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  • We're in Salt Lake City for the next round of "So You Think You Can Dance" auditions (New York City will follow later in the two-hour episode). Robin Antin of The Pussycat Dolls joins Mary Murphy and Nigel Lythgoe on the judges' panel in Utah, and we're off and running with the first thing everything thinks of when they think of Salt Lake City: stepping.

    Devon McCullough and Micah Clark get the party started with some stepping and clapping that sends the crowd into an uproar. Mary likes that they illustrate the diversity of dance that the show gets to highlight. They're on to choreography.

    Chyna Smith is obsessed with the show and is excited to meet Cat and to talk about all the former "SYTYCD" contestants she's danced with and has met. She's from "Pocatello, Idaho, where the potatoes grow." She puts on a sultry, contemporary routine that Nigel loves. Mary can't wait to see her grow and says she's "very exciting for this show." Robin says she'd put Chyna "at the top of her list" if she were casting for the Pussycat Dolls.

    Annie Gratton stands out in Salt Lake City because of her red hair (many of the other girls are blonde). Her fiery dancing makes her pop, too, and the judges take notice. Mary loves that Annie came out with determination and a plan, calling it an "amazing audition." Robin agrees, and Nigel says she was fiery. She says before her audition that she's never danced with her father, and Nigel asks him to join Annie on stage so he can witness their first dance together. Dad busts some wild moves to the Black Eyed Peas' "Boom Boom Pow" and everyone gets a big laugh. Annie's going to Vegas.

    We next get a montage of great lady dancers, much to the delight of one of the judges, but it isn't Nigel. It's Robin, who makes repeated references to wanting to include the girls in The Pussycat Dolls.

    Tadd Gadduang puts on some kind of stylized popping and locking and breakdancing routine that the crowd goes nuts over. He does much of it while in a handstand -- sometimes on just one hand. Mary calls him "an artist in what you do." Robin loves it and says he "knocked it out of the park." Nigel calls it "completely and utterly entertaining." He's on to Vegas.

    We get a montage of injuries, including a guy who explains to Cat that he had "bruised balls" ... on his feet, of course. Cat can't help but crack up at this. She completely loses it.

    Samantha Hiller tells a story about trying to push through mono and dancing too much and getting amnesia. She didn't know her name. She says she doesn't remember the show, but her friends tell her she loves it. Her mother cries as Samantha tells the judges about her condition. She says she's been dancing eight years. Nigel decides to poke fun at her condition after Samantha dances by asking her to dance. Mary thinks Samantha's story is extraordinary. Nigel loves her technique but she has to work on her elevation. She's on to choreography.

    After choreography, Samantha learns she has a lot to learn and won't be going to Vegas this time. Micah is also told he won't be moving on. Devon, though, gets dragged through thinking he was gone, too, but Nigel gives him a ticket.

    On Day 2 of the Salt Lake auditions, Nigel tells the dancers he wants to see their love of dance.

    Chase Thomas shows a whole lot more than passion -- he's wearing basically a pair of black boxer briefs. Short ones, at that. Chase's audition is as short as his, well, shorts, and the judges say they want to see more. Guess they'll have to wait until Vegas.

    Chase's success rolls into a montage of guys who rocked on Day 2, taking over where the girls left off on Day 1.

    And, here we go. It's time to bring in the crazy, and Brittany Starr comes on to say she's "the real Ringo Starr's" father. (She actually does look like him). She says the original Ringo Starr disappeared after John Lennon was shot. There's more to the story, but does it really matter? On to the dancing, which includes what Mary calls, "that old chicken move." That most adequately describes what Brittany is doing. Mary likes Brittany's spirit, but says she's "slightly delusional." She should keep dancing because she loves to, but she's not right for the show.

    They insist on "tying up" one last loose end, going to Brittany's house and interviewing her father, who really does insist he's Ringo Starr. This is actually more disturbing than entertaining, but it's on to New York City.

    In New York, Jason Gilkison joins Mary and Nigel and we're starting with Princess Lockerooo, whose real name is Samara Cohen, She puts on a display of what she calls "whacking," which involves a lot of hand and arm movements, some elements of popping and locking and a bit of martial arts for good measure. Nigel loves it. Mary calls her "the whacking diva." Jason was fascinated by the way she was able to capture the audience's attention. She's on to Vegas.

    Brandon Jones gets a huge cheer form the crowd before he even starts, and says he's going to do some contemporary lyrical dancing. Nigel stops Brandon before he gets too far into his routine, but it's for a good reason. Nigel says Brandon is "a joy to watch." Jason loves Brandon and says he enjoys seeing a strong male dancer with softness. Brandon starts to get emotional talking about having lost his father a few years ago. Mary tells him he'll be able to carry on and inspire other dancers. Nigel hands him a ticket.

    A montage of contemporary dancers naturally leads into an audition from crumper Brian Henry. He says his crump style is unique and original, and you won't find anyone else who dances like him unless he trains them to do it his way. Brian comes out by saying he's not Russell because he's a crumper. Mary asks about Lil C, and Brian says Lil C "brought it to the mainstream -- I'm taking it back. Mary seems impressed. Nigel says Brian's passion was "tremendous" and shows "how music and strength go together." Mary asks him to put on his shirt because she "won't be able to focus" on her critique. Before talking about his dancing, she tells Brian it's great to be cocky and confident, "but be careful when you knock other dancers that have come before you." She says his crumping was fantastic, and she wants to find out how far he'll take it. Jason says he wants to see Brian do choreography.

    We then get a montage of some more diverse types of dance, which leads into Mary Kate Sheehan's Irish step dancing. Nigel loves her bounce. She says she's won a bunch of championships and is top five in the nation and also ranked internationally. Mary says Mary Kate is "so powerful" and makes her "so proud to be Irish." Jason says it was "such a pleasure" to watch not only her movement across the stage but how effortless she made it look. Mary Kate is on to choreography.

    The afternoon in New York has taken a down turn until Virgil "Lil O" Gadson shows off some cool breakdancing, popping and locking. Nigel loves that Virgil isn't just a dancer he's "a performer, and they are the ones that do so well on this program." He thinks Virgil will do "very well on this program, too." Mary says America will fall in love with him. Jason thinks it was fantastic, too. Nigel gives him a ticket to Vegas.

    In choreography, crumper Brian and Irish dancer Mary Kate join the others. Nigel tells Mary Kate she did a good job and while the judges weren't unanimous, she's going to Vegas. Several others follow her to Vegas, including Brian.

    On Day 2, the show takes the spirit of Broadway with them down to Brooklyn and Jess LeProtto represents the Broadway vibe with some jazz style. Jess tells us before his audition that he needs to work on smiling more when he dances. He avoids it because he had braces for a long time. Nigel jumps on that and says he'd like to see Jess appear to be enjoying it more. Mary agrees, saying "everything was really good," but she's be standing up and screaming if she felt more from him. Jason says he loved it, but... he agrees "it didn't connect." He says halfway through, Jess brought it home. Jess gets through to choreography.

    Kristen Dobson puts on a Latin ballroom display complete with yellow frills that trail her every move. Jason says there were pluses and minuses. He likes her personality, but that she closed off when she danced together with her partner. Mary says she's "doing remarkable," especially considering she's only been doing ballroom for three years. They agree to send her to choreography.

    More ballroom dancers follow in a montage. Another montage comes next, with the focus on some good dancers who put the judges back in a good mood.

    Robert Taylor Jr. is the "the woo man," because he says, "Woo!" a lot. It's Robert's last year of eligibility. He puts it all out there, showing some precise and quick movements in a form of popping and locking. Nigel loves the personality he put into his dance.

    In choreography, Jess does enough to earn a ticket to Vegas. Ballroom dancer Kristen follows suit, along with 17 others.

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