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Dumberer and Dumberer
soncoman13 January 2014
What can be said about "Dumbbells" that hasn't already been said about "Porky's","Losin' It", "Fraternity Vacation", "The Last American Virgin", "Screwballs", "Private Resort", "Hot Dog: The Movie", etc.? Not much, actually. They're all movies aimed at a specific audience demographic (young, horny males) and are filled with the requisite T & A and low-brow humor. They aren't all terrible films, but they won't end up on any AFI "Best" list, either. They set the bar low and, more often than not, succeed at some level.

So it is with "Dumbbells", a new film directed by Christopher Livingston and seeing a limited theatrical release now as well as being available via Video-on-Demand. This low-budget, amiable piece of cinematic fluff tells the tale of one Chris Long (Brian Drolet), art major and superstar forward for the NCAA basketball powerhouse that is LA Tech. (That alone is good for a laugh…) who after wrecking his knee, finds himself working at a dead-end job in a rundown gym. Things look to be going from bad to worse when the gym is taken over by former male supermodel Jack Guy (former male supermodel Hoyt Richards) who has dreams of producing a gym-based reality TV series to be hosted by Fabio. (Yes, apparently in Hollywood people still have dreams involving Fabio...) Things go from bad to worse to worser when Jack discovers a cult he was once involved in has absconded with all his money. Ah, but he has a plan to recover his money and save the gym. And so it goes…

A more interesting film might be made from the story of how star/co-screenwriter/co-producer Richards got some (fairly) well-known faces to appear in this film. Who? Well, comedians Tom Arnold and Jay Mohr (miles away from "True Lies" and "Jerry Maguire") have small roles. The aforementioned Fabio is along for the ride, Jaleel "Urkel" White plays the cult leader, and Hollywood living-legend Carl Reiner does a bit. With all due respect to Mr. Livingston, one wonders what might have been if they had been able to talk Carl Reiner into directing "Dumbbells" instead of appearing in it.

Accompanying Reiner in his bit is Nancy Olson (light years away from her Oscar-nominated role in "Sunset Boulevard") whose appearance so intrigued me I had to immediately try to figure out why. (Check the director's IMDb page for the obvious reason as to why she's in this film.) Also intriguing is the fact that apparently a bit of this film is autobiographical. Richards had his own cult experiences, and I suppose one could give him credit for taking what must have been a very difficult time for him and making light of it.

As low-budget comedies go, "Dumbbells" falls somewhere between complete disaster and rousing yuck-fest. A likable cast helps, and while you could have fun playing "spot the continuity errors", set your expectations as low as the budget and you'll find it a pleasant and surprisingly inoffensive (surprising based on the trailer...) time passer with a couple of laughs.

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This movie has heart, and more importantly Fabio.
face-819-93372622 January 2014
Warning: Spoilers
At first glance this looks like a National Lampoon's ... movie, but it turns out to be more than that. The heart of an 80's teen romp with an attitude far more of today. This is not a locker room peeper, or car wash babes kind of film. It is just a nice romantic comedy wrapped in the Van Wilder mentality. You have never seen what happens when Fabio "the one, and only" first walks into the room something expected, but never actually expected. In the end though I enjoyed this film, and if not for Fabio it would be about a 7.5, but it gets an 8, and you can choose to see why. I recommend this to people who like funny movies (it's not rolling on your back funny, but funny), it is a little depressing at the beginning, and hard to really care for the lead, but that all sorts itself out as the real story gets rolling.
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Laugh out loud funny.
remisykes6 March 2014
As a gym rat I was looking forward to Dumbbells and it did not disappoint. A lot of characters in the film were based on people I swear I know. There were numerous laugh out loud moments and that's rare in comedies today. The writers obviously know the dynamics of what happens at the gym. Hoyt Richards shines as gym owner Jack Guy. This is one of those films where it looks like the entire cast is having a blast.

There is a lot of eye candy for both women and men alike in Dumbbells. Did I mention the great cameos from Tom Arnold, Jay Mohr, Carl Reiner and even Fabio. Highly recommended!!!
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Dumbbells is fun and sweet at heart. Unnecessary skin flick, but fun.
adunn71614 January 2014
Warning: Spoilers
Dumbbells is fun. It's just a very lighthearted and fun movie. At times I think it tries too hard to be sexy. It's unnecessary. But I can appreciate that Dumbbells pokes fun at gym fantasies. Girls running around in clothes that barely cover anything; I know I see it around my gym all the time. That's the genius of this movie, it completely makes fun of Hollywood; Hollywood being the umbrella term for red carpet, scandal, posh gyms, personal trainers, nutritionists, maintaining images, crazy cults, social media and more. It makes fun of reality TV shows. It makes fun of meatheads. It makes fun of trying to save a business, fighting for the limelight, chasing your dreams, and screaming princesses. Actually the representation of the Dumbbells gym itself is quite accurate. Most gyms have the old man that can barely move, the overly sexified blonde, the legitimately buff personal trainer, the overly ambitious gym director. And while the end of the movie is a little unrealistic, the move is really sweet at heart. It reminds us all that while we should reach for our dreams, even if we don't get exactly what we want, usually we get exactly what we need.

Dumbbells, follows Chris Long (Brian Drolet) a NBA superstar wan-a-be who gets injured the night of his big game. With a blown out knee the NBA is out of the question. He is dumped by his bratty girlfriend "Kimmypoo" and takes up a job as a desk attendant at an unpopular gym "We Sweat Hard". Due to his lack of success he becomes extremely bitter.

In walks Jack Guy (Hoyt Richards), former superstar, and supposedly the one who's going to save the gym. Jack's idea is to feature a reality TV show at Dumbbells, open 25/8 "because 24/7 is for pussies". Everything goes south. Three days after opening the gym. It's completely shut down. Jack Guy is scammed out of all his money and is kidnapped by a cult he was formerly a member of. Things get crazy. Hilarity ensues but it all works out in the end! Through some creative b.s.-ing. Jack Guy and Chris Long team up to pull the Dumbbells team back together and get everyone on the right track.
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Successful at Making Me Laugh...Many Times
Mattalangold29 January 2014
Dumbbells is a fun, fun movie. The star appearances are awesome. The performers I didn't know before watching this movie impressed me. The lead, Brian Drolet, is a GREAT actor. Drolet also successfully executed his roles as writer and co-producer of Dumbbells.

When you watch this movie, appreciate it for what it is- a goofy comedy NOT making obvious efforts to reach the lowest common denominator by lazily thrusting itself into the sub genre of raunchy comedies. It's just a fun 100 minutes. Don't ever listen to critics. That includes their reviews of Dumbbells, which are nothing more than failed attempts at predicting how the audience will perceive movies.

I recommend Dumbbells to anyone who maintains good laughs and entertainment as the hallmarks of goofy comedies.
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Some funny lines and scenes!
cekadah9 March 2014
Dumbbells starts out as a truly goofy funny story with some wacky characters and lots of girl candy! There are quick witted lines and comebacks by the actors. So the writers were on the ball because the laughs are fun and quick!

Then somewhere after the first half of the story the funny bits begin to dry up quickly and by the finish of the movie it has become amateurish and cute! The the engaging wackiness of the story becomes some biographical confession by Jack Guy the Bumbbells owner.

But all isn't lost - it's good lite entertainment with some genuine laughs for all!
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Really enjoyed this movie
TheDennisBergkampFan16 February 2014
I have been on a low budget/sex comedy watching spree of late and I would have to say that this is one of the few movies that I quite enjoyed.

The Banker guy really steals the show for me. He kinda reminds you of the Melissa McCarthy rant in 'This is 40' during the ending credits. His role might be rather short but he comes across as a natural.

The lead guy has a certain rustic charm about him. The lead girl is incredibly beautiful.

It is a simple feel good comedy that you can enjoy with your girlfriend/boyfriend.

On the down side the movie could have done with a lot more nudity.

Still a good one time watch.
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What more can you want out of a stupid gym comedy?
alinsteglinski2 February 2014
I watched Dumbbells last night, this one is a successful comedy. It's not designed to have a huge story plot but it has one and its relatively simple. For what it is it's kind of over the top for children but young adults will be very amused by this movie. I wouldn't expect older generation seniors and adults to pull as much enjoyment from this movie as would say a 19 year old teen or a 22 year old young adult (me)

Brain Drolet did a good job on this movie. It's 100 minutes of fun that will probably have you laughing hysterically at the screen drooling on yourself if you have a sensitive reflex.

The mediocre reviews on this film are mediocre themselves. This film deserves a chance by any comedy lover. But be warned if your not at all into comedies you will not be into this movie at all whatsoever. It's not designed as a drama, it is a Comedy first and foremost.

The movie all surrounds a small gym where they shoot a movie and get frauded out of a ponzi scheming rich money manager. The resolution at the end of the movie is quite an ironic unexpected twist and really has a good feel.

The movies soundtrack is awesome and if you yourself go to a gym you will be staring at the screen or grabbing your Shazam enabled mobile device.
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Dumb, but fun if you don't expect much
peo-1920 January 2014
The movie is about this washed-out high school hero that ends up at a local gym. In comes a new owner that ends up in trouble. The owner is former super-model with lots under his belt.

The hero finds, somehow, comfort in an impromptu shrink meeting in the locker room, and finds himself.

The first part of the movie is not bad at all, it is fun, witty (if you go there with the right mindset), but the last 20 minutes are pretty dull and bad.

Not a bad 2 hours to spend seeing something, but don't expect anything above average.
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nogodnomasters12 October 2018
Warning: Spoilers
Chris Long (Brian Drolet) is going to be the number one NBA draft pick and marry the cheerleader (Mircea Monroe) until a knee injury ends his dreams. He ends up working at a gym, newly acquired by Jack Guy (Hoyt Richards) who has a hot niece (Taylor Cole). Jack changes the name to "Dumbbells" and uses film promotion until his accountant runs off with his money.

The film reminded of all those bad "National Lampoon" movies that came out over the last couple of decades. The plot was silly and poorly executed. The comedy for the most part was inane. The highlight of the film was world's worse loan manager Jay Malone.Now he was funny was the rest of the film wasn't.

Parental Guide: F-bomb, brief nudity.
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"Dumb" is only the beginning.
yourwickedsurprise21 January 2014
This movie follows an arrogant basketball star who's career was once promising but cut short by an injury. The movie starts out slow and never really takes off. You get introduced to a stereotypical group of characters. All more annoying than the next. This movie uses middle school humor to try and pull laughs. I felt like a 14 year old in middle school all over again. You'll notice the emphasis on "urban" humor. There's emphasis on "bitchez" (with a z)and countless sex jokes. There is no real storyline here. Though, just when you feel like one is gonna begin, the movies ends. I would recommend not watching this unless, you wanna laugh at the movie and not the jokes themselves.
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