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Ummmmmmmm........ REMAKE OF PUNK'D
stevenbol117 July 2011
This is a sorry excuse for a "new" show... It is a complete remake of Punk'd. I can predict the future of this show.... It WILL go down the toilet, just like Punk'd did... only Punk'd was WAY better, and lasted way longer than this show will. The pranks are stupid. They are obviously staged where the "clueless" participants know exactly what is going on. There probably isn't going to be more than 3 episodes.... how many wannabe Disney Channel stars can they put on a show anyways? Mitchel Musso is a horrible host, the stars are sub-par(Selena Gomez, DEBBIE RYAN, and THE HOST HIMSELF??????) If someone just started watching Disney Channel and decided to watch this show(they would be crazy, but this is HYPOTHETICAL), they would have no clue who Debbie Ryan and Mitchel Musso are, since their fame barely radiates out of Disney Channel, especially Debbie Ryan, who only does Disney Channel. Mitchel Musso has hardly no talent, as he is a sub-par actor and a horrible singer... His record has only sold 100,00 copies... Meanwhile, good performers/bands are selling 300,000+ (Paramore's third album; number mentioned pertains only to the amount sold in the UK, not the whole world). The only good thing he has done is Phineas and Ferb... and he is just one of the voice actors, so that isn't saying much... All in all, this show is just a cheap remake of Punk'd, showing hardly any value in watching.
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You're Trying Too Hard (Again), Disney!
slimer848912 December 2014
Oh, PrankStars! What a piece of history this was! You see, this was made at a time when Disney Channel was trying to crank out some new sort of style to their channel, in which they were trying to be rebellious and crap. They started with a crappy sketch show, So Random, where all the jokes mainly consisted of pop-culture and every episode had a Harry Potter punching bag-like joke. During the time that they released that show, they pump out PrankStars, a more kid-friendly version of Ashton Kutcher's Punk'd.... But maybe a bit too kid-friendly. Let's look, shall we? Alright, so this show is hosted by Mitchell Musso, you know, that weird kid from Hannah Montana who later had a short-lived singing career. After that atrocity ending, he was given the job of hosting this even bigger atrocity. This show is about Mitchell and his "possey" going around, tricking everyday schmucks. Seems alright, but it fails miserably.

My problem with the show is the pranks themselves. I feel that this is mainly because they're on such a clean network like Disney Channel. The pranks come off as either too cruel or too stupid. Like one "prank" involved Musso lying to a fan about a free dinner. Then, when it comes time to pay, the kid is left alone at the table, probably wondering how he's gonna get out of this one. That's just mean-spirited! More "pranks" include one Disney Channel star saying that their voice gave out and that it was up for one of the everyday schmucks to speak for them. That's... just... stupid. I can't even call that a prank.

Overall, this show didn't seem so bad, but the pranks themselves and the network it aired on is what ruined it.
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A Surprising Favorite
bloo30927 July 2011
I am not a usually big fan of any Disney Channel shows, but my younger sister is, so I was aware that this new show, "Prank Stars," was airing. I sat down with my younger sister to watch it. Not expecting much, I ended up loving it! There was so much comedy involved and variety. The set ups weren't similar to one another, so nothing felt repetitive. Honestly, if I hadn't known before hand, I probably wouldn't have thought it was a Disney channel show (apart from the Disney channel actors involved). Not that I'm saying it's not appropriate for a young audience, because it is definitely appropriate for all ages. It is just something different on the channel that I've never seen Disney channel try before. In my opinion, it was a good move on their part. I got in some great laughs and will look forward to when new episodes air. Debby Ryan performed fantastically, and I hope to see her involved in more pranks in "Prank Stars" future, as well as Selena Gomez. I'm 16 years old and proud to be a fan of this show. I highly recommend you give it a shot.
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