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15 Aug. 2012
Episode dated 15 August 2012
Discussion on deferred deportation policy, farm drought, and VP Biden controversy.
15 Nov. 2012
Episode dated 15 November 2012
Discussion of Mitt Romney's "gifts" comments, breaking news from Miid-East, coverage of Petraeus affair.
26 Nov. 2012
Episode dated 26 November 2012
News broadcast featuring coverage of MidEast conflict (Egypt), Grover Norquist no-tax pledge, fiscal cliff, GOP immigration bill, new Internet sales tax.
28 Jan. 2013
Episode dated 28 January 2013
Coverage of immigration reform proposals, end of Boy Scouts' ban on gays, State Dept. briefing on Egypt.
29 Jan. 2013
Episode dated 29 January 2013
Discussion of immigration reform proposals, White House news, President Obama's speech from Las Vegas.
5 Feb. 2013
Episode dated 5 February 2013
Discussion of Obama legislative agenda, immigration reform, drone missile strikes, and latest in DC politics.
13 Feb. 2013
Episode dated 13 February 2013
Discussion of news and current events including Hegel nomination, California shooter manhunt, immigration reform, and Obama State of the Union speech.
18 Feb. 2013
Episode dated 18 February 2013
Daily news and opinion show, featuring discussions on immigration reform, GOP strategy, Hispanic population growth, South Africa murder case.
20 Feb. 2013
Episode dated 20 February 2013
Discussion of sequester, immigration reform South Africa murder trial, latest news from Washington DC.
28 Mar. 2013
Episode dated 28 March 2013
News and opinion show featuring discussions on gun control, Nelson Mandela, Cyprus financial crisis, pot tax, and more.
1 Apr. 2013
Episode dated 1 April 2013
Discussion of TX prosecutor killings, North Korean threat, immigration reform, Atlanta cheating scandal, and more.
5 Apr. 2013
Episode dated 5 April 2013
Daily news & opinion show featuring journalists and news makers. Topics include North Korea, March jobs report, White House news, Kamala Harris controversy, and more.
11 Apr. 2013
Episode dated 11 April 2013
Discussion of gun control legislation, immigration policy, North Korean aggression, plus live coverage of Medal of Honor ceremony from White House.
23 Apr. 2013
Episode dated 23 April 2013
Discussion of Boston Marathon bombings, latest on terror suspects, the impact of terror on immigration reform, the daily "Gut Check" and more.
30 Apr. 2013
Episode dated 30 April 2013
Discussion of Presidential news conference, George Zimmerman trial, Jason Collins' coming out, latest on Boston bombing suspects, and more.
10 May 2013
Episode dated 10 May 2013
Discussion of Benghazi hearings, White House health care briefing, Ohio kidnappings, daily "gut check" and more.
17 May 2013
Episode dated 17 May 2013
Coverage of Texas tornado, IRS scandal, latest news from Washington D.C. and daily "gut check."
24 May 2013
Episode dated 24 May 2013
Discussion and coverage of IRS hearings, 2016 polling, Obama USNA speech, Arias verdict, Obama terror speech, Jersey Shore reopening, scouting ban, and more.
30 May 2013
Episode dated 30 May 2013
Coverage of OKlahoma storms, Obama second-term agenda, DOJ scandal, 2016 presidential poll, asteroid, Daily Gut Check and more.
11 Jun. 2013
Episode dated 11 June 2013
Discussion of Trayvon Martin trial, breaking news from Turkey, immigration reform, NSA leaks, and more.
17 Jul. 2013
Episode dated 17 July 2013
Discussion of Zimmerman jury, Obama outreach to Spanish-language media, controversial Rolling Stone cover, Congress examines the Voting Rights Act, daily "gut check," and more.
18 Jul. 2013
Episode dated 18 July 2013
Live coverage of White House DHS Secretary announcement; Discussion of Kenya mall attacks, GOP in-fighting, Florida killers mistakenly released, NJ same-sex marriage, daily "Gut Check" and more.
24 Jul. 2013
Episode dated 24 July 2013
Discussion/coverage of President Obama's economic speech, Pope in Rio, Anthony Weiner scandal, new poll on congressional popularity, Rep. Steve King comments about immigrants, and Detroit bankruptcy.
9 Aug. 2013
Episode dated 9 August 2013
News and discussion on Missouri flooding, Ft. Hood shooter trial, California missing persons, White House press conference, daily "gut check" and more.
10 Sep. 2013
Episode dated 10 September 2013
News and discussions about breaking news from Syria, including latest from White House and Congress, public opinion on Syria, President Obama's speech on Syria, impact of Syria on immigration reform, Daily Gut Check, and more.
14 Oct. 2013
Episode dated 14 October 2013
Ongoing reporting/discussion of breaking news on government shutdown/debt ceiling crisis, Arizona immigration protests, Columbus Day controversy, missing child alert in NYC, stock market update, daily "Gut Check" and more.
18 Oct. 2013
Episode dated 18 October 2013
Live coverage of White House DHS Secretary announcement; Discussion of Kenya mall attacks, GOP in-fighting, Florida killers mistakenly released, NJ same-sex marriage, daily "Gut Check" and more.
24 Oct. 2013
Episode dated 24 October 2013
News and discussion of US oil tanker attack, TN army base shooting, Roma child mystery, immigration reform, Barney's racial profiling claims, daily "Gut Check" and more.
12 Nov. 2013
Episode dated 12 November 2013
News/discussion of relief efforts for victims of Typhoon Haiyan, 2016 presidential poll, First Lady education initiative, immigration reform, food safety issues, "Best Man" sequel, daily Gut Check and more.
31 Jan. 2014
Episode dated 31 January 2014
Discussion of Super Bowl terror threat, Keystone Pipeline, Yahoo security compromise, GOP immigration "principles," Amanda Knox guilty verdict, Obama interview with Bill O'Reilly, daily "Gut Check," and more.
23 Jun. 2014
Episode dated 23 June 2014
News/discussion of ongoing border crisis, Kerry press conference on Iraq, Hillary Clinton "wealth" comments, World Cup, new Jason Priestley book, daily "gut check" and more.
1 Jul. 2014
Episode dated 1 July 2014
News/discussion of latest from Iraq, Israel mourns three teenagers, extreme MIdwest/Florida weather, immigration reform and child migrant crisis, Hobby Lobby reaction, daily "Gut Check" and more.
7 Jul. 2014
Episode dated 7 July 2014
Discussion of border crisis, new TSA procedures, Pope Francis meets with abuse victims, Donald Sterling trial, North Carolina voter ID law, teen killings in Middle East, and more.
15 Jul. 2014
Episode dated 15 July 2014
Latest news and discussion of Border crisis and protests, Israel/HAMAS ceasefire, Pre-K suspensions, Elizabeth Warren on the campaign trail, new book on Glenn Burke, and more.
25 Jul. 2014
Episode dated 25 July 2014
News and discussion of school attack in Gaza, President Obama meets with Central American leaders, Ray Rice suspension, Week in Review, Tamron Hall outdoor adventure trek, porcelain doll mystery, foster care system, and more.
11 Aug. 2014
Episode dated 11 August 2014
News/discussion of Michael Brown killing, new Iraq Prime Minister, ceasefire in Gaza, child migrants start school, Hillary Clinton foreign policy comments, "gut check," and more.