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As an affecting romance between a woman caught between two worlds, it very nearly sticks the landing. As a showcase for Ms. Bosworth, never better, it's often sublime.
It's to Coiro's credit that no one emerges as a villain — and that, however painful, on the other side lies hope.
Village Voice
It's a bummer that the movie settles for such an oft-mined vein of bummed-outedness—for a few minutes, Coiro really had me going.
Just good enough to pique your curiosity, but never quite good enough to captivate.
Subject matter that seemed mildly shocking, even radical, a half-century ago may be impossible to refresh, though the screenplay, by Ms. Coiro, has a firm grasp of its characters.
Gorgeous location filming on Italy’s Amalfi Coast and a voice-only performance by the great Claire Bloom as an elderly woman remembering World War II are the main attractions in Kat Coiro’s familiarly snoozy romantic drama.
Time Out
We see a storybook landscape enchant the pair, but we never feel it.
Though the film plays like late-era Woody Allen — not necessarily a good thing — and Goldberg’s rambunctiousness is more annoying than liberating, there’s a serious depth of feeling here. Bosworth, thankfully, is attuned to that, and makes the most of it.
Slant Magazine
Suggests a version of Roberto Rossellini's Voyage to Italy reworked as a photo diary posted on Facebook.
A committed Bosworth gives herself over to the role. Yet, there’s ultimately no real role for her to play.

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