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Erica and that smarmy guy, they'd never match!
A much better episode that almost wanted to lift off again there at the early stages, like in the First Season. But the moment that awful, irritating, patently self-centered Adam Ferguson guy settles onto the screen, hoo boy, I wanna walk out. Grating. And that's the male romantic lead? Him and Erica? They are SO wrong together, SO SO SO wrong. There must be thousands of people out there who can spot a mile off that in real-life they'd never match.

Outsider boy Brent toughing it out for his career with those "dudes" and Quebec Goth girl J.C. who gets a makeover, those two ideas went down well with me. I was a whole lot more positive, but then my screen got a truckload of that Irish lounge lizard again, and it's just too much. I'm fresh off the thing and still kinda bummed.

Story needed more J.C. and considerably less Adam. Scriptwriters, bury him ASAP.
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