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Ok 10 might be stretching it
phylicia113 May 2019
People who are giving 10/10...come on now...this doesn't compare to Inside Out, Zootopia, Toy Story, Lion King etc Was it but it was missing something. Yes the message was good but could have been delivered more powerfully and the best part was definitely all the musical scenes. So at least a 6 is fair.
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bigtensec4 May 2019
I totally loved this movie! It was amazing in my opinion. I loved the music, the plot, the characters, everything in this film! It almost made me sad for some scenes! I would it a 10/10!
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!Just like Trolls and Lucky Duck Did¡, with Ugly-lite of Uniqueness!
seanherbsrules3 May 2019
Disney's Lucky Duck (2014) and DreamWorks' Trolls (2016) did it first, but there's a match between Perfection and Uglyness. It's Uniqueness! Autismians, like Owen Suskind in Life, Animated (2016), and animators, including attracting females and plush lovers, will enjoy this extremely unique musical, book by the talented Alison Peck, even though the Perfection is what you unique to all of us.
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Accept yourself
queen-jade093 May 2019
Wow this movie is amazing. Behind the beautiful colors, animation and story lies great and real messages about our society and how most of us are constantly fighting against social standards. It trully gives me hope that one day I will be able to accept completely myself as these beautiful "ugly" dolls do.
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Perfect in its own way!
tazerling4 May 2019
I LOVE IT!!!! It made me so happy I actually cried! I don't care what anyone else says about it. The whole message of the movie is to not care what those who put you down have to say, only those who encourage you! But especially your own. Is this out on Blu-Ray yet?
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The best cute cartoon about dolls with imperfections.
crosswalkx3 May 2019
Warning: Spoilers
I have seen this movie and I enjoyed it very much. It's about toys being manufactured in the toy factory. But some of the dolls become rejected due to looking imperfect or looking like monster toys. The monster toys create their town called Uglyville and they enjoy their peaceful fun lifestyle. Moxy is wanting to be a little girls doll for the little girl to hold and love her.

She and her friends Lucky Bat, Ugly dog, Wage, Babo. They climb through the tunnel, they enter a town called Institute for Perfection where the human dolls are afraid of Monster dolls. A spoiled brat named Lou bullies both the monster dolls and his own human dolls. Mandy, a girl who wears glasses helps the monster dolls out with the toy training which they struggle in and get sent to the washing machine.

Later on the 3 spy girls sneak into town, kidnap the mayor named Ox and he tells Moxy the truth and the Uglyville town becomes depressed. Moxy and Mandy both gets kidnapped by the same 3 spy girls and they both get sent to the fiery furnace to be destroyed. They are rescued by a whole town of monster dolls and they head up to the surface to face the final test in the dollhouse to compete against Lou who doesn't help out with the robot dog and robot baby or his friends.

The dolls are shocked by Lou attacking the robot baby and Lou later confesses that he's a prototype who hates imperfection in toys. He gets thrown into the washing machine and the monster dolls invite the human dolls to Uglyville town where they all have fun together. Moxy goes through the portal into the real world and a little girl wakes up and hugs Moxy.

I enjoyed this movie because I'm into cute cartoon movies and TV shows, I can relate to the girl named Mandy because I wear glasses everyday of my life.

I like the Ugly Dog who raps and parties all the time. I also like how easygoing the Monster dolls were. I also liked Moxy who was cheerful most of the time. The characters were very funny and this movie was very lighthearted. I also liked how the monster dolls enter into the Perfection institution and the kids reacted and screamed.

I did like Lou singing and dancing and being a showoff and popular to his crowd, but I didn't like him bullying the monster dolls or his human doll friends and name calling them, he definitely deserved to be thrown in the washing machine and removed from leading the institute of perfection.

I liked the pop music and rap music and the musical numbers and it entertained me alot.

Overall I highly recommend to the parents to take your kids to see this cute cartoon movie. It's worth your time and I would see this movie over and over again since it was so funny.
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Loved it
abalbino-492516 May 2019
Cute, funny adorable and had a great message behind it.
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It's a great family movie with a great positive message!
shaun-morin5 May 2019
It's wuite simply a great family outing movie with a great message about body image. In todays world that's much needed. Cute movie for the family.
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A fun movie with great themes!
brittneyproffitt8 May 2019
I love this happy-go-lucky story with charming characters and precious plot points. I also love that the plot is mild enough for our toddler! I loved the musical element and so enjoyed hearing some of my favorite artists perform as actors and singers!

It makes me sad to see the arrogance of some of these reviews. With a husband in the animation industry, I've learned so much about the countless elements that play into making a movie. Not every movie will be to Disney/Pixar standard. Not every studio has the lush cash flow to spend limitless time and resources. But that doesn't mean such movies don't have merit or that they can't connect with viewers. There's a kind and respectful way to say a movie wasn't your favorite, considering the people who put in the hard work of making it and those who DID enjoy the movie.
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Cute little movie to take your kids out to
ilikeanimation5 May 2019
This isn't going to wow the adults (although the songs are surprisingly good imo), but the little ones will enjoy it a lot. It also has a message of that adults may think of it as cliche, but children could take it to the heart.
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Horrid, Hollow, and Boring
irishboy1411 May 2019
This is one of the ugliest most generic films I've seen. The only sellable aspect to this film is the plethora of voice actors shoved in regardless if they can voice act (this film was heavily advertised between "the Voice" because two of the judges star in it, and are the worst actors in the movie).

The story is a stock "being ugly is okay" plot that most TV cartoons would be embarrassed to use this day and age. The visuals suck because the environments are bland & the character designs are horribly ugly.

The voice acting is bad because no one tries to emote or throw their voice to sound different. It's as if they only had the celebrities for 5 minutes so they just ran through the dialogue and only used 1st takes.

Much like the Emoji movie, this film feels like a cash grab. It wasn't created because someone had a story they wanted to tell, it was created to suck the money out of gullible parents wallets as well as advertise for children.

Skip this abomination, almost anything else is better worth your time.
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Kids loved it
ahenni3 June 2019
Kids love it, and that's what count most... it's kids movie so that's the most important part of it.
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It has heart and personality, despite it's short comings w/ Critics and Box Office
tommypezmaster7 May 2019
Man i thought STX would never have a good chance to impress me for a very long time, but this film is great in a lot of ways. The repeatable humor and charming differentiating sisters is also a neat cartoon idea as well and works a bit too good! Surprisingly every episode improves more off of the other and each has its fair share of laughs as well. Moxy is basically any person who's had to deal with an imposible dream, so it has a lot of repeatable moments. In my opinion the animation is great and has a sort of Storks animation style to it. Hope it gains a cult following after it's release in years!
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Very nice musical piece
just-otik3 May 2019
Simple truths with simple story, but beautiful music and nice visuals. The target group is definitely not grumpy adults. Hands up for the producer Ugly Dog :) Deserves at least 6.5
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Undeniably adorable, sweet and fun
Robert_duder5 May 2019
Warning: Spoilers
Ugly Dolls delivered exactly what I expected of it. But it also delivered more than I expected. It's one of those animated film so full of heart that it catches you off guard. It's full of songs and an in your face non-subtle message about being who you are (what else can you expect from Ugly Dolls.) . The cast is a ton of fun. Kelly Clarkson, Pitbull, Blake Shelton, Wanda Sykes and Nick Jonas are all truly outstanding in their voice over roles. I was particularly impressed by Blake Shelton who really takes on the role quite well and Clarkson's voice is near perfect for Moxie, our hero of the film. Some of the complaints of the movie I've seen call it predictable and it certainly doesn't bring anything brilliant to the table but it is so sweet and pure and fun and my 4 year old daughter loved it and I think that's worth something because I loved it too! It's a feel good movie and not much else. Sure that means it doesn't have a ton of depth but sometimes just feeling good is enough!! I had tears in my eyes when the credits rolled because it drew me in enough to care about the characters and root for the heroes and I had a lot of fun with this one. For families and young kids, you cannot go wrong with this one! 8/10
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Adorable, fun, and ugly!
towfflelad7 May 2019
This movie, while admittedly not perfect, has an amazing lesson and is very inspiring to young kids. It has talks about very relevant topics with kids going into their middle school years and trying to learn who they are and how to accept themselves. It's very fun, not too serious, and deserves a much higher rating.
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Positive message in the movie
ilovefoodcoma4 May 2019
This movie definitely gives a positive message to the kids. Don't let your appearance/looks define who you are. Don't give up your dreams even though you are lack of something. Most important don't judge a book by its cover. This movie is not the best animation but for sure good message through out the movie.
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UglyDolls Review
magow-014 May 2019
Warning: Spoilers
In the adorably different town of Uglyville, weird is celebrated, strange is special and beauty is embraced as more than simply meets the eye. Millions of dolls are manufactured every year for kids to play. But what happens to those that are less than perfect? The ones who aren't perfect enough to hit the stores because of their irregularities go to Uglyville where all the rejected dolls are sent to live. One plucky doll named Moxy, played by Kelly Clarkson, believes that she will get chosen to be someone's doll eventually. She convinces her friends to join her in search of the big world, but instead, they come across the Institute for Perfection where dolls go through a series of tests to be paired with the right child.

Although its core idea is that we should accept one another despite our differences, 'UglyDolls' squanders this timeless lesson and reduces it to a film that doesn't know how to engage with its audience. Breaking into song at every occasion it gets to maximise the talents of its voice cast is the logical approach, but the tracks are neither well written nor composed to make them memorable. They end up becoming a drag, and it doesn't help that the rest of the plot isn't exactly innovative either. Add voice acting that's uninspired with almost every actor seemingly phoning in their lines. In this sea of weak performances, Janelle Monae makes a genuine attempt to make her character Mandy stand out, but her role is relatively small to make a significant difference.

To make matters worse, the animation and character design are both less than stellar. Although the 'ugly dolls' are made to look endearing enough, the 'perfect' dolls come across as poorly rendered video game ripoffs. The environment designs aren't memorable despite the limited areas the film is set in. The biggest blunder is the film's screenplay that goes all over the place as it's unable to keep its target audience in focus - it veers between catering to kids and then to adolescents, with its group dynamics, and the constant peer pressure to look a certain way. Sadly, this ends up being - and there's no joy in making this pun - an ugly mess.
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So Emotional, I loved It!
kayrcolgan12 May 2019
I loved Kelly Clarkson's character, Moxie. Because she was fun and very uplifting. I really liked Wanda Skye's character because she made me laugh. This movie was so cute!
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Super cute movie for the kiddos
erocha-6736721 May 2019
I took my 5 year old daughter to watch it. This was a really good movie for the kids and adults. its super cute and fun alot of music and dancing. Yes I would recommend this movie ..My daughter loved it...I love it . Yes I will buy this movie on dvd..
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Way Better Than The Rating Suggests.
ghandibonez9 July 2019
Of course any movie with blatant atereotypes and judging of one's physical appearance will get a good amount of hate...especially one that is actually a kids movie. has the word UGLY in the title..and the antagonists are 'perfect' of course it sent uptight haters into an uproar. Alot of the negativity stems off the whole concept and the overall approach..and that it shouldn't be presented to kids in the way it was. However, I thought the concept was bold and creative. No..its not Oscar worthy by any means..but it is an enjoyable film packed with good voice acting and catchy songs done by good singers like Kelly Clarksom & Blake Shelton. It had some really funny moments, and the pacing was steady. It was a fun children's musical, regardless of the controversial title and plot. My 5 year old daughter absolutely loves this movie. It was the first movie she got to see in fact..she bugged us until we took her a 2nd time to see it. The soundtrack plays nonstop at my place..and I sing it in my sleep now. She has been on her best behavior so we will buy it for her on 7/31. I am tired of hearing her talk about it and am sick of the songs..but..she isn't, which is what counts. I think the rating doesn't truly reflect the quality of the film. In fact, I bet a good amount of the low ratings are from ppl that never saw the film. Overall, it's a pretty good family film and a fun musical experience for kids. Give it a chance before you buy into the negativity it's recieving. It gets 8 stars from me just bc my kid will beat me up if I rated it any lower. Personally, I would give it a 6 but added 2 stars just due to how obsessed my little girl is with Uglydolls.
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The Most "Ok" Movie of 2019 Yet
garethfirexd3 May 2019
There is nothing special about this movie. The people making it went into "safe" mode.
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Changed my life
Sticky1213 May 2019
Warning: Spoilers
Wow, never thought how a silly movie about dolls would change my life.

I was depressed, had no life. My parents hated me, called me ugly, and I always thought so, until I was taken to see this life-changing movie.

UglyDolls is not a silly cliched animated movie, it is a work of art. The animation is beautiful, the songs are amazing, but more importantly, the by far the best thing ever! It tells you to be yourself and not change who you are, and so I was myself as always.

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Epic Fail
peter_schaeffer5 May 2019
Warning: Spoilers
This move is bad. Sadly 'bad' only has three letters. Maybe something more like 'execrable', 'horrific', or 'fantastically vile' would be more appropriate. Actually, I lean towards 'epic', as in epically bad.

Actually, this movie is a Rorschach test of a sort. Basically, do parents love their kids enough to sit through this piece of drek. The answer to that question is Yes, they do. On the way out of the movie I suggested (rather loudly) that any parent who takes their kid to this movie has earned the 'Hero Parent of the Millennium' award. Several people (total strangers) came up to me and agreed with me. It was that bad.

Some people might try to argue that this is a sold zero star movie. I disagree. I think this film dreams of being a zero star movie and never comes close. Sadly, we don't have a way to rate movies with negative stars. Perhaps this movie will inspire a new rating system with negative stars.

Now in all fairness, the CGI was impressive and the music wasn't that bad. Still, watching this movie is taking one for the team (your kids).

I suggest bringing earphones and listening to a good video. 'Super Volcanoes of the Pacific Northwest' comes to mind. A number theory video might help here.
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Focus on Merchandising and Audience Leads To Some "Ugly" Limitations
rgkarim4 May 2019
The animated world brings many masterpieces, acting as a medium to bring imagination to life and craft impossible things that live action has not quite caught up to. Given the intended audiences, new worlds and characters are crafted in hopes of delivering fun adventure, potential catchy soundtracks, and of course lessons that can help refresh the morals tarnished by time if left unchecked. This weekend, the latest adventure attempts to take the stage in the form of a band of misfit creations with the potential to change the world. Will it be another blockbuster hit to withstand the test of time, or is it just more merchandising in a desperate plea to stand up to Disney. Robbie K here giving his thoughts0. on:

Director: Kelly Asbury Writers: Alison Peck (screenplay by), Sun-min Kim (based on characters by) Stars: Kelly Clarkson, Nick Jonas, Janelle Monáe


Creative Characters Colorful Environment Cute Atmosphere Voice Cast Messages Music

SUMMARY: As mentioned in the opening, the animated medium offers the ability to let imagination flourish and create some unique looking characters. Ugly Doll takes the concept of "mistakes" and turns them into oddly shaped combinations that hold much value for future action figures and dolls. Moxy (Clarkson) and her crew are odd and not the most detailed, but their personalities are etched into the design which goes in time with the world crafted. This world may not be the most realistic or detail oriented, but it's color, angles, and sort of Hodge podge approach lead to a mish-mash world of fun that would be beautiful as a theme park. Ugly Dolls manages to add personality into each of the two worlds, mirroring the approach to life each collective bunch represents. Regardless of which place you prefer, the movie holds the cute factor that is intended for the key audience, creating the safe, family friendly environment that parents would like their young ones to see. To help further bring the world to life, a talented voice cast has at least been recruited with singers, comedians, and sassy actresses to assist with bringing that last bit of spark to the characters needed. Clarkson, Jonas, and Monae are the ones who take point using their vocal talents to not only deliver the simplistic writing of the film and even more deliver the lines of the soundtrack this movie was focused on. The variety of voice talents were marginally used well and balanced to make sure every character got some screen time. Through whatever means though, the movie has two big selling points that are the selling points with this film. The first are the morals about inner beauty, self-worth, and believing in yourself. Cliché? Absolutely, but an important lesson for the young generation, and their chaperones to learn in hopes of establishing new grounds for self-confidence. That emotional gimmick, touched my heart personally, but for many of the group it may not quite penetrate the cerebral cortex like they wanted. Instead the morals will be lost to the toe tapping tunes that this movie is going to use. Much like Frozen, the soundtrack is going to be more memorable than the movie, with a number of reprises used to expand the soundtrack ever so slightly. Plenty of these songs have much emotion, but it's going to be the bubble gum pop beat that gets your kids going, bump up sales, and potentially get overplayed


Very Simplistic Plot Other Characters Only Scratched Rushed Story Little Impasse Unremarkable Moments Too geared on kids Too much focus on the music

SUMMARY: When it comes to animated kids films there is a balance that I look for in my reviews so that they may bring more people into the film. Ugly Dolls struggled with this for me. It starts with the simplistic plot, essentially a linear plot that holds very few curves to mix things up. It's simple story is cute and endearing, but lacks some of the fundamental moments that Disney does so well. Most of the characters do contribute in the form of comedy, but the character development is lacking for the others, leading to merely colorful outlines that will be perfect for action figures. Perhaps this could have been accomplished if the plot did not seem so rushed, trying to get from start to finish in the rapid time limit they set. In doing this, the impasses for our dolls were not that impressive and easily bypassed, the threat level essentially nullified by the cute antics of our group. The result is that the movie does not quite have the most memorable moments that will stay with us until the end of time. Why is this the case? I believe the two sources of weakness that took away from this movie are the kid focused atmosphere and the fixation on music. Ugly Dolls is perfect for the early aged viewers in terms of lacking any really scary or haunting features. Yet, in removing the threats the plot became a little too boring as the adventure just devolved into sort of an elementary school education lesson. Taking the adventure out of this movie therefore limits it for older members who will need to focus on the occasional adult joke and watching their young ones smiles. In addition, the music was too much the theme of this film. With all the singers casted, it's not surprising they wanted to turn out a soundtrack, and sure enough the studio has put a lot of investment in the toe tapping music to boost sales. Despite the catchy music, that focus took away much from the story as mentioned above, all in the name of cramming as many songs as possible to again boost their sales.


Overall Ugly Dolls is cute and I loved the themes, world building and energy built into its design and the presentation. Yet, the movie fails to find the balance and sense of adventure that others have held from other studios with bigger budgets. More story planning was needed, and less focus on limited audiences would have been nice, with a little more maturity ingrained to help out. Yet, the movie really needed to steer away from the focus on merchandising to leave an imprint and be known as one of the greats. It is not horrible at all, but the limited audience scope is going to be the main hesitation to go to the theaters for this. Instead, you might be better off buying the sound track and waiting for this to hit home.
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