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15 Jan. 2012
Episode #2.9
Accidently Boyana finds out that Sunny is alive. Meanwhile Jaro's accountant informs him that someone has been stealing money from his illegal deals. After Boyana tells Jaro that Sunny is alive, he figures out that Ivo is the one stealing money. Jaro gets furious and sends Ivo to certain death...
5 Feb. 2012
Episode #2.12
Martin informs Popov about Jaro's plans to do a big deal with counterfeit money and then leave the country for good. Martin is desperate - he is wanted nationwide and Popov can't help him. As the police get ready to attack Jaro's printing facility, Martin steals the disc with the counterfeit money printing files.
2 Dec. 2012
Episode #3.2
Ivo's ego gets bigger and bigger. Dzharo finds a new alibi to continue his mob work.
16 Dec. 2012
Episode #3.4
Dzharo and Ivo's clash becomes more and more violent. Popov's daughter suffers from his failing marriage.

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