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  • While CBI investigates the murder of a concert violinist, Cho helps a boy who is searching for clues that could prove his imprisoned father's innocence.

  • Concert violinist Eleanor Artega is shot dead outside her mother Isabella's NE Sacremento shop. Ex Orlando Yglesias, a Lincoln Avenue Hermanos petty gang member, fled from the spectators at the scene. Patrick, an amateur cellist, studies orchestra director Vincent Manheiser and his players.

  • The team is investigating the shooting of a concert violinist. Initially they suspect her ex boyfriend who is in a gang. But when he is cleared, they decide to look at the people she works specifically the conductor and the person who got her spot. At the same time, Cho's vehicle was taken by a young boy. He is later caught and brought to them. Cho has to take care of him till child services arrive. The boy tries to escape. He later tells them, he stole the car because he was hoping to join a gang so that he could find out where a gang member is, because he can prove that his father who was arrested for armed robbery is innocent. Cho looks into it and is visited by the D.A. prosecuting him. He tells Cho to back off cause he's trying to get the boy's father to testify against some gang members despite knowing that if he does, he will be killed and so will be his son.


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  • This time the CBI team work on a case involving the murder of a concert violinist which throws in Sacramento gang and orchestra members among the main suspects. Patrick solves it using flowers. In the meantime, Cho's life is complicated by a slippery young offender with quick fingers and an agenda of his own.

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