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Season 5

20 Mar. 2016
Episode #5.1
Errol gets a new mission - to infiltrate himself in Ivo's gang. Ivo, however, has imposed severe loyalty tests and the task seems impossible. Errol helps him seize a lost shipment of drugs and thinks he has earned his confidence, but after the action Ivo commissions Raphael to kill him.
27 Mar. 2016
Episode #5.2
Errol goes on his first assignment given by Ivo and brings him one of Dzharo's people. The man gives Ivo invaluable information on an Italian drug trafficking corridor run by Dzharo under the nickname Il Cane. Ivo risks and introduces himself as Il Cane. However, Nia who attends the meeting with the Italians too, knows the truth about Ivo.
3 Apr. 2016
Episode #5.3
Nia helps Ivo prove to the Italians that he is "Il Cane" and this way forces him to work together. He begins raising funds through extortion of petty mobsters, Errol actively participates in all shares and wins Ivo's liking. This embitters Ronnie and he makes a trap to Errol to make it fails to Ivo. Martin warns Errol and he managed to escape.
17 Apr. 2016
Episode #5.5
Ivo trusts Errol more and more. He assignes him to assist the liquid drug transportation to the factory. Errol reports to Martin about the drugs supply and they both persuade the police to take an action at the third shipment.However, driven by ambition, Martin rushes and puts Errol's life in danger.
24 Apr. 2016
Episode #5.6
After Ivo saves Errol's life, risking his own, Errol hesitates which are the good and which are the bad. Ivo fascinates him with his "sincere gangster" philosophy. Martin completely loses Erol's confidence after sacrificing the life of one of his closest subordinates in the police department.
8 May 2016
Episode #5.8
Martin forces Errol to cooperate with him by threatening him that he will uncover him to Ivo. Errol ostensibly agrees but sends him not to Ivo's track but after a competitor of his. Martin realizes that Errol has tricked him and has cleared the path to Andonov. Furious, Martin sends a flash drive with compromising evidence against Errol to Ivo.

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