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Why so underrated?
spyroskonst10 August 2015
I do not understand why this movie is so underrated. It's fun, entertaining and for a horror/gore fan it gets the job done pretty well.

Not perfect by any means, but a nice film that kept me from beginning till the end. Did not get bored for one sec. Actors are good, editing, special effects and gore all done well. Again it is not perfect, but not that underrated i see here in IMDb. This is not a drama, or action adventure, so by judging it as a horror/gore film it falls between 6-8. No more or less than that.

Do yourself a favor and check this out. It will not write history, but you will have a good 1.5hour watching this.
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Crisp and nice, but lacks take off.
Finfrosk8613 March 2015
Saw this at Frightfest Glasgow 2015. When I saw Marcus Nispel's name I knew it couldn't be all bad, and right I was! Nispel has made the Friday the 13th-remake, and Texas Chainsaw massacre remake, and I liked both of those so I felt pretty safe.

This is a decent budget, nice, crisp looking movie. Which are qualities I happen to like a lot in horror movies. The actors do their job, nothing special but alright, the effects are good, pacing is pretty solid.

Unfortunately it's nothing special really, it does it's job pretty well, but nothing exceptional. I was kind of waiting for it to "take off" a little more, which it never really seemed to. Had it gone the extra mile, so to speak, it would have been a clear 8 for me.

To sum up: Decent flick, looks nice, good party-factor, some nice gore, couple of laughs, absolutely entertaining.
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Loved it.
maxpc19 June 2015
This was one of the best scary movies I've seen since Insidious, and I've seen all there is since the early 70's (and also own them all). Even though it probably classifies as a B movie, I was extremely surprised.

It's very repetitive with the scary scenes and dialogue but it got my heart going a few times and kept my eyes on the screen instead of the clock.

I also found it original enough and new enough to enjoy it more than I thought I would.

Another low-budget movie I thought I would discard within the first ten minutes but got drawn into it.
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Good fun for the supernatural/ gore/ comedy lover
mgossardafs2 August 2015
Listen if your looking for some based on true events type movie or anything that compares to the original exorcist then don't watch this. However I found the movie to be extremely entertaining. Great balance of craziness, gore, and comedy. This movie doesn't try to be something it's not. Its not the most original storyline but overall great movie! No I don't work for the production company or even know anyone affiliated with the movie. This review isn't attempting to boost the movie rating. I'm an average dude shooting straight and call it like I see it. This is definitely not a great first date movie but if you and girl/ friends like the genre you gotta check this one out. Before I watch any movie I always check the reviews and ratings but every now and again take a chance. So glad I did this time!
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God, give me strength
begob30 May 2015
An isolated, derelict loony bin, where partying teens spark off a serial demon possession.

Open on a topless drug addict: she sways in her gorgeous panty-clad ass and ... shoots her brains out. Wot? The director doesn't bother to take his time, and you're not given enough information to work this scene through the story - until the final plot ambush.

The next ten minutes is irritating teens doing what teens don't really do. Especially when they're played by mature, beautiful actors. Then totally unrhythmic horror clichés, with poor humour and feeble characterisation, and by 35 mins you want to give up. And die.

But it does settle into a rhythm, and I wonder if that's down to an experienced cinematographer getting to grips with the director (also the writer). But still lots of bad judgment in the storytelling - at 60-65 mins there are four - 4! - jump scares (one with a toilet-roll, followed by a low angle instead of a high angle). In all, maybe 30 jumps in the film (poor Rory plays the jump monkey), and none of them works - a world record. Again, bad timing by the director/writer.

Can't blame the actors. They all seem up for it, so whachagonnado? Many more weaknesses to tell, but I surrender. It does wrap up neatly, as we get back to the prologue. Plus the end credits repeat the song + there's sequel-bait. And now I goes to shleep.

Obviously money behind this production for cintematography and CGI, but I wish they'd spread it around for more talented story tellers. Copyright is 2012. Depressing conservative rubbish.
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Don't listen to the haters!
airsnob17 September 2015
There are some real Horror Snobs out there . I'm not sure what they want. There is the gore / torture group, who if there isn't kids getting murdered and babies decapitated , are unhappy. They are really secret psychopaths who are living out there sick fantasies by proxy and have terrible taste. Then there is the intellectual crowd, who , although much better taste , are too stuck up to enjoy anything that doesn't think too much or look too fancy / hip. I like horror for one reason. It's not boring. OK, so this is not Hostel. And it's not Silence of the Lambs or Sinister. But that doesn't mean that it has no merit! This is a pretty good little exorcism flick. Fast paced, good effects, great acting, and no lame lines ( which is super hard to do in a movie about teens. Dialogue just starts to evaporate the younger the cast. Was it cheese? No. It actually scared me. More like roller coaster scares. I was stressed out watching it but could walk downstairs and use the bathroom alone no problem. Not very realistic but you won't care. It's not that kind of fun, and you won't notice. Very gross. Ya. All in all, this is a great movie for fun and jumps, and it isn't stupid. Well, except for one part . There is a part in this movie that is about the sign of the crescent moon. In the movie they say that it is a Wicca sign ( true) and that it is demonic and don't want to spoil the movie but they say that it is a bad thing. OK so for anyone out there not familiar with Wicca, Wicca is probably the tamest, nicest, kindest, pure good and white religion out there. Wiccans are more Christ like than Christians. They go by a code, which is not to hurt anyone less you get hurt three times worse. They worship nature or and the goddess and are really peaceful, good people. They are the furthest from anything evil, or satanic or bad / black there is. But I get it, not many people have any idea about the witchcraft religions and they like to think they are super scary and all that . I can forgive that. Because I'm used to that. No I'm not Wiccan but I've known a lot and they remind me of Jesus . They are that nice and that harmless. They are as scared of the dark stuff as everyone else. So besides that , you should enjoy this film.. Have fun. Get grossed out and be entertained and don't listen to anyone that gave this movie less than a 6. They're lying.
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Not scary or dramatic enough to work as horror, not funny enough to work as a comedy
moodymiles21 September 2015
First, the good--I have to say, EXETER is a great-looking and well-made movie. The cinematography is top-notch, the directing is solid, and the acting is not great, but definitely passable. Unfortunately, the movie fails in something that is even more fundamental, which is finding and establishing a consistent tone/style/voice/vibe that works.

If this movie had had the balls to just be an outright comedy, I think it might have had a chance of really working. But by trying to cling to some kind of "real" horror story and attempting to mine real scares and genuinely disturbing moments from the material, it really loses its way.

By not firmly picking a lane between comedy and horror, the comedic moments in Exeter (which could have had promise) don't ever get a chance to really take off and the moments of dramatic life-and-death struggle just seem ridiculous. Rather than working together and potentially complimenting each other, the horror elements in EXETER only seem to undermine the comedy and the comedy makes the attempts at a serious horror story seem silly and ridiculous.

Some movies to a great job at balancing real laughs with real scares, but they seem to ultimately have a firm grasp on their tone and what kind of movie they're trying to be (a horror movie with comic relief vs. a comedy with some occasional horror and scares). Recent movies like HOUSEBOUND or BLOOD PUNCH are great examples of movies that pull off this tricky balancing act by establishing a tone and sticking to it, knowing exactly what kind of movies they are trying to be.

EXETER, unfortunately, never seems to quite find a tone that works for it. The result is a well- meaning but muddled movie that aspires to be both a horror and a comedy but ends up missing both targets completely.
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Decent Horror Movie!
onebengalcat18 May 2018
I don't get all the negative reviews. I suppose you could classify this as a "indie" or lower b movie...by mainstream today. Call it what you will. The special effects and gore definitely A-grade! I turned my head away for a few scenes. The twist at the end also very good.
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The meaning of "Rushed" , "Stereotypical" and "Annoying" does not cut it. Not even remotely
angiris8 May 2015
Warning: Spoilers
Another day, another horror. But is it another disappointment? Lets find out.

When I saw the cast and recognized the lead actor and especially Stephen Lang I reckoned that this was gonna be another casual horror, jump-scare kinda film but when it started the positive visuals and acting caused me to become more optimistic. Which was good. I was like; Hey, this is actually not so bad. Story is interesting, Stephen Lang is probably gonna be all Holy and stuff inside that house later.

Well... that all ended after right about 15-20 minutes. The teens are throwing a party, drunk, half naked and urinating everywhere inside the spooky horror house. Now I am gonna tell you exactly what you're gonna get from this so you can stay away.

A little kid gets possessed. How scary... They call a priest (Lang) Some dude appears with a gun and threatens to shoot the teens...because of reasons. Same dude dies when he goes to see the possessed kid. Teens see the dead shotgun-wielding dude. Freak out and run to their car. Stephen Lang gets hit by same car and dies... *sigh* Ohh...and did I mention that a small love story FIGURATIVELY manages to get shoe-horned into the mix in the middle of all this which unfolds in LESS THAN 20 minutes. And now... it just unfolds by having the teens walking around spooky house, performing an online handyman's version of an exorcism which fails. Then after a bit their friends begin to die off or get possessed even more.

Ohhh, and they take some of Lang's holy water too...spraying each other when suddenly practically everyone gets possessed randomly and freak out with creepy eyes. But when that doesn't work anymore the lead actor decides to grab a plastic fork and knife (from the looks of it) and force both into a possessed girls eyes. Even though she was his friend like...10 minutes ago. But yea... Then SUDDENLY! SLANG appears again. Wonderful! Stephen is back! Alright, guys. Even though he was hit by a car and flew in through the front windshield. But...whatever. SOme kid seas him, freaks, runs away, trips and falls and kills himself by falling on a pickaxe. *sigh*. By the way FORGET ALL about dramatic reactions to the many deaths through the film. These teens are hardcore. Death has no impact on these fellas. In the end it turns out Slang is this evil priest who tries to kill them all and only the lead Actor ( Blatz) survives. he then throws a lighter at Slang. He catches fire and the house catches fire too. Most incredible lighter ever.

But is that it? Hell no. The gal from love story part returns from the dead and turns out as the REAL bad guy here and she then gets brutally killed too.

The End.

I cannot elaborate on how MANY times Nispel decides to film random doors close whenever something ALLEGEDLY spooky happens. Man...the slamming door effect was scary the first time. But the 2nd-3rd-4th-5th- 100th freaking time !! has it lose its "scary" effect. Gets trivial really fast and ESPECIALLY considering how rushed your film is.

This film has teen lame horror written all over it that would only be able to frighten a 5 year old and the comedy factors that other reviewers claim it has would appeal to a 12 year old who laughs at the lamest of unfunny and paper thin joke material like having this stoner dude with long greasy hair walking around the ENTIRE film in his underwear with what looks like an orange donut attached to his right shoulder.

Ohh...and text drawn on his back which goes like: "I love ****." 4 letter word, guys. I'm pretty sure you can figure it out. Right... Funny... *slow claps for Marcus Nispel* I am very glad I watched your film online so I wouldn't regret paying for transport and entry to the cinema only to get...this.

So yea. That is Exeter or Backmask which it now calls itself. In my experience when a film suddenly changes its title after release that's already a red flag.

Stay away from Exeter/Backmask, my dear reader.

But if you so decide to experience its horrificness and partake in pure mindlessness (in a rather poorly done way) then I strongly advice you watch it online because paying for this would have you regret it. I can imagine there could be other things you could spend a total of 25-35 bucks on which should cover transport, cinema ticket and maybe popcorn and such.

Thats my take on this film. 4 out of 10. If it wasn't so SUPER rushed and annoyingly silly I would have rated it 5 for being an average horror flick like Texas Chainsaw Massacre and such. But that is simply NOT the case here. It actually reminds me a bit of scary movie 5 combined with some random exorcist flick. If that did not shock you then go watch scary movie 5. Do that so you can save yourself the time of watching this.

4 out of 10. A disappointing and annoying film that actually had potential. Zero replay value, fellas'. And I stress the word; Zero! Because if you like myself enjoy a serious horror flick, zero sums up the entertainment you'll get from this as well.
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A Fun possession movie.
Greenzombidog17 May 2015
I first heard about this when it was called Backmask, then it was called Exeter now it has the title of The Asylum along with another hundred horror movies why they went for this lame title I don't know.

When I read Marcus Nispell the director of the Chainsaw remake and the Friday 13th remake was directing an original story I was really interested as I enjoyed both of those. This film has been knocking around for a few years so I've been looking forward to seeing this for some time and was worried it wouldn't live up to my expectations, but fortunately for me for the most part it does.

The story concerns a bunch of kids who have a drug fuelled party at an old loony bin that they're renovating. The next day when all the other kids have left and just our main group of friends remain they begin fooling around playing records backwards and trying to levitate each other. Well our main guys little brother ends up possessed and things take a turn for the worst.

The humour and horror in this one are really well balanced. With the right amount of chuckles, scares and gore all making this a great watch. The do it yourself Excorcism videos they find on the Internet and some of the dialogue are really funny. It crams in just about every possession movie cliché you've come to expect but does it in such a knowing way that it doesn't come across too cheesy.

The overall look of the movie is also great with a real professional sheen to the whole production. The gore effects are also great with both funny and gruesome moments rolled into one. One particular scene with the fat guy was really great.

Don't get me wrong it does have its problems. I guessed the ending from the beginning and a few of the characters are very one dimensional but it is very entertaining. As long as you view this in the right frame of mind it is a good watch. Just don't expect anything highbrow this Is pure entertainment horror.
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Powerhouse of Scares and Laughs
chicagopoetry6 May 2015
If you can get past the first twenty minutes of Exeter (or The Asylum or Backmask or whatever they're calling it when you find it), which trudges on like any given low budget movie about a bunch of partying kids ready to meet their end by something evil, you'll be pleasantly surprised (so stick with it). Because it's then that this film suddenly takes its turn into a completely insane, high voltage horror fest sprinkled with spot on humor that I can only compare to the original Cabin Fever. At first silly and nonsensical, sort of like Scooby Doo meets The Evil Dead, the momentum continues to build, delivering some great jump out of your seat scares and some merciless gore. The characters are unique enough and the acting competent enough so that you won't get confused about who is who and you'll actually care about them as they either get possessed by some evil entity or get mutilated in creative ways, even if you might be laughing out loud while it's happening. This is well worth a watch for horror fans and it makes a great companion piece to another recent film called It Follows, if you're looking for a double feature showcasing opposite styles of horror. Where as It Follows is a creepy, subtle metaphor for the dangers of unprotected sex, Exeter is a drug induced in your face shocker that has the ability to laugh at its own glorious clichés.
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A disjointed mess of an exorcism film
Robert_duder9 July 2015
Warning: Spoilers
First of all I say bravo to them that this isn't a found footage film. I really expected it to be and if it had been I would have turned it off faster than I turned it on. That genre of horror is dead. I also give the filmmakers kudos because I really do think they were trying to make something captivating and smart and more complex than your average teen horror movie. The problem is that there is too much jammed into the film and because there is so much story, a lot of plot holes open up and likely bad editing makes the movie feel very disjointed at times. The pacing is off and despite a decent cast and strong directing, you find yourself losing interest in what's happening because they are just all over the place with the story and the possession and then the background on the Asylum and the characters. The film should have focused squarely on the Asylum and the demon they release while partying there. It does have its moments of predictability and I can't honestly say it adds anything unique to the exorcism angle but it tries and I give it points for that. Its professionally shot, low budget clearly but doesn't suffer from poor special effects or bad directing.

The young cast actually does very well for the most part. Kelly Blatz is sort of the main hero of the film and he shows a good solid intensity and proper emotions. He definitely holds your attention well. Brett Dier is also good as the bull-headed jock type that doesn't want to believe any of this is happening. Blatz and Dier play off of each other very well. Brittany Curran is sort of the main scream queen and she plays her role well. Her and Blatz don't have quite the chemistry I think they're supposed to but they're okay and she is good. Gage Golightly (great name right?!) doesn't exactly get a lot of depth to her character but she screams a lot and looks terrified so I guess it works. Nick Nicotera is decent in a small role that goes unnoticed for the most part. Stephen Lang might be the best part of the film but the role is so achingly small. He could have really been something...think Tobin Bell in the Saw series but his role is really minimized because of all the other clutter in the story. Still, the scenes he is in are very good. Michael Ormsby does a great job as possessed teen and Nick Nordella is good as the stoner but he doesn't get a lot of depth either obviously.

Exeter won't bore you...its non-stop frantic exorcism insanity which is both its pro but also its con. The demon jumps from person to person and they're battling each other and blood is splattering and all the while they are uncovering the truth behind this asylum...its just too much. They bit off more than they could chew. Still, for a low budget exorcism film it isn't terrible and I enjoyed it for what it was. Director Marcus Nispel has had a hand in horror for quite awhile and actually I've always been very impressed with his work. I loved his Conan remake and Friday the 13th was very good and so was Texas Chainsaw so I definitely see what he was trying to do with this film but I think it lacked direction like he wasn't sure where he wanted to go with it. Maybe he's better off being handed a general recipe for what they want rather than going off half cocked on his own. Check it out but it won't be one that sticks with you for long. 6/10
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What was that?
iamtherobotman2 September 2015
Warning: Spoilers
I'll keep this as short as need be. This is a truly awful attempt. When the young lad ( Rory ) is "possessed" they do all in their power to free him from the "demon", yet as soon as the girl ( who's name escapes me) gets possessed, they show her none of the same Mercy and can't wait to melt her head in with the first blunt and or heavy instrument which comes to hand. From there on, it's a free for all. Their compassion leaves them, their humanity, they just want to kill whoever this thing then possesses. the ending is equally as stupid. Yes, this is a lazy review of the movie but then, the makers were equally as lazy in making the movie. Don't bother with this.
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The Horror
kosmasp6 September 2015
There are many rules teenagers do not follow in Horror movies, but can we blame them? Actually we can, but where would all (most) the horror movies go then? Exactly. But there are still differences even within crazy ideas. For me it's when there's decent effects, at least OK performances and a story that's not completely crazy (though sometimes that can be a good thing too).

This is quite normal, with lots of blood and gore effects and twists, which you may or may not see coming. The bottom line is, that it can be a fun watch, if you let it. I thought it was entertaining enough to pass the time, you should be able to tell after 10-20 minutes yourself. If it's not yours, stop watching then, rather than suffer through it
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Friday the 13th meets The Excorcist
p-jonsson29 August 2015
I guess you could say that this movie felt a bit like Friday the 13th meets The Exorcist. Well, I guess that is not entirely fair to The Exorcist since that movie, although being old, is a way better movie than this one. This is not a bad movie but it is no shining star either. It is pretty much what you could expect. A bunch of insanely stupid teenagers boozing and doing insanely stupid and illogical things while a supernatural entity decimates them in various gory ways.

I would say that this movie is pretty decent taken in the context of these kind of movies of course. Insanely stupid, drug inhaling teenager is not exactly stellar material for a really good movie after all. I fail to understand why this theme seems to be so popular among horror movie makers. Also, with the amount of booze and drugs the idiots consume they should hardly be standing during most of the movie. There are some of us out here that would like a well done, intelligent horror movie once in a while after all. If that is what you are looking for this one is not your movie though.

Exeter is a fairly standard recipe type of movie. Previously mentioned gang of insanely stupid teenagers (with possibly one exception) decides to have a party at an abandoned asylum with a dark history (of course). The asylum is a depressing and filthy ruin so why anyone would want to have a party there is beyond me. The booze and drugs flows and after a while these idiots, to no ones surprise, decides to perform some dark ritual. As everyone can guess this leads to a sequence of badness and mayhem.

Most of said teenagers behaves in the usual insane, illogical and downright ludicrous way as the supernatural events comes pouring down on them. Naturally their numbers starts to dwindle after a while due to various more or less spectacular and gory episodes involving sharp as well as blunt objects and body parts being removed from their natural places.

This is far from the worst teenage horror movie I have seen. The acting apart from the illogical and silly behavior, which of course was in the script, is not too shoddy and the movie is generally not badly implemented with reasonable special effects and a suitably dark and sinister ambiance in the run down asylum ruin. As a horror movie and a gore fix it is quite passable. Do not really expect to be scared though. The movie is quite predictable and the story is mainly a vehicle to deliver a sequence of gruesome scenes at regular intervals.
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If you're looking for a good horror movie look elsewhere.
an-obscure-movie-referen26 August 2015
If you're in for a chuckle or two and you have a dark sense of humor this may be your speed. Think Army of the Dead but trying to be more serious and less cheesy. Honestly I've had this movie on my computer for the past two years listed as The Asylum and I spent a while looking for this. It's not a good horror/thriller but then again it's difficult to scare me.

-Possession, overused theme and it's been warn out. I get it catholic church, possession's a thing, I don't buy it but I believe that you believe it's real -Decent roster of actors with a very generic plot line, they managed to make it "work". -Music choice was decent

For the music I give it a 3, and because I kept watching it. I in all good conscience don't believe anything other than The last air bender, Dragonball Evolution, Avatar, and from what I've heard the fantastic 4 reboot deserve less than a 3.

But take my word for it, save yourself the time and skip this movie, all you really want to see is within the first minute or so. You're welcome.
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great horror film
rbpoole28 September 2015
why is this movie getting bad reviews? it was hands down one of my favorite horror films, the actors were great, the plot was creative and made sense the whole way through, the graphics and makeup were amazing, i felt anxiously scared and kept on my toes with suspense the whole way through, and it had a cool twist at the end. for a movie with such a small budget, i don't know how this movie wasn't in theaters, I've seen much worse horror films with higher ratings and in theaters than this one, if you have 1 1/2 hours of extra time, i say to give it a try,i was pleased with it. i think people are being way too over critical about it.
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Good Scary Fun
simoncundy6 May 2015
Warning: Spoilers
Saw some online stuff for this and was interested to see it. I thought the casting was spot on for the parts. Brittany Curan really shines here and shows great potential as well as being a dead ringer for Amy Lee from evanescence.

Now lets look at the facts the main plot line of possession and a dark past to a scary enough building has been done to death (pardon the pun), however that being said we as an audience cannot get enough of it as it JUST WORKS!! Some of the humor in there is just brilliant the exorcism scene for example I wont say too much but just genius haha.

I felt the whole mood of the film was just right however the same areas of the asylum were in my opinion overshot and not used to there potential fully. Also I felt there could have been more of a build to the story rather than just thrusting you into it so quickly.

All in all I really enjoyed the film and my review should not be seen as negative more constructive! Recommended for late night viewing with friends (don't go getting ideas of Ouija boards though guys c'mon we all know it does NOT end well ;).
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Solid horror
amesmonde13 May 2015
At an abandoned asylum, a group of teens looking to party decide to experiment come face to face with the possessed. Their only chance of survival is to uncover the asylum's mysteries.

Director Marcus Nispel's Exter a.k.a The Asylum and Backmask is not as genre self aware as the Tucker and Dale Versus Evil. It is a humorous in places, scary and well scripted by Kirsten Elms. Nispel's offers his first film that isn't a remake or an adaptation with some slick direction and the story tries to put a new spin on old clichés. It's basically an updated take on the Evil Dead formula.

The makeup and special effects are finely executed with effective sound design delivering some jump scares. Elms's screenplay tries to ensure the characters are relevant and it's played straight by the majority of likable characters as they get possessed one by one.

It has a hard hitting opening where a record playing tattooed lady meets her maker. Then there's the typical drinking, drug taking and sex. A twisted head, suicide and levitation are all thrown in for good measure. The dilapidated asylum location and setting add some atmosphere and Stephen Lang's extended cameo gives it some further weight.

While not ground breaking, it's still an entertaining, big budget well paced piece of horror.
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Exeter? More Like Excrement
view_and_review1 January 2016
I was confused. I wasn't confused about the plot, although there were plot holes, but I was confused about whether this was supposed to be a serious horror or a comedy horror. Midway through the movie I decided that it was supposed to be a comedy horror and that sorta helped me watch it all. But it even sucked at being a comedy horror.

Some spaz-tastic stoner teens have a drug fest at an abandoned ward for children with mental disabilities and psychological problems. Before the party ends one of the wasted teens gets possessed. Everything that happens after that was a rip from one movie or another with the largest sample bite being from "The Exorcist".

The way it started I thought it was going to be a hardcore grungy and gritty horror film. In the end the only thing grungy and gritty was the location. There's plenty of bloodshed and demon activity with some laughs in there just to make it look like, "Hey, we're not serious with this." But the sad thing is; I think they did want to be serious. It ended up being a ridiculous movie with a ridiculous plot.
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Not scary or creepy but brutal, gory n fast paced, one time watch.
Fella_shibby22 April 2016
Warning: Spoilers
Its directed by Marcus Nispel (The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Friday the 13th). Starring Stephen Lang (Avatar, Gods n Generals, Tombstone). Kelly Blatz (Simon Says, From Within, Prom Night). Brittany Curran ( The Uninvited 2008 film, The Haunting Hour). Brett Dier (Dear Mr. Gacy, Grace). The pacing of the movie was good. As a viewer, v don't feel bore for a sec. Same ol story, same old cliché, but the kills were good compared to other movies based on possession. The acting was ordinary. I don't seem to understand y in all possession movies, the possesesd person has to fly in the air or do hyper-extension of the joints. Its getting monotonous. This movie was good compared to other in the genre coz of the kills which were brutal, gory n over the top. Good fun, one time watch. There is a scene in the movie, the first time when they see the possessed person levitating in the air n suddenly the next scene they r tying him on the bed. Also what was the intention of showing the statute again n again? Hope to see good horror films from the director of this, as he has potential.
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Argemaluco10 March 2016
Director Marcus Nispel's previous incursions into horror cinema were two remakes of legendary films (The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Friday the 13th), and Exeter is his first horror movie with "original" material... even though it doesn't have a pinch of originality. The screenplay of Exeter is built by parts borrowed from much better films, from The Evil Dead to The Exorcist. However, I have to admit that, despite not being a very good movie, I found Exeter moderately entertaining and occasionally funny... even though this last thing was accidental. The main problem of Exeter is the unlikable characters, whose arrogant attitudes and superficial development avoid their deaths from evoking the slightest emotion; I couldn't even empathize with the heroes by default. And the screenplay is full of huge holes and logical inconsistencies. For example, the characters have access to the Internet with their cellphones, and even an iPad tablet to consult the steps of an exorcism... but they can't use them in order to ask for help? And, of course, an evil force closed the doors and windows to avoid them from escaping; however, there are tools everywhere (the building they are in is getting renovated), and the doors and windows don't seem very resistant. Maybe, with some cooperation and effort... eh, nevermind; screenwriter Kirsten Elms obviously didn't expect the audience to make inconvenient questions. On the positive side of Exeter, the cinematography, production design and settings are attractive and appropriately "grunge". In conclusion, Exeter managed to keep me moderately entertained despite its mediocrity, and I can give it a slight recommendation because of that.
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The Asylum
a_baron24 June 2015
A group of teens/young adults have a party in a notorious former asylum, and strange things happen. Where have you seen that before? Actually it is not simply strange things but horrible ones. If you are into special effects, you will find something worthwhile in this film, but when you've said that, you've said it all.

Apart from Stephen Lang who plays the priest, no one who appears in "The Asylum" was born when "The Exorcist" was released, but all horror buffs will recognise the influence, especially in the possession of the first of their number.

Is this a demonic spirit? Apparently not, at least not in the conventional sense, but it all gets a bit confusing. The big question is will any of them get out of there alive, and what will they tell the authorities if they do? Gripping stuff. Well, not really, there is such a thing as overkill.
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nogodnomasters30 October 2018
Warning: Spoilers
Minor plot spoiler you may be able to guess. (The person on the cover is possessed.)

"Exeter" and "The Asylum" (UK title) are the same film. A group of kids hold a party at an abandoned asylum that has a bad reputation. The place is a mess, but still has some electricity and water. A small group of teens remain until the morning and opt to play "light as a feather, stiff as a board" with mixed results. At 18 minutes into the film nine tenths of law happens as the kids try to figure out the best way to perform an exorcism using an on-line do it yourself web site complete with pictures and instructions. Just like using a defibrillator.

The film had some metal music (including an Ozzy riff) as well as the typical demonic possession stuff. While there are plenty of films involving kids in an abandon asylum, this is the one that is NOT a cheap hand held camera production. We get a twist explanation about 10 minutes from the end. I think I would have liked the film more if I had that information from the beginning, i.e. plot spoiled and they could of added a few more scenes. The problem is once we get into the meat of the film, it spins its wheels after the intense exorcism. The film has some minor humor, but is not a comedy horror. Acting is acceptable "B" horror quality.

Guide: F-bomb, brief implied sex, nudity, suicide, major drug use
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Not Horrible.....
kingjoneva28 June 2018
I gave this movie a 5/10 which I guess for a low budget film is not too bad. A lot of people didn't like the humor that was used in the film, but I didn't have a problem with it. The acting was pretty decent and the special effects were surprisingly effective. I watched the movie until the end and didn't feel like my time had been wasted so I call that a success in my book..
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