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  • Yes it will...with one exception. Pierce Brosnan will not be playing Chiron. Instead, Chiron will be played by Anthony Head. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • Despite the fact that Sea of Monsters was a modest commercial success, an adaptation of The Titan's Curse has never materialized. After the release of the second film, director/producer Chris Columbus was quoted as saying that a third one wouldn't happen anytime soon. Logan Lerman explained in 2014 that he officially signed on for three movies, and would love to do a third, but the studio never approached him for it. He pointed out that this was fairly atypical, as most sequels are immediately greenlit and put into production. With the passage of time, he figured that he and his fellow actors were becoming too old for their parts, and that it was unlikely that the film would still be made. However, he indicated that he would even be interested to play Percy in his thirties. Edit (Coming Soon)


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