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Yes,they managed to do it.Worse than part 1.
panayiotisblack9 March 2016
OK,it's not that part 1 was good,you actually knew it would suck,but the 2nd really grinds my gears.

You have in your hands a civil war,the final battle into the heart of the capital,and you spent 2 hours of your life watching your main character taking a walk in a war zone.

And with all that time strolling,you have no character development,for none of them,just a few moments that the movie is like "Ok,from now on,that's how things are".

I watched this for closure,i wish i hadn't.

I didn't expected it to be a great movie,just a good action one,and it failed.Miserably. For goodness sake,London has fallen had more character development than a book based quadralogy,LOTR had less walking..good riddance to the series.
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Well padded
Prismark109 March 2016
The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 2 is a film without any artistic integrity. It was purely made to grab as much cash from its audience as possible. You can sense this in the film which does not have much of a plot, scenes that are purely filler and the story just crawls because the book that it is based on has been split into two which means more padding than a model wearing a Wonderbra.

Panem is in chaos Katniss (Jennifer Lawrence) plans to assassinate President Snow (Donald Sutherland.) Snow meanwhile wishes to spring a trap to finish off the rebels. Peeta (Josh Hutcherson) is volatile as he turns his anger towards Katniss. Alma Coin (Julianne Moore) the leader of the rebels who plans to usurp Snow as President has her own agenda. You could say she and Snow are two sides of the same coin.

Some of the action is humdrum and poorly lit and Katniss's use of the bow and arrow is almost laughable in this film. Given the first film in this franchise was a decent film, it has been disappointing to see the decline in quality to the sequels.
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Do not understand of the 10/10 brigade with respect to this film
stephen-ellwood14 April 2016
Warning: Spoilers
-- this review may contain spoilers --

How can a reviewer say "not the best in the series" and then give it 10 stars? 10 stars is perfection, not as good as perfection is not 10 stars... In my opinion it was far from perfect though not terrible.

I have loved the Hunger Games franchise but this film let me down. For much of the film it reminded me of Frodo's (boring) journey to destroy the ring except that Frodo actually does get there in the End. Katniss sets off to kill the president and spends most of the film trying to get there but then doesn't, in fact she is beaten by the resistance, who managed to get through all of those traps that she could not and still get there quicker. She then wakes up to find the war is over. The twist at the end is so well signposted that it doesn't take much inferring leaving the happy ever after.

Special effects and infinite arrow archery skills ultimately don't make up for the lack of story and obvious plot holes. I cannot fault any of the actors, they did the best they could with a bad script.
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walkingtheoldpaths28 May 2016
I watched this because I enjoyed the first two. The third was a decline from the Hunger Games 1 and 2 but so much time invested compelled the watching Mocking Jay 2. I was hoping for a great ending for such an anticipated movie and was greatly disappointed.

The plot was almost non existent and just rode on the waves of the other movies. The story line was disjointed and herky jerky. The development of the love story was terrible and did not evoke the emotion displayed in the first two. Very let down...

I did not read the books, but I'm sure that those true fans were greatly let down. I wish they just took out Hoffman altogether than the way they pieced him in with 60 seconds of total airtime.
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I had more fun watching paint dry
davorslistdepot10 March 2016
I want 2 hours of my life back! It was tedious, linear, uneventful, predictable, and dialogues often scrambled. This is not the worst film I ever saw, but I've seen lots of films, and this episode is perhaps the 4th worst ever. From top of my head I can name a few more bearable things. Say, IRS. I mentioned drying paint before. Even hangover can be more fun. Or toothache. Walking the streets alone, minding my own business is immensely more fun. To spare myself from future torture, I'll make sure to check the IMDb comments first, sorting them by the "hated it" criterion. Why suffer? I just hope my comment will save at least one person from suffering.
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Biggest disappointment since Phantom Menace
kythia23 April 2016
I liked the first, I loved the second, I thought the extended trailer was silly (shoot down high-tech planes with a bow, also called Mockingjay Part 1), but then I was in for an ice cold shower. I haven't felt like this since listening to Jar Jar Binks.

The first two Hunger Games movies prepare you for an epic battle between the rebels of District 13 against the Capitol, which could just as well be the Empire of Star Wars, led by an equally cunning president/emperor.

However, instead of using all the lore that has been carefully built up, especially in Mockingjay Part 1, the producers/writer decided to keep the main cast as far away from action as possible. The heroes suddenly become actors instead of the warriors they had been in the previous movies. Everything is fake and nothing they do (or not do) is supposed to affect the story. On purpose! I have no idea what happened here. Did the writer die and someone else had to finish it? Did they outsource the production to a galaxy far, far away from the first two movies? I simply cannot believe that this was an accident. There has to be purpose to this letdown and I wish I knew what it is, but either way, Mockingjay Part 2 is the biggest disappointment since The Phantom Menace.
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Poor Finale. Probably worst of the 4
be_kwa20 November 2015
I watched the Hunger Games and Catching Fire movies before reading the books. The story was so captivating that I had to read the books. Mockingjay part 1 was already a slight disappointment because they dragged out the final book into 2 parts. As such, I already didn't have high expectations for part 2.

But even my low expectations were not met. In my opinion this is the weakest of the 4 movies in the franchise.

Firstly, the movie trailer practically summarizes the entire movie with all the major scenes.

Secondly, the pacing was all over the place. Sometimes it felt too rushed. At other times it was just too slow. At least in part 1, the pacing was much more even.

Thirdly, this is one instance where being true to the book did this movie no favors. Some storyline or dialogue changes from the book might have helped.

Fourthly and I think most importantly, I felt that the movie was not made with as much care and attention as Catching Fire or even Mockingjay part 1. To me, the editing was not done well and the actors' didn't give me the impression of full commitment.

Lastly, I think that Jennifer Lawrence has totally outgrown this role. She is a good actress with great emotional expression however I just could not emphatize with Katniss here. In my opinion, she expressed Katniss best in The Hunger Games/Catching Fire. But here I just felt like a spectator, watching from a distance. This emotional disconnect together with a poorly edited and paced finale led to disappointment!

On the plus side, the special effects sequences were OK. And, the franchise has finally come to an end.
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A thrilling conclusion to an amazing franchise!
KatieB18199721 November 2015
Warning: Spoilers
When The Hunger Games was first released almost four years ago, I had no idea it was going to be the successful franchise it is now. I was fourteen when I watched the first film and began reading the books and each film just got better and better. This is definitely the case with Mockingjay Part 2, the thrilling and emotional conclusion of the franchise. I would also say that this is the film that, I think, is the most faithful to the original book of the same name. There were so many parts in the film that I remembered reading about when I first read the book three years ago. Whilst I was reading the books, I didn't know how the cast and crew were going to make a film adaptation in a creative and successful way. Nevertheless, they managed to do it. Jennifer Lawrence returns, for one last time, as Katniss Everdeen, the main protagonist. In Mockingjay Part 1, Katniss is suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and is finding it difficult to cope without Peeta Mellark, her former tribute and love interest from District 12, as she doesn't know if he's dead or alive. She meets the President of District 13, Alma Coin, who is unsure that she is the right person to be the face of the revolution due to her struggles. However, Katniss proves her wrong and films short films, known as 'propagandas', to distract the Capitol and to persuade the people of Panem to join her fight against President Snow. However, things don't all go to plan because, when Peeta is rescued, he has been hijacked and tries to kill Katniss. This is because he's been hijacked which means that the Capitol has corrupted his memories of her to make her appear violent or a threat to him. Now, Mockingjay: Part 2 picks straight up where Mockingjay: Part 1 left, with Katniss recovering from her injury. Despite her struggles, she is still willing to be part of the fight against the Capitol but President Coin refuses and sends her to District 2 to film a propaganda, much to her annoyance. She is desperate to kill President Snow for everything he has done and goes on a rogue mission to join her fellow soldiers to take over the Capitol. President Coin is not happy with this and sends Peeta, who still has negative views on Katniss and continues to have violent acts of rage towards her. However, he is slowly recovering from his disordered views of Katniss and he begins a game called 'Real Or Not Real' to help him know the truth. This was one of my favourite parts in the book as I thought it was a clever way to help Peeta understand his disordered image. Director Francis Lawrence has stated that this is the most violent out of all The Hunger Games and he's not wrong. When, fellow tribute, Finnick mockingly states, 'Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the 76th Hunger Games', it truly is like that. The Capitol itself is like an arena with thousands of deadly traps and bombs, known as Pods, lying on every corner. Katniss and her team of soldiers, one of which includes friend Gale Hawthorne, must avoid all of these traps in order to make it to the President's mansion. I had read the books so I knew what was going to happen but I was still shocked at how brutal certain people's deaths were. One specific death scene had me in tears when I first watched it as the character was one of the most likable in the series and the character died in such a violent way. There was also another death scene which had me in tears but wasn't as violent as it was so sudden. These deaths may come as a shock to people who haven't read the books. There are several new characters played by some of the best actors. Despite being only on screen for a short time, they still manage to pull it off. In fact, every actor in this film was amazing, especially Jennifer Lawrence. She is perfect as Katniss and really understands her character well. Throughout the films, I think she's definitely matured and grown into the role. I've also got to mention Josh Hutcherson as Peeta. In The Hunger Games and Catching Fire, Peeta had a charming and sweet personality but in this film, he's lost that charm due to the Capitol torturing him. He goes from being violent one minute to being really emotional. Josh really managed to make me feel sympathy for Peeta. I think this is a great conclusion to one of the biggest film franchises and I would definitely say that it's the best of the four films as there's plenty of violence, suspense and emotional moments. With brilliant acting, intense scenes, amazing special effects and great directing, this is one of the best book- to-film adaptations I've ever watched.
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What the hell was that
abryan21 April 2016
Warning: Spoilers
I must admit when I first heard of the Hunger Games movies I had no idea what all the fuss was about. I'd never heard of the books, so wasn't that excited about the movies.

Watched the first one and thought, "yeah, that wasn't too bad".

Fast forward to Mockingjay Part 1, and I had already heard it was a bit of a "filler" movie, and not a lot happens. "Fine", I thought. So I suffered it, thinking part 2 will kick ass.

Oh, how wrong was I, and so was my wife who, after watching the first film, read all the books. She warned me that Mockingjay part 2 would be pretty emotional, and it just wasn't.

I don't know if it was my imagination but, as with other film series like Harry Potter, it was if the actors were bored of the franchise, and just not putting their all into it. I ended up not really caring what happened to any of the characters. The action was flat and a little dull. And as with part 1, the pace of the movie was deadly slow. So disappointing.

As my daughter said after the movie had finished, it seemed like the slow sections of the movie needed to be sped up, and the fast sections slowed down. As an example, where Katniss's sister, Primrose gets killed, it was like, she's there, dead, move on. There was no big deal made about it, which I understand was quite a big deal in the book. I might be wrong.

I'm always sorry to bad mouth any movie, because I know how much effort goes into making them. My philosophy has always been, if a movie entertains on any level at all, even it it's unintentional, it is a good movie. IE. I'm not a film critic, I'm a film fan.

But I'm sorry to say, remembering all opinions are objective, but I found this to be a slow, tedious and wasted opportunity. I'm sad it was one of Philip Seymour Hoffman's last films. It would have nice to have ended on a high, no irony intended.
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Amazing Ending to an Amazing Series
restif-4007521 November 2015
This last movie had a sweeping scope, emotional impact, and truly amazing depth. The Hunger Games isn't strictly a Girl vs. Capitol adventure, or anti war movie, it really is a tragedy,grim, dark, with poignant moments in every one of the four movies. Any who have read the books shouldn't be surprised by this. The utter cruelty of the Capitol is graphically covered, Jennifer's performance captures the sadness and determination in Katniss, and the pacing of the movie is superb. Thinking of the great arch of character and story encompassing the 3 books and 4 movies, this forth movie captures the book extremely well and is an amazing end to this exceptional series.
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worst of the batch
MattyAndAnnika10 March 2016
Such a long wait for The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 2 (2015), was it worth the waiting? To answer that I'd need to point out a few variables. First of all I do give this film credit for the following items: scenery, acting, and pointing out that most of humanity is sheep; that being said let's get the review going.

We were highly anticipating this film being as where part 1 left off, we had high hopes that part two would at least be as strong as the rest; sadly this film plummeted. The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 2 (2015) is a very slow paced film with 3 actual action scenes; most of the film looks as if it were filmed inside one location of green screens as the cast slowly moved from right to left for scenery alignment. The story was the weakest of all the before films, and it basically ended with with almost 18 minutes of credits.

I'd have to say this film wasn't worth the wait, I feel that the fans were left hanging to see a very slow money grabbing ending.
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Great Movie, great end to the Installment
aneeqroslan19 November 2015
Warning: Spoilers
The movie is a lot like I anticipated it to be. Special effects, plot and acting is like all its other installments, amazing. Having read the book, there are obviously scenes and parts that were 'left out' just like all the other movies that have been adapted from a novel. Especially the Mockingjay, being the last book of the trilogy, there is no room for denial that there are way too many events or scenes to incorporate in the movie. Despite that, the movie was still a thriller.

Being dubbed as a war movie, there were several parts in the movie that left me on the edge of my seat, proving the movie to be action-packed. Kudos to Jennifer Lawrence for her role as Katniss Everdeen, she portrayed her exactly as Collins did in the novel throughout the whole series. The way she displayed her emotions showed no other actress could fill her void as Katniss.

Part 2 however was missing a slight 'oomph' that many were expecting. Francis Lawrence wanted the movie to be exactly like the book. Yes he did achieve that, but having done that he left some important bits out. A lot of the characters in the previous movie were sidelined, like Haymitch, Effie and quite importantly, Prim. Prim was killed in the movie and her being the major reason why this story emerged, her death lacked the emotional feel that it had in the book. A possible reason behind this was because Lawrence was too focused on making this a war movie that he left behind the emotional impact on the deaths of Katniss' close family and friends. When Katniss' squad members were killed, all of them lacked the 'feel' of when someone dies, that was mainly because Francis Lawrence didn't really portray Katniss' feelings about them when they died. Yes, the movie should be as close as the book describes the plot, but to make it a better movie than it was, Francis should of shown more scenes of Prim (and of course others like Haymitch and etc) to remind the audience that she still exist and to build that tension and emotional impact we're supposed to get when Prim gets killed. In some parts of the movie when Prim or Haymitch and etc re-occurred, it kinda felt they came out of nowhere and suddenly one of them dies and I guess that sorta flawed the movie a little. On the other hand it is a huge contrast to Part 1, where it was full of emotions and less action packed, which might of been intended.

On the whole, Part 2 was an amazing movie, one I'd definitely watch again, enjoyed it very much, made me proud as a hunger games fan. The twisted and depressing ending to what a lot of people thought would be a fairy tail closure is one of the many things that makes Mockingjay part 2 one of the best movies to end a franchise. Hope it smashes the blockbuster records. Part 2 ended the Hunger Games installment on a very high note. Really hoping that there's some sort of sequel or prequel!!!
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The one blockbuster you won't expect it to be
kshirad21 November 2015
Which I didn't mean by disappointing. From my point of view, it's different by the way the makers decided to end this movie. For a usual blockbuster, you expect some kind of triumph and cheeriness, especially for a finale. In this case it's not. Somehow it makes this particular 'Hunger Games' even more interesting than I thought.

Taking off directly from 'Mockingjay: Part 1', Katniss, now slightly damaged, and her team of rebels are still trying to end President Snow's tyrannical leadership and create a revolution. Now that Snow has filled the Capitol with booby traps that resembles the actual Hunger Games, it is up to Katniss whether her nation can live in peace once and for all.

It might sound like it is kind of an all-out-war type of movie with many thrilling obstacles to overcome. If you expect it to be like that, you'd be slightly disappointed. Not to say it's not thrilling, but it comes with a very bitter aftertaste. Unlike the previous installment, it dares to become as dark as it can be.

Some reviewers here noted that this one is quite redundant and anti-climactic, making it somehow not a very satisfying experience. I have to say that it's not true. It is in some way very satisfying because of the emotional aspect that has been given by its' main character. Jennifer Lawrence played Katniss Everdeen unlike in the previous ones. She becomes more raw, more spiteful, and more tragic. Which is why the ending left me with a very large impact that gets under my skin and a moral message that winning a war is never a triumph to begin with, that it is only a chance to survive and live for another day with the cost of lives that could be lost, and that loss only becomes a waste that should have never happened.

Some other complains about the pacing. While some of them are true 'cause when some people has a short attention span, it could get tedious. On the contrary, it's what makes it more intimate and absorbing, creating a sense of atmosphere that is altogether dull and beautiful at the same time.

While improvements should be noted based on its' predecessor, 'Mockingjay: Part 1', that I personally still love, but doesn't give any payoff whatsoever. There's no unnecessary scenes here, but there are slow moments, which are enjoyable in the way the characters communicate with each other. It keeps building up from the beginning, finishing with a conclusion that is a bit twisted than I thought.

The actors done really well, as always. No need to mention Jennifer Lawrence, who is already an Oscar caliber and on the top of the heap. She's really the one who drives this movie and giving it more layers than the script has provided. Great actors like Julianne Moore as the cold President Alma Coin and Woody Harrelson as Haymitch, who is more serious than before. Others like Elizabeth Banks, Jena Malone and Sam Claflin really supported the movie with their great character arcs. Josh Hutcherson gave Peeta more emotion and depth in this one and who surprises me the most. A noteworthy mention is for Phillip Seymour Hoffman, which I honestly knew little from his role as Truman Capote in the biographical drama 'Capote', who has a sense of attractiveness and calmness as Plutarch Heavensbee. Too bad he died too early before this movie got finished, but his absence doesn't distract anything from the movie.

And that is also because of director Francis Lawrence, who also directed the previous two. He gives precision and impeccability to the movie. Script writers Danny Strong and Peter Craig keeps the film sturdy and solid without going on to cheese and cliché, and that is true and faithful to the book.

For someone who was expecting a great feeling leaving the theater, I got more than I've bargained for, and in the last scenes (which I won't spoil any of it) I didn't really realize that I'm crying. Truly, that is because of Jennifer's portrayal as Katniss which hurts more than I thought. It is somewhat a non-happy happy ending. And that lingers in me long after I left the theater.

Some may well be disappointed by its' outcome. But overall, I hope this movie gets more credit than it deserves. Because it not only gives a true life resonance, it's a piece of entertainment that makes you think from its' moral complexity and ambiguity. And that makes this finale somehow much more memorable and a rewarding experience than it could've been, at least in my opinion.
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A very emotional and gut-punching film
westen122321 November 2015
Warning: Spoilers
*SPOILERS* The Hunger Games Mockingjay Part 2 starts after the events of the previous film, after Peeta unexpectedly strangles Katniss. This film focuses on the war between the districts and the capitol.

It is very brutal and extremely horrifying (especially during the sewers scene), it just gives you a punch in the gut during the emotional moments. Nearly half of the squad team are killed including Finnick and Castor :( . My two favorite scenes are the sewers scene and the capitol raid scene with the parachute bombings, it was rather terrifying to watch the children get blown up and see their bodies but Francis Lawrence structured it very well, pushing the 12A rating to its maximum highest boundaries. The determination and focus of this film is just dazzling and very unexpected, Most people say why Mockingjay was split into two parts, copying harry potter and twilight. In my own opinion, it was such a relief they split it, there was so much information in Mockingjay that you just can't leave it out, every word, every feeling in both films are just terrifying and life-like. This film is truly the film you need to see. I loved it so much, I would watch it more than 20 times. Highly recommend this film and ignore the negative comments, this film will shock you with every scene. It's just astonishing and mind-blowing. Every scene (if you're a big fan) will hit you hard until you drop to the floor, crying and regretting.

I remember when I first watched The Hunger Games, those times were just the best and now we have come to the conclusion after 3 years of waiting and waiting. Same with catching fire and mockingjay part 1, all the films are intense and stimulating. Probably one of the superlative film series of the 21st century (especially on young- adult section)

Mockingjay: Part 2, the film that puts YA films into a serious and maturer tone.
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My favorite installment of the entire series! Perfection!
davispittman6 December 2015
Warning: Spoilers
The final installment of the hunger games brings us an extremely satisfying, exciting, and thrilling finale to the series! The movie was action packed, intelligent, well made, very well acted and just had everything right! Jennifer Lawrence of course was incredible, so was josh hutcherson and Liam hemsworth. Julianne Moore gave a very powerful performance as well. And then there's good old Donald Southerland, who gave a very focused and poignant performance. I was so pleased with the outcome of this film! The corruption of president Coin, Katniss and Peeta ending up together! I do however wish that Finnick O'daire would have made it to see the free Panem. The visual effects are very well done here as well! I cannot think of a single flaw in the final installment of the hunger games, an overwhelmingly satisfying movie to watch!! 10/10.
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Me and my son Muhammad enjoyed this excellent film.
muslimbellydancer25 November 2015
I am a Muslim belly dancer and I love watching movies in free time. This is my first comment on IMDb. The Hunger Games:Mocking Jay Part 2 is an interesting sequel to part 1. It is the story of a strong woman rebel Katnis Everdeen fighting against a dictator president. The film is entertaining with action.When you see this movie you will feel with rebels who have been oppressed and you will come to the feeling that evil doers and dictators will sooner or later get destroyed as a result of their wickedness.

This movie has been achieving international success in every country of the world. It is a film for people who love justice and democracy.Me and my dear son Muhammad enjoyed this excellent movie and we definitely advise you to see because it is a perfect epic movie.
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Fantastic Action, Dark Themes and Drama, Best YA Film Yet.
ibuy-7978711 November 2015
Mokcingjay part 2 has a fantastic, brutal and honest look at the affects and harshness of war, coated and enriched with a deep and thoughtful exploration of the series' dark and gritty themes. It pushes the 12A certificate it owns to the max and uses it to its advantage.

The film's action is spectacular. Exciting, and scorchingly intense, they further emphasise the brutality of war. As usual, the special effects are handled well and the film is shot in a swift manner.

The central performances are stellar, with Jennifer Lawrence shining once again both as an actress and as Katniss. Returning cast do an excellent job, Elizabeth Banks, Woody Harrelson, Josh Hutcherson, Liam Hemsworth, Jena Malone, Philip Seymour Hoffman and the rest of the cast.

The cinematography is great. The film is well filmed, colour graded and is given a slicker and darker aesthetic.

The script is a bit skeletal, with some of the dialogue being more functional than empowering, but overall the cast really make good use of their material.

The third act is shocking and surprising, elevating this film to new heights.

Overall, fantastic work from Francis Lawrence and all his team; this film is well acted, well filmed, well paced, intense and refined with its dark and gritty drama / social commentary.

Goodbye Katniss and crew, it's been a fantastic journey.
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In my opinion
weberalice29 November 2015
The best movie out of the series! I wasn't sure how the movie would play out compared to the book but it caught me by surprise. Most endings to book made into movies are so horrible but Hunger Games Part 2 was not a disappointment to me. Everything they did was exactly what I wanted them to do. They added on a little extra ending part and didn't have to but I was already completely satisfied by that time that it didn't even matter and thought it was kinda cute they even did that. It played with my emotions perfectly and I would recommend it to anyone who is a fan of the series. This final movie really makes me want to go out and get the whole collection and have a marathon of all the films at home on the weekend :)
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The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 2 (2015)
samgiannn25 November 2015
The Hunger Games series has finally come to an end with the fourth and final film in the franchise and serves as a continuation of Mockingjay - Part 1. Part 2 makes up for Part 1's lack of action by being the darkest, most violent and grittiest Hunger Games film, even with the standards set by the previous films and succeeds in ending the saga in a suitably epic fashion. Mockingjay - Part 2 finds Katniss leading the rebels to the Capitol aiming to kill President Snow. The Gamemakers have rigged the entire city with lethal traps to make sport of their deaths, making it the most dangerous Hunger Games yet. If Part 1 was too slow or lacked adequate action, Part 2 is heart-pounding from beginning to end. The action scenes are more violent than anything seen in the series yet, making any deaths even more gut-wrenching. Fans of the series will find it hard to watch at times, and if you're like me, you'll be gripping your seat or hiding behind your shirt for a good portion of the film. The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 2 ends one of the most exciting and relevant franchises today in a gripping, emotional and brutal way, and it might be the feel-bad movie of the year.
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Better than the book series
FrankMize13 December 2015
I imagine this review will be different than most if not all reviews. I am a true 'romantic' when it comes to movies or books. I get enough real life in real life. I felt absolutely dreadful after reading the book series, and still wish I had never read it. I rated the movie a 10 on the merit of them fixing the ending of the book series. If you are a classic romantic as I am, I strongly discourage anyone reading the last book in the series if they have that option, and just see the movie for closure. In this one case, ignorance is bliss. Even so, the movie is still an emotional meat grinder, so be warned. I'll let the other reviewers describe the effects, story and whatever else may be important to them. For myself, I needed the movie, but won't ever need to see it again, or waste money on the disk, even though I own thousands...literally. I wish to be entertained when I watch movies, not emotionally drained. For those that like that sort of thing, this series is definitely for you.
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ryan_dipillo22 November 2015
Warning: Spoilers
I saw the movie on Thursday night and I LOVED IT!!.I loved that it was extremely faithful to the book and if there's anyone that love the books as much as I did can appreciate that. I loved that the movie had great action,all the great performances by the entire cast especially those of Jennifer Lawrence(katniss),josh Hutchinson(peeta) and woody Harrelson(Haymitch).I also loved the places they picked for the capital and district 13.

I actually thought the pacing was necessary because it gave the same impact like it does in the books. One criticism I will say is the ending they should have added that it took 10 to 15 years for peeta to convince katniss to have kids.

All in all I thought it was an epic conclusion to a fantastic book and movie series.

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A truly superb wrap up to a magnificent franchise. What I wish the Matrix trilogy had been!
IndridC0ld25 November 2015
So several years ago I heard about this series and how popular the books were. I immediately read books one and two (audio booked them actually) and really enjoyed both of them. After seeing Jennifer Lawrence in the first movie, I was so taken with her magnificent portrayal of Katniss Everdeen, that I very deliberately decided i would not partake of the final novel in the trilogy, but would instead put all of my chips on the last two films.

All of the first three hunger games movies were very well done and quite entertaining. Jennifer Lawrence brought a wonderful authenticity to the staring roll and the supporting cast was genuinely entertaining and gave top notch performances as well. Which brings us to the final installment.

Rare indeed is the story that can cleverly build upon its earlier successes. The Matrix couldn't do it, nor could the old Planet of The Apes franchise or the Jaws films. These series left viewers feeling very disappointed and wistful for what might have been. Happily for fans of The Hunger Games series, the final chapter ties the previous three films into an exceptionally satisfying package that really made me glad that I had devoted my scarce free time to this film series over the last few years. I will not provide any spoilers to my review, suffice it to say that it unfolds like some unexpectedly beautiful flower that will really have you saying "holy s**t!" when it is fully revealed. There are absolutely positively NO loose ends by the conclusion. That said, I will say that I was truly delighted by the way the story utterly surprised me. I think the last time I was so taken aback by a plot twist was the movie "The Sixth Sense." So go and see this movie after your Thanksgiving dinner, and you can have two very satisfying experiences!
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Wish i could give this a 0
genata-307-2955559 March 2016
This is by far, and by far i mean THE worst movie i have ever seen in my life. Horrible acting, full of cliché lines, completely out of context, story-line, you name it...I try to understand fans, try to understand people that loved the books, but oh lord, how can someone rate this with more than average ( at best ) is beyond me.

Add to it horrible cgi, LOL-what-did-just-happened moments, just a total mess...

I tortured my self to watch it to the end, just to be able to see how much nonsense one can fit into a movie, and oh boy was i not disappointed. I thought Final Destination movies had the most transparent scripts ever - wrong again.
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This movie is AWESOME!!
svanswol22 November 2015
This movie was awesome. I read some crap that a critic wrote in the local paper that I get saying that President Snow was the most bubbly character in the film (really he's just evil) and that Jennifer Lawrence has out grown these films. Also, it states that 4 hours was way too long to film one movie. I say no, it's not too long. The book Mockingjay contains details that are important to the end of the story, so obviously you need two parts to explain it all.

It was one of the best Hunger Games movies. It is very intense. I urge you, if you are going to a movie this weekend, go to Mockingjay Part 2.

The end is very good. It captures the Epilogue very well. It sets off this movie from in the box office right now. No James Bond movie will ever give you the satisfaction that this one does. It is emotional(bring the tissues), intense, full of action, great, and gives your the satisfaction of money well spent.
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More BATTLE ROYALE 2 ripoffs from Hollywood
summerinertia10 November 2015
War movies have always been a favourite genre for me, and in Mockingjay we get war in all it's horror and heroism all tied into a comprehensive and intelligent bundle that is carried effortlessly by Jennifer Lawrence. The direction keeps us focused on Lawrence, she is in 95% at least of the scenes and she dominates. Her portrayal of Katniss as a damaged, fragile and very young girl who is also the main prop of a rebellion against horrific oppression is spellbinding.

The fact that the script makes no concessions to the action junkie is IMO at least, only to be commended. The rest of the cast seem to have been inspired by her formidable work. Everybody has raised their game to match her, I can not think of a weak link in the rest of the cast's. performances. Liam Hemsworth at last make Gale real. There are too many really to list here. Stand outs for were Josh Hutcherson's Peeta,. Elizabeth Banks Effie, Philip Seymour Hoffman's Plutarch and of course Donald Sutherland's Corialanus Snow. A great story needs a great villain and his Snow is both fascinating and repellent.

And on a final closing note, this film makes the eternal whining of the. so-called Battle Royale 2: Requiem 'fans' look more pathetic than ever and leaves you scratching your head wondering what film they saw.
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