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Season 2

Mar. 2013
The Art of Smack Talk
Men at Work returns for season 2! Catch up with guys in this sneak peak as they educate you on "The Art of Smack Talk".
4 Apr. 2013
Missed Connections
Tyler (Michael Cassidy) insists on helping Milo (Danny Masterson) find the girl of his dreams on Craigslist. Meanwhile, a road trip to the Hamptons places Gibbs (James Lesure) in the middle of Neal's (Adam Busch) dysfunctional family drama.
11 Apr. 2013
Will Work for Milo
Milo's (Danny Masterson) attempt at generosity lands him in a battle with a crazy subway station panhandler. Meanwhile, as Neal (Adam Busch) asserts himself in his relationship with Amy (Meredith Hagner), Tyler (Michael Cassidy) looks to take advantage of a case of mistaken identity in order to land a date.
18 Apr. 2013
The New Boss
A new editor (guest star Peri Gilpin) has the guys worried for their jobs.
25 Apr. 2013
When his friends agree that Milo's (Danny Masterson) new romance with Molly is moving too fast, they coach him on how to "downshift" the relationship. Gibbs' (James Lesure) single life is threatened when he agrees to babysit a dog, while Neal (Adam Busch) is assigned to help Tyler (Michael Cassidy) with the magazine's annual "Best Burger in the City" article.
2 May 2013
The Good, the Bad & the Milo
Milo (Danny Masterson) discovers that managing a friendly breakup with his girlfriend Molly (guest star Sarah Wright) isn't going to be easy. Neal (Adam Busch) seeks Amy's (Meredith Hagner) advice when he's ordered to fire a salesman at Full Steam.
9 May 2013
Tyler the Pioneer
As Tyler (Michael Cassidy) dates a woman with kids, things get crazy when he finds out that her ex-husband (guest star Ben McKenzie) is still in the picture. Milo (Danny Masterson), Gibbs (James Lesure) and Neal (Adam Busch) compete for a fired co-worker's prime office space.
16 May 2013
Uncle Gibbs
Gibbs' (James Lesure) effort to convince his nephew to attend medical school in New York City inadvertently persuades him to abandon school altogether. Milo (Danny Masterson) believes that his thrift store vest is a lucky charm.
23 May 2013
The Gibbs-orcism
The discovery that his new girlfriend has a past with Milo (Danny Masterson) and Gibbs (James Lesure) gives Tyler (Michael Cassidy) some disturbing - and mood-killing - visions. Neal (Adam Busch) and Amy (Meredith Hagner) struggle with a wedding anniversary curse.
30 May 2013
Long Distance Tyler
Tyler (Michael Cassidy) is faced with having a long distance relationship when his girlfriend moves to Brooklyn. Gibbs (James Lesure) and Milo (Danny Masterson) compete to date the same woman.
6 Jun. 2013
Weekend at PJ's
When their boss PJ (guest star J.K. Simmons) invites them to his wedding, Gibbs (James Lesure) gets caught between two beautiful women, and Neal (Adam Busch) struggles to outshine Amy's (Meredith Hagner) ex-boyfriend (guest star Mark-Paul Gosselaar). Meanwhile, a disagreement over how to decorate their apartment divides Tyler (Michael Cassidy) and Milo (Danny Masterson).

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