King Arthur: Legend of the Sword (2017) Poster

Charlie Hunnam: Arthur



  • King Arthur : Why have enemies when you can have friends?

  • Back Lack : What a waste of brandy.

    King Arthur : But doesn't it make the palace burn well?

  • King Arthur : I'm not getting drawn into this mess! There's an army of you, there's only one of me! I'll talk, I'm happy to talk. But there is NO WAY that I am fighting.

  • King Arthur : It's quite dangerous being one of you lot, isn't it? You're good with animals, aren't you? They have a word for that, don't they?... Mage... I thought your team was outlawed. Never met one of you in the flesh. I thought you'd be taller... and have a beard.

  • The Mage : Pick it up. Pick it up with both hands.

    King Arthur : YOU pick it up.

  • Bill : You've made quite a celebrity of yourself among the Blackleg ranks.

    Bedivere : You've done very nicely on the back of your cozy relationship with your King's men.

    King Arthur : I'm a little old for finger-wagging and speeches. So unless you're my dad, which... I believe is unlikely, can you just get around to telling me exactly what it is you want?

  • Bill : Leave him with me, boss.

    King Arthur : Put your ring back on honey-tits, you haven't had enough porridge this morning to talk like that. And if you want that sword so much, your lordship, you can keep it... to peel your grapes.


    Bill : Now, that would have hurt a lot more if I'd left the ring on.

  • King Arthur : So what happens now?

    Vortigern : You know what happens now. You're quickly becoming a legend.

  • Vortigern : What kind of man would you have become if had you inherited your father's kingdom and all its advantages instead of being raised in a brothel? What gave you such drive, hmmm?

    [later on] 

    King Arthur : You wanted to know what gave me such drive. It was you. You put me in that brothel. You cut me on the streets. I am here now because of you. You created me. And for that, I bless you.

  • Vortigern : You and I have a lot more in common than you think. It's not just the same blood we share, but also the same interests. We both developed a palate for power.

    King Arthur : I've never had any power, or any desire to achieve it. Sire, I could simply drift away never to be seen again.

    Vortigern : As much as I would like to believe you, your character makes that unlikely.

  • [last lines] 

    King Arthur : It's a table - you sit at it.

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