are mostly cheap and even laughable at times, flying and stunts are just as transparent, especially the flying bit that looked way better even in Superman The Movie, almost 40 years ago.

Same thing for "edgy and cool" clothing and music of youngsters here, it just looks stupid, costumes are on "Mystery Men cheap cosplay" level. Yes, I know it has to be a bit silly and selfaware.... but it isn't because the established tone of the show is messed up and quasi-serious. There are all this stuff that show tries to make you care about but you just don't give a damn.

So I covered bumpy acting, crappy visuals and unblossomed story. Now - the characters. There isn't a single one that I liked. They are mostly generic or out of touch with youth or something like that. Lead duo of Walker and Deena are just the worst. Walker is class AAA a-hole and Deena is the caring and righteous one, but we just don't care for her because she gives us no reason to do so. Rest of the Powers division are generic bunch of cop like guys and girls. Wolf is a soliloquy walking machine, Retro Girl is generic superhero that tries to look deep, Johnny Royale is generic bad guy with a good heart and we actually don't know why he does what he does, what's his goal. Then there's Calista, generic troubled teen that we should cheer/care for but we don't because she's an a-hole as well. Simons is maybe the most likable character here but he's in the role of background-ish second hand man to Royale. Zora should represent probably the mirror image of Calista but she doesn't because they don't actually share any screen time and she falls flat as just an average MTV-like superhero that's "like, cool, modern and hip".

Aaaand then there are Chaotic Chic duo of Chic and Krispin. Oh man, did I loathe both of them. There's just something about generic portrayal of moronic teens that makes my blood pressure goes up. They try to be this propaganda spewing, anti establishment, high horse freedom internet keyboard warriors that are also cool and urban with all those graffiti and what not. Wait, I actually get it now, they are basically extremist hippies, pharmaceutical lab fire-bombers, that's why I don't like them.

I'm aware that bunch of this stuff is "critique of society, superpowered people ethos and such and self satire of some of the clichés and how public image is blah blah", that the focus is more on characters and their struggle. But it's so badly portrayed that it became all that it was criticizing. Whole mindset of the show is pretty shallow, it's almost as this was written by an angsty teen that realized that there's more to the world than his backyard. So as far as satire goes here, it doesn't work.

Ugh, I wasted so much time to write here and tell you why this shows sucks but it also helped me to get some better perspective about it. So yeah, not recommended. If they don't bail on this show, maybe the second season would be better, but I'm probably not coming back to check that out.
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Good concept but show is getting boring going into the second season
trimblair13 September 2017
They are going to have to bring in something new or I'm not going to get through this. The first few episodes were good and it seems to have legs but the cheesy special effects and silliness are starting to wear on me. We've seen it before in HEROES and others ... powers walk among us. There is a police force that deals with them. I'm interested in seeing how it plays out but am I 20 hours of my life interested?
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A good series
wolfspawn-3931819 June 2016
I had to write a review here, after reading all the reviews of this series. Everybody is suddenly an expert on all things, acting, scripts, etcetera. I am a viewer and i enjoy things from that perspective. This series has promise, i like the way they look at superheroes or powered people. I've seen heroes and all the other superhero series, but this an unique view on the genre. In the reviews of American based viewers they speak of cursing and saying the F word, i don't mind this, but in other countries we think differently. So that's no problem for me. I watched the first season and liked it a lot. Now watching the second season and it's getting better each episode. And hey, just don't read reviews too much. Judge for your self.
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Very uneven and sometimes hard to take
Narce14 June 2015
Warning: Spoilers
I have now watched the first 5 episodes of this show, and I have to say that it's not really grabbing me. There are too many things that seem to refer to something outside the series, which remains unexplained. Perhaps viewers are expected to read the graphic novel first, but that doesn't really seem to help, as the back-stories are completely different.

For example, (**spoilers**) we are told several times that Wolff "ate" Diamond's powers, but no such thing happened in the novel. In Episode 5 of the series, we are subjected to several "flashbacks" (or maybe hallucinations) that show Diamond and Wolff, Diamond and a young Wolff, and the two of them with a young girl cowering in the grassy field where all this is taking place. I have no idea what any of this is supposed to mean, except that (in the series) Diamond and Wolff have been linked because Diamond took a drug made from Wolff's blood. And considering that, in the graphic novels, Diamond and Wolff have known each other (and fought each other) for thousands of years, none of it really makes any sense.

I get the feeling that the show was made for some sort of rabid fan, but I don't know of what. Playstations? The graphic novels? Superheroes in general? Whatever the answer, I guess I'm not one of them.
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Very disappointing
Cristiantel15 June 2015
I started to watch this series hopping to something Heroes-like but after few episodes I considered it more s**t-like! Comic-book characters, comic-book acting, comic-book FX, comic-book script. Actually, almost everything is like a stupid comic book made for stupid kids! Oh, sorry kids, you are not stupid, you are just kids, but this series suppose to be made mainly for adults. I suppose... I found difficult to follow the plot. Everything look so complicate, many of the dialogs are full of useless "deep" thoughts and cheap philosophy, like trying to make from a nice, simple, refreshing comic book movie a psychological thriller. The action scenes are unpredictable and quite irrational, simple and usually fast decisions are made very hard and in a complicated manner. As conclusion, for me was a totally waste of time. Three stars for I am the generous kind!
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this will be pulled halfway through season two
victorcardiss14 May 2016
Not only are the scripts and characters predictable and utterly unoriginal but there's no reason to get to like these characters. The production company have lost all sense of viewer investment and (on just one episode) I could care less about the miserable protagonists who have to read this foul and abusive script. I already know there'll be no surprises that I couldn't have seen coming from a planet away and did I mention the completely overworked expletives (OK we get it... he a troubled soul with a rebellious streak)

I grew up on comic books and super heroes but you've served a dish that isn't suitable for my children and I to watch together. I won't be watching a second episode.

Finally, if my comment was peppered with the liberal sprinkling of expletives, you wouldn't allow it to be posted would you...(Jesus Sxxt is a new one but no more imaginative than the usual 'Holy Sxxt')

What a shame... in future why not run the trailers later in the schedule and show the viewers just how foul the scripting is. (something about honest advertising)

Note: I'm astonished... When I posted my review it was rejected because I used an expletive that was used in the script. Well done. Now if you could have a word with the script writers about decency and acceptable standards
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How the heck did this get a rating as high ???
atmadarkwolf9 June 2015
This really isn't good at all. I just do NOT understand the rating, except to think its fan-boys from the comic. With all the 'very' similar shows out there, all which are much better production, acting, better story lines, and all of the ones I can think of are cancelled/over by now. (Come to think of it, maybe people are just starved for this kind of show?) Really found it weak, the acting was silly, the effects were trash(Worse than what people can do on their phones these days) and the plot is... bad...

I guess I have to read the comics to 'like' this. (Even though apparently how this don't at all follow the comics in any sense?) Honestly, a 3 is generous, but because of the subject matter I think it deserves that much at least. Its only the acting, plot, and visuals which bring the score down. (only...)
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I'm not going to go back over stuff already said, just want to say I found this show online by accident. I never heard of it but after watching 2 seasons and enjoying it, as someone else said its different to any other show about super hero's and that's what I liked about it. I believe if it had been more widely available we would have had the pleasure of enjoying this show for some time to come.
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Slow start, a little odd, but some mystique goes a long way
some-guy-on-maui3 July 2016
I had a hard time getting into this show, it started a little slow, and seemed a little low-budget for my taste. I like that it's not all laid out for us though, it makes you wonder, makes you think.

I am pretty sure we still don't really know much about what Diamond's powers were, other than he could at one point, fly. Season 1 got better and better as it went, and the tiny little Russian (30 year old) beauty kept me pretty interested, and continues to. I dare say I'd climb a mile over broken glass to get near her. Season 2, as with many series' these days, got the introduction of Boobs, which is always a plus for me, because sex is for most of us, a primary motivator. The near constant expletives make the show more real as well. We all f**king swear, usually far too much, but that's life.

As with most shows, the fewer mainstream stars, the better. I find it hard to believe in shows that use actors that I saw an hour ago on CSI or the like. I wish more shows would diversify and use new blood more, it's tiring to see the same old faces all the time. That said, it was great to see Michelle Forbes again, even without her mole.
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Another god awful take on superheroes from Sony...
Connor_Kenway25 July 2015
So I finally decided to watch Powers, since I am a PS Plus subscriber and can do so for free. I love Sharlto Copley, I think he is an amazing actor. He's given great performances in District 9 and the A-Team, so I thought I was in for a real treat. But alas, after just the pilot episode I found it incredibly hard to focus on what was going on, because of the really low quality production values. I forced myself to continue though, just in case it would get better and boy do I regret it. It's 47 x 10 (yes I am too lazy to do the math) minutes there that I will never get back again, and those were some painful hours indeed. The CGI and special effects are amateurish at best. It's like something you can find on Youtube and I don't mean your average trailer from an upcoming Marvel movie. It's really cringeworthy to watch just how bad it is, especially the fighting and the "flying". Whenever they lift themselves slightly above the ground you can clearly see that strings are lifting them. I know that a TV Show's budget is significantly smaller than a movie's, but if CW can make decent CGI and effects on shows like The Flash and Arrow, Sony could too... The choreography of the fighting is awful too. It's like they are drunk or something. But I think the worst thing about this show are the young actors. All five of the main youngsters are horribly awful (man I really wish IMDb allowed you to swear sometimes...), really really amateurish and so so cringeworthy to watch. Deena Pilgrim is supposed to be another one of those hard boiled female bad a**es, but it doesn't suit her at all. Susan Heyward tries way too hard to be tough, so much so that I can't help but facepalm myself at how embarrassingly bad she performs. From the moment she is introduced as a rookie cop, she acts like everything is her business and everyone should answer to her. In other words she's just way too much of a tryhard. Then there's this Zora person, who's also played by a bad actress which just really makes her into an unlikable character to me.

The issue I have with Krispin is not so much that the actor is also an amateur, it's his character that I dislike. He seems so out of place in the story in the first few episodes, whenever he's on screen, he's just like... there... Doesn't contribute to neither plot nor interacts with the other main characters. It's only in the last few episodes he's truly needed for the overall story arc. And no spoilers, but he's a total D-bag towards his own mom and it's only because of her line of work.

But worst of all is Calista and the actress who plays her... I know that "hate" is a strong word, but man I really hate her! I can't stand her, she is 1000 x worse than Deena Pilgrim, Zora and Krispin combined. She is so unlikable, I automatically lost focus whenever she was on screen and just closed my eyes. She's too much of a wannabe, that she's convinced that she has powers, even though she clearly doesn't. She will do anything in order to gain her powers, and if anyone mocks her or tries to talk some sense into her, she get's mad and leaves. She does some crazy s*** throughout the episodes in order to "discover" her powers, even going so far as putting her life and others at risk. It's literally the ONLY thing that's on her mind. She's just way too cocky and delusional for her own good. And I don't get why Johnny Royale is so caring and protective towards her, almost from the first time they met, he treats her like his own daughter and provides food and shelter for her, even though they're complete strangers to each other. But the worst thing about her, is how unbelievably bad the actress who portrays her is. I'm not joking when I say that she's without a doubt the absolute WORST actress I have ever seen in my entire life, and I have seen Paris Hilton act... Everything she says and does, is done so without soul and emotion. She can't cry, she can't express anger, pain, happiness, NOTHING. There's an episode where she's supposed to be ill and look "feverish", but when she laid down on her mattress and "shaked", I instantly burst out in laughter and double- facepalmed myself so hard that it felt like my eyes got rolled around inside my head. "What the hell was that???" was the only thing I could think of. I am lost for words to fully describe just how ridiculous she looked. Olesya Rulin should not act at all and if I ever see her in anything else, I will instantly turn off my TV without second thought.

The only redeeming things about this show, are Sharlto Copley, Noah Taylor and Eddie Izzards characters. They give good, believable performances, and their characters are instantly likable, especially Johnny Royale and Wolfe. Noah and Eddie are great actors, but it's especially Eddie's performance that truly makes me believe in his character and that he's this unstoppable force, if he ever get's out. But they fudged it all up and wasted his potential in the end sadly.

The best episode to me was the penultimate. It was the only episode that actually got me excited for the show, and it was mainly because of Eddie Izzard and how he really got to shine there with an interesting plot twist at the end, which sadly was wasted in the finale...

I will never for the life of me, watch another episode of this awful show ever again, even if it's free and I think it should be cancelled as quickly as possible!
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westsideschl28 July 2015
If graphic comic books occupy a part of your life. If escapism fantasy from the dregs of life is your personal savior then Detective Walker (they always have these country stud names) is your newest hero. As usual it's the stereotype of a scruffy looking detective with personal issues. It seems as if the British Bond dapper style has lost its currency. Of course we have the usual partner that's the polar opposite. Mandatory to add enough interpersonal conflict to keep the story rolling until the next shootout. Speaking of shootouts, the very first scene of the very first episode, he did a cop really bad no-no by leaving his then (now dead) partner alone with a much larger and very aggressive nasty looking dude. Subsequently replaced by that newbie partner who also fulfills the series token ethnic and gender diversity quota.

Plot: Fight superbaddies using the basic tools (guns) and hope you get your own superpower back.

Anyway, lots of cheap effects editing to make someone appear then disappear; cheap bloody dead person prosthetics; really bad CGI of Superman (and most every superhero after him) style flying. Dumbed down dialogue (9th grade ed required). Much better current offerings are, "Justified", "True Detectives" season one, "Sherlock", maybe "Fargo", all offer better scripts, sets, acting.
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UGH why?
latashaseam12 March 2015
The writing is so disappointing considering the bones of the plot are already put together since it is based on an existing graphic novel. As well, the performances are unbalanced. So many wonderful actors (Izzard, Taylor, Forbes, Copley to name a few) are trying their best to give some depth to crap dialogue and playing against some truly awful acting by the main characters. Direction seems non- existent...it's painfully clumsy in all respects. As well, will someone shape Walker's eyebrow? That and his oddly manicured perma- 5 o'clock shadow make him look like a muppet which makes it that much harder to take him seriously. God, and the wardrobe....completely uninspired.

The dialogue and acting in that scene in the 2nd episode when the 2 main cop characters Walker and Pilgrim are watching a TV news report in his living room is an example of everything that is wrong with this show.
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The Detective that could have and the partner that's just.... there....
hjalsayegh7 June 2015
Powers is a cop buddy series set in a world were people with super powers coexist with normal people.

The twist is that one of the cops, Christian Walker played by Sharlto Copley is an ex-powers person. A has been.

Plot is a bit muddled and the partner Deena Pilgrim (played by Susan Heyward) seems to be just there to show us how a clueless human with zero training or personality would react. her script is pretty much repeating whatever Walker says at least twice.

The idea of using substance instead of flashy effects, violence or sex to draw people in is pretty good in this series however it was too heavy to be enjoyable.
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Calista - the most annoying character ever
tomrunelian3 May 2015
I've seen my share of annoying characters, but Calista in Powers is the worst of them all. And she is totally ruining an otherwise brilliant show for me.

Why? The character wasn't intentionally written to p**s people off, but it just does. I cringe every time she appears and I fight the urge to fast forward every time she opens her mouth to whine about whatever, but I brace myself just in case Calista says something important connected to the plot.

I am sure the actor portraying Calista, soon to be 30 years(!!!) old Olesya Rulin, thought this was a brilliant career move being mighty Sony Playstations first original and all, but grown ups playing teenagers NEVER works (unless you're Michael J Fox and the character is Marty McFly. HAIL!!!!).

We really can't blame the actor for working with what she was given, and if we follow the comic book story arc, there is no way around the character Calista Secor. Maybe the responsibility for this complete disaster should be equally shared between the casting department and the writers?

My verdict; The pleasure of watching personal favorite Sharlto Copley rule the show - and, YES he does - is eclipsed by the irritation of watching poor Olesya Rulin failing so royally in her attempt to be sweet 16 again.
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Decent. Could get better.
rigsreco-674-80333012 March 2015
To anyone who thinks this is a ripoff of Heroes or some other show or book should try to at least first google the title and find out about the series in general. Is it that difficult to spend a minute to find out that this show is based on a comic book series published back in 2000 way back before Heroes even aired. The comic book series was groundbreaking back then for showing the other side of superhero world with ordinary people living in an extraordinary world. This live action adaptation is pretty slick but I too think the writers can do so much more with the base material that is available to them. The show does not effectively capture the look and feel of the comic book world. With such great comic book based shows like Arrow and Flash on television that have been able to turn comic book material into fantastic shows even with the lack of big budgets averrable to Hollywood blockbusters, I think Powers might take a while to gain ground and become better. Hope it does so in further episodes and does not get cancelled just after the first season.
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"Powers" (2015)
cjcoplin24 March 2015
Warning: Spoilers
"Powers" (2015) Is a decent show. I would have to say Really good. For the type of shows out there I am very glad they have this sort of show going on. It is fresh, and has room to grow. Don't set your standards to high. Powers is an on-going comic book by writer Brian Michael Bendis. On a side not did ya hear The X-Files new episodes confirmed: Duchovny and Anderson returning. WOOT. Here as a Spoiler alert things you can look forward to in Powers. Anyways yeah back to Powers, have you ever tried sucking someone off for superpowers? Hey why not give it a try right. Use to be a superhuman and lost your powers, hey..that sucks.
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