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The former student
jotix10027 November 2011
Warning: Spoilers
The episode begins where it left off last week. We find a charged Ray who cannot get enough of Logan, his former student. Logan wants to do it in his car, oblivious to who might be watching them. Logan is hosting a party at her parent's house; she invites Ray to come and enjoy. Ray is clearly out of his league, but he mixes well with the young crowd.

Tanya is concerned with the situation caused by Lydia, the real life cop who has been seeing Ray often. She seeks Charlie's advice. The pimp has his own views on how to handle the situation, but Tanya is not quite sure about it. She feels Jason might be able to fill the needs of the police woman.

Jason goes to see Lenore. He is not quite satisfied with what he is doing and the money. Lenore tries reasoning with the man pointing out what he gets from one of his arranged dates by his pimp versus what he makes at the restaurant where he works. Sandee, his girlfriend, having been promised a large screen television goes to select one, which is not exactly what Lenore had in mind, thinking a bargain set with a dent could have pleased the girl.

Jessica, now a doctor's assistant, is ogled by Matt Saline. One day he catches her singing a number from a musical, to his complete amazement. It does not take long for the doctor to invite her to a revival of "Man of La Mancha" on a local cinema where they sing most of the tunes to the complete shock of the people in the theater. There is a problem though, Jessica is not quite satisfy with Matt's performance in bed.

Jessica finds Ray has been seeing Logan, something she finds disgusting, after all, she could be his daughter. Ray wants to make a clean break from Lydia, but she wants a bit of fun with him. Logan ends up paying six hundred dollars to Ray for services rendered and she will be out of the picture.

Directed by Dan Attias, the chapter was written by Brett Leonard. The introduction of sex with a younger woman is at the center of the story this time around. Ray seems to revert to a less complicated time of his life, which actually does not work out. The excellent writing and acting keeps this show from surprising its audience week after week.
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