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Season 3

The River
Astrid and Dev are canoeing down a river, but their romantic trip goes all wrong. Meanwhile, Krista is back from Bali with a new friend named "Tag" on many photos.
21 Jan. 2014
The Fling
Krista and Tag's relationship is tested when their plane goes down at an unknown location. Their different temperaments clash quickly. Dev and Blake are in Inuvik where Blake hooks up with Isabella whose husband arrives and goes psycho.
28 Jan. 2014
The Finish Line
A race between rival firms is used in awarding the mail contract with Mel determined to win but someone sabotages the planes. Krista hires Tag as a mechanuc to keep him from leaving. Dev and Astrid take their relationship to a new level.
4 Feb. 2014
The Devils You Know
Bobby's relationship with Petra deepens in spite of her son Connor's attitude. Ronnie Dearman's project has drawn local investors but Bobby is skeptical the numbers don't add up and indigenous rights are being short changed.
25 Feb. 2014
On the Edge
When Hank goes missing on a wilderness hike, Krista devouts Arctic Air's resources to finding him. Bobby and Krista find him trapped under a boulder in need of immediate medical care leading Petra to guide them over the radio to save his life.
4 Mar. 2014
Flying Solo
Krista pushes the limits to win a contract so she can fund search and rescue. Tommy's life is in danger from Bruce because of what he knows. Caitlin solos for the first time but is endangered when a storm comes up.
11 Mar. 2014
The Fugitive
A standard prisoner transport goes terribly wrong for Blake and Lindsay. When the criminal gets free he vows to not go back to prison plus leave no witnesses putting the pilots in a desperate fight for their lives.
18 Mar. 2014
Rites of Passage
Bobby takes Connor on a bonding camping trip and discuss what it means to be an indigenous Canadian. A sudden blizzard occurs endangering their lives. Mel and Krista's debate about who's the better pilot reaches a crucial moment.
25 Mar. 2014
Last Drop
The death of Bobby's sister Desi in a dry community looks to have connections to an alcohol smuggling operation. One suspect Sam takes Krista hostage in her plane but focus switches to Gary Ward plus his associates Laird and Kimbo.
1 Apr. 2014
The Fall PT.1
Krista heads up a dangerous rescue of climbers when Tag returns to complicate things. Mel's ready to retire. Bobby is almost killed after Kimbo makes a death threat. Dev wants Astrid to pretend to be engaged when his parent's visit.
8 Apr. 2014
The Fall PT.2
A plane crash in a remote area endangers the survivors as it's upside down, half buried in the snow.The rescue team is caught in a blizzard with Tag's life in the balance. Krista's piloting skills are put to the test.

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