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Slight case of deja vu...
natashabowiepinky5 May 2013
Lots of people get trapped in a building, with an alien beast on the loose. One of them has just broken up with his girlfriend. She's also stuck in there, along with the guy's best friend, who she was having an affair with. TENSION!! There's also an eccentric gentleman in an ugly dressing gown who might as well be followed by a huge neon sign which says COMEDY RELIEF, A gruff engineer trying to fix the strange power cuts which have been going on and off all day (guess what happens to him) and some others who can charitably be described as 'cannon fodder'.

Basically, this is a creature feature, the sort they've made for donkeys years... albeit a British one. The chases down narrow tunnels, the sight of disembodied limbs and torsos scattered about, even the fiend itself... are 'borrowed' from a million other movies... most specifically, a certain series starring Sigourney Weaver. This doesn't make it a bad film per se, but it's not one to fire up the imagination in any way (HEY THAT RHYMES!!). It provides a few cheap thrills, but you probably won't recall it a week from now. Or indeed, the next time you go to the bathroom. 5/10
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A cheeky little number
bowmanblue1 April 2015
We all know that Alien was 'the daddy' when it comes to these sorts of 'monster-munching' movies. You have your alien/mutant/werewolf/whatever, chasing around a load of humans who are trapped in a spaceship/laboratory/missile silo/whatever, until the humans are suitably depleted enough to luckily beat the beast.

Storage 24 conforms to this template. My question: so what? I read once on the internet, when someone was comparing George Lucas' (commercially unsuccessful) 'Willow' to the (critically-acclaimed and money-spinning) Lord of the Rings franchise, they said: Obviously Lord of the Rings is a better film, but is it fun? Storage 24 is not a classic film. But, in my opinion, it IS fun.

It never takes itself too seriously. The characters are just about well-formed enough to be enjoyable and the monster is suitably horrible. Therefore, it pretty much has everything you can want when you're picking a monster-munching movie to eat popcorn to.

If you want something deep, classy and serious - go elsewhere. Suspend your disbelief... and enjoy.

NOTE: if there was an Oscar for 'best use of yapping dog toy,' Storage 24 would win hands down. And probably again the next year, too.
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Old Fashioned Fun and Suspenseful Monster Movie... Blu-ray: Very Good A:8 V:9
lathe-of-heaven5 February 2013
C'mon now... what are you REALLY expecting here people...?

This is clearly a very low budget, Retro Horror film that for what they had to work with and the simple setting, I truly felt that they did a great job with it! The director had a few really nice sequences that hearken back to snippets from 'TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE' & 'THE BIRDS' with nice edits of close-ups of eyes and such, building a lot of tension. The cinematography and especially the monster effects were done really well.

Others here are saying things like 'not well executed' or 'bland, poor characters', but I do not feel that that is true at all. Sure, none of these guys are gonna win any awards (well, except the two women, who are likely gonna tie for 1st place for the Most GAWDawful, BUTT Ugliest Mouth Oscar) Seriously though, no big deal, but considering the PAINFULLY bloody Horrible (in the wrong way) acting we usually see in low budget Horror movies like this one with TRULY awful, clichéd characters who we cannot wait to see die, these guys did just fine.

The story is really only limited by the simplicity of the narrow setup, but I really feel that the director still got a HELL of a lot out of it.

So, if you like simple but effective Monster Horror, you should enjoy this one just fine. Not to give anything away, but I was just holding my breath at the end, knowing bloody well that the British just simply do not believe in good endings, and let's just say that they came up with a 'good' one...
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Cheesy and entertaining creature feature
kannibalcorpsegrinder25 February 2014
After a plane crash in central London, a group in a storage containment facility find themselves trapped inside with the vicious alien creature released during the crash and must try to fight if off in order to get out alive.

This turned out to be a rather decent enough creature feature. One of the more enduring elements to this one is the fact that there's a refreshing simplicity to how it plays out, as the film's basically a one-note plot that really goes on through the notes quite efficiently and effectively to where it becomes routine more than anything about what goes on It consistently turns into confrontation, escape, confrontation, escape which is plenty of fun due to the tight, cramped location to work with the rather convoluted layout of the area and the continuous encounters where the creature chases them through heating ducts, storage units and throughout the building itself that the scenes make for a rather creepy and exciting set of action. The fact that the alien creature here is quite imposing is where it really helps score a little extra as well because the otherworldly appearance, as the spiked mouth, tentacled fingers and humanoid body create a powerful enough figure without seeing too much of it to lessen it's visual appeal as the creature really helps generate a lot of good marks during the film as the repetitive, action-packed nature of the film results in a creepy monster stalking and attacking people trapped in a creepy location, only to escape and run into it later on so there's a sense of familiarity to this as it goes on which can lower this somewhat. As well, the film's blatant disregard for information-revealing is a bit of a problem as it tends to keep so many ideas and plot-points completely unknown to the viewer about the alien creature, what happened to it and the fates of several characters, and about the only plot-point to this that doesn't work is the long build-up here that results in some painful amount of time not going anywhere due to the aggravation of the animosity towards each other. Otherwise, this is a fine effort.

Rated R: Graphic Violence and Graphic Language.
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Generic sci-fi horror - OK, but not exceptional
neil-4766 July 2012
Warning: Spoilers
A plane crashes, and something crashes through into a building full of locked storage units. The small number of people trapped inside by the resultant power outage have to survive against the depredations of whatever it was that was inside whatever it was that crashed.

One-man British film industry Noel Clarke comes up with the idea, produces and stars in a low budget horror suspense offering which ends up looking as if it cost more than it actually did. It is familiar stuff, of course - monster on the loose in extensive but claustrophobic surroundings, so who is still going to be alive at the end? And, like all such movies, it doesn't bear close examination.

It's OK. It's not brilliant - far from it - and it's not especially horrifying. Gory, yes, horrifying - no. But it keeps the interest up and is professionally staged, with a decent monster. Clarke, as always, gives a decent performance, and everyone else does OK.

I did not feel cheated of time when it ended.
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Open Storage 24 at your own peril.
Spikeopath3 November 2012
The DVD case that is.

OK, expecting a masterpiece of claustrophobic stalk and slash horror with this one is as daft as some of the dialogue is in the actual film. It is after all a low budget, low grade British clone of many many other films of similar formulaic ilk. But that said, you have to have some standards and a point when you stand up and say it's just not good enough to blame costs and accept poorness because of a willingness to be indie cool.

Storage 24 is a bad film, yes there is a good portion of gore for those inclined, the creature design is decent and the inner conflict in the group (boy/girl romantic triangle trouble wouldn't you know) at least keeps character interest from sinking to the depths of us not caring right away. But the screenplay meanders all too often, boorish chatter and emoting only serving to make you prey the creature turns up post haste. Jolts are telegraphed, as are the switching sympathies with the lead protagonists. Acting is poor, except maybe Ned Dennehy, who is playing a bonkers hermit smelly bloke and enjoys himself, and Noel Clarke as the hero in waiting dude scurrying around trying to save the day.

Clarke also produces, while Johannes Roberts directs, Clarke (Adulthood/Kidulthood) is much better than this, as is Roberts (F), but the pair are just saying we have watched Super 8 and Alien and feel like turning one out ourselves. That says there is no pretensions here, but it is also lazy film making. The explosive finale comes laced with tongue firmly in cheek, but nothing previously warrants this being tagged as a hip and funny horror/comedy, tried it has, but Severance it isn't. It's the inconsistencies that coupled with the standard formula make Storage 24 a weak film that's difficult to recommend to anyone but the type of horror fan that keeps watching all those Nightmare on Elm Street and Friday 13th sequels...and loving them. 4/10
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And I thought Skyline was bad....
mctiernan3430 June 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Based upon the trailer I saw I had reasonable expectations of this movie, not the dizzying heights of Aliens or Alien, but perhaps an entertaining little movie/homage. I was wrong. We were treated to a poorly written script with poor Direction and confusing shallow depth of field close ups for the entirety of the running time.

An opportunity was squandered by the writers and director to create an intense experience in a claustrophobic setting with a vicious Alien creature that is hell bent on killing every member. Sounds interesting. Sign me up to watch that movie. But sadly we are not treated to this instead we focus on a group of whiney thirty somethings who look bemused and uninterested, perhaps due to the shoddily written dialogue, who casually saunter through the film with the occasional lapse into hysteria when the "Alien" attacks. Otherwise they argue about a break up scenario involving Noel Clarkes character and Antonia Cambell- hughes, who incidentally somehow channels the Audiences reaction to the film with her disinterested performance to the material. In truth if I'd have dated Noel Clarkes whiney character too, He'd have been dumped and cheated on as well.

Now to get on to the Alien in question... a hybrid creation which resembles a poor version of the cockroach creatures from District 9. In that movie they looked menacing and creepy, in this it just looks silly. Every attack is shown in an extreme close up... by the end I was begging for the director to please give us a medium shot so at least I could get some indication of surroundings/bearings/anything! The worst travesty has to be the final showdown with the Alien involving a usually fairly talented and reliable Irish actor named Ned Dennehy. He usually gives quirky characterizations and in this to a certain degree he does as well with one key difference: it just isn't believable. You may say its not supposed to be, that he's there for comic relief. Fine, perhaps. But then again it isn't particularly funny either, just another blip on an already blemished film. He courageously sacrifices himself so that the three others can escape the Alien creature near the end of the movie. That would be fine if we cared or indeed we were shown that he cared for any of the characters he sacrificing himself for. Only twenty minutes previous he attacks them and now they are life long buddies sacrificing life and limp for... hmmm anyone else think thats poor writing? I expected a bit more from this movie than it delivered. It sorely lacked direction and a properly cohesive script that had proper set pieces and interesting characterizations instead it fails even as a B movie instead slipping into a category of its own somewhere close to C. I'm surprised Universal studios is releasing this to cinemas its home clearly belongs on DVD.
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Noisy Inept Characters,Charmless sub par SCI FI Film
csmottram4 November 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Watch "Aliens" if you want an Alien film, or "Feast"/"Slither" if you like gory mutilation monster horror.

I normally like Clarke as an actor but this was a tough film to finish. Even low budget films can be filmed to make them look like they have higher production values. These characters stand around when people die, they stand around and chat, they stand around and die. No urgency. The two males leads squabble as an ET stalks them, even some of the music has homages to James Horners Aliens score. There are also vents for the hero's to crawl through.

The alien is a guy on stilts, but most of the time the alien is in extreme close up. It has a mandible mouth like the predator. It was just bad. Even "Attack of the Block" was more enjoyable, at least that knew it was silly and played on the dark humour.

Pretty boring film, and Clarke should have known better.. Get the story right, get the characters right, add tension and horror. The ending reminded me of the Alien film "Altered", which by the way is much better.

Avoid film or catch it on the SCI-FI Channel
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Very poor indeed.
rptrezise26 April 2013
If you saw Attack the block and thought it had a certain charm (ignoring the subplot about muggers just being victims of society) then you might have gone for this thinking it'd be OK. Sadly, it's not. Wooden acting. Ludicrous plot. Every cliché you can think of. In addition, Nolan Clarke? How DOES he keep getting roles in anything? As for the ending... What? This kind of monster in the locked building/haunted house has been done better by pretty much any version you can name. We are not talking comparisons with Alien. This comes off looking bad compared to the average Goosebumps episode. Killer revealed too soon. Stereotypical characters. The victims may as well be wearing a neon sign round their neck saying they will not make the finale. In short, save 90 minutes of your life for something better. Like listening to nails scraping on a board...
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Do not bother with this film
rebecca-bool30 June 2012
Warning: Spoilers
We went to see the film with reasonable expectations and we were let down BADLY! The idea had promise but the delivery was terrible. No one in the film could act - apart from the mad guy who lived in the storage unit.

One of the actresses who played Shelly, showed no emotion what so ever even when she was literally face-to-face with the monster. Her face was constantly in the same pose - that of an ape with chronic Bell's Palsy! The storyline was weak and the scenery unchanging and consisted of two corridors throughout the film.

It did have a couple of moments that made you jump, but that was it. It did though have an interesting twist in the very- and I do mean very - last 8 seconds of the film.

If you really want to see this then rent it on DVD; don't bother seeing it at the cinema, save your cash.

Noel Clark - you can do better!
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An alien love triangle......
FlashCallahan3 May 2013
Warning: Spoilers
A plane crashes in London, and the cargo ends up in a storage warehouse, and it just happens that Noel Clarke has just split up from his girlfriend, who is sorting out her stuff from his stuff, and then there is the confrontation between them at the titular place.

While all the while there is an alien stalking the corridors, killing all the Brit bit part actors you recognise from other films. Like the bloke from the Business, and that woman from Fever Pitch.

Clarke is a great screen presence, but even though the film is nothing revelatory or new, Clarke puts in a performance that isn't menacing or familiar. Basically he's not playing the same character like he usually does, ala Kidulthood.

It's clear from the upstart who will survive and who will die, and when the little twist arrives at the beginning of the third act, some characters should just sign a death warrant.

You have the best friend who stabs you I the back, and then thinks about saving his own bacon, the obnoxious friend who is just rude, the random nutter who lives in the warehouse, and of course, the nobody who works there.

All fodder for the alien, but the character arcs really take the tension away from the film.

But like I've said, its a fun little low budget British movie, that never outstays its welcome, and looks good.
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Nice idea, but not that well done.
Rob_Taylor22 October 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Storage 24 has a nice premise, albeit little more than a variation on the Alien theme. But the realisation is lacking in conviction.

The film plays out like a TV episode. I'm not quite sure how this got a theatrical release. It is more straight to DVD fodder.

The lighting is a little too harsh for film and the action a little too slow. How Universal got involved in distributing this is anyone's guess.

Along with the harsh lighting, there is a lack of depth of field that is sometimes painful (literally) to watch. Your eyes are trying to focus out the blur which, in some scenes, is ninety percent of the screen or more. Eye strain is a real problem. There are any number of extreme close ups which are too close for comfort.

Plotwise its essentially every movie you've ever seen where a poorly armed group dukes it out with an alien invader. Make-up and SFX are pretty good, at least, but its far from original. The first thirty minutes drag on needlessly but it does pick up a lot after that.

I've seen far worse films, but plenty of better ones too. Worth a look in but only if there's nothing better to watch.
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Oh dear!
cliveoseman4 July 2012
This is without doubt the worst movie I have ever had to endure.

If you like a movie with a totally implausible plot, no tension because the same situation and same dialogue is just moved a few yards many times over, and no twist whatsoever, that leaves you with the feeling that you've just wasted a couple of hours of your life and a few quid as well, then this is for you. Otherwise stay at home sniffing vinegar. It's something different and a whole lot more entertaining.

I think the general view of the disappointed cinema goers was along the lines of "If Carlsberg did movies, this is Barbican Alcohol free lager from the eighties."
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Sadly average...
cat_ranchero4 May 2013
Quite well made with some nice creature effects, but I'm afraid it has little else in its favour. Yes, there are a few 'jump out of your skin' moments, but it really doesn't do anything we haven't seen before. For me, they revealed far too much of the creature far too soon; for horror to work well, it needs to be in the shadows. It's what the audience doesn't see that scares them; the imagination is a very powerful thing if manipulated correctly. The performances were all decent enough although nobody really stood out. On the plus side the running time was nice and short and the pace was kept pretty high throughout. Oh, and I have to admit, I love the ending!… Sadly not quite enough for it to get my recommendation though.

SteelMonster's verdict: NOT RECOMMENDED

My score: 5.6/10

You can find an expanded version of this review on my blog: Thoughts of a SteelMonster.
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Nice Monster But Bland Characters and Plot
Michael_Elliott9 January 2013
Storage 24 (2012)

** (out of 4)

A plane crashes in downtown London, which causes a mandatory lock-down. A group of people are trapped inside a storage building and soon enough a killer alien is in there with them. STORAGE 24 borrows from countless science-fiction movies and it's basically just ALIEN inside a storage unit. There are a couple good things along the way including an interesting looking monster but sadly the film is just way too boring to make it worth sitting through. It's far from a bad movie but it's just too bland for its own good. A lot of the blame can be pointed at the screenplay, which has one cliché too many. Even worse is that the characters are so simple and boring. We get this really bad and embarrassing "love story" dealing with Charlie (Noel Clarke) trying to get his girlfriend back but while inside he finally learns that she left him for his best friend. This subplot goes on forever and it's just downright boring and doesn't add anything to the film. People are coming to see a monster movie so I'm really not sure why they spent so much time on a boring subplot and especially since you have a great looking monster. The monster itself has a few bits appeared to be inspired by PREDATOR but it's still fun to look at and leads to some pretty violent kills. I really wish the monster had been featured more as it could have made up for the bland characters. Another weak spot is the very poor CGI but we do get a couple good performances including Clarke. STORAGE 24 is mainly going to appeal to die-hard science-fiction fans who want to see everything. Others should stay clear.
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Good effects, poor in character and story
kosmasp1 January 2013
It should be no surprise that a former (and still working SFX man) was at the helm of this movie. You can clearly see his handwriting or rather effects writing or whatever you want to call it. Unfortunately the script and the characters do not hold up to his effects standard. And while the movie is not bad, it's not really good either.

You get cardboard characters and story developments that are easily guessed by anyone watching the movie. It's still a neat ride overall, but never a really completely satisfying one. I don't really blame the actors too much on this, because I've seen some of them in better movies and with better performances. If the focus could have been on other things than the effects and the set pieces, there might have been a chance this movie would have gathered a larger following.
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An average low budget British horror/sci-fi
paulsrobinson9 April 2013
Storage 24 tries so hard to be Alien for this generation, but sadly fails on pretty much every level except this film does have a pretty cool monster.

This may fail in trying to be alien, but i would not say this is a terrible movie. the acting is generally OK through out with some less than desirable moments . But Noel Clarke is continuing to develop into a decent leading man. the claustrophobic nature of the story does add an extra element to the movie building up to some pretty decent jump scares and also providing a decent amount of gore, but not going to far for the sake of it. surprisingly it managed to make me laugh on more that one occasion.

One thing i have to praise is that being a low budget sci-fi/horror it still managed to be shot in a decent way so i could see what is going on. Many films now a days, especially horror films like to play in the dark and shadows so much that can barley see or make out what is going on.

Negatively some of the story points really annoyed me, and i found them distracting. the ending tries to end on a larger scale. when it would have been better off keeping to it's smaller premise. It doesn't offer much either in the guessing game of who's going to live and who's going to die.

Overall a fair effort, but pretty standard low budget British movie.
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Very funny Monster Movie
Kremer-Thomas4 February 2013
Warning: Spoilers
I just saw this movie after looking for some new horror movie that does not involve torture or mass murders. On first sight it looked a little bit cheesy, but after some time the actors worked great together. Knowing Noel Clarke mostly for his role in Dr Who i had hoped for some action paced running around and sure i got some. The story of the movie is rather simple and had some plot holes, the end was really refreshing and the CGI/Monster Make-up people did a good job. What gave the movie the little extra kick where the funny moments one would not have expected. The plastic dildo, the teddy bear murder or the 'rocket dog' were very amusing. All in all i had a great time with this B-Movie and could recommend it to everyone who looks for a little action. Hope they bring some more of this stuff in the future.
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An F grade Movies on the Lines of Aliens / war of the worlds
kvmjrs14 October 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Where do I begin the world is under attack from aliens with hoves for Legs and only mouth and teeth for a face ..

But we get to see how a group of hopeless people run around from the alien locked in a storage.. something on the lines of SAW movies you keep running and it keeps killing.

But the whole world is under attack outside why show only these pathetic four or five in the storage -- god only knows how this plot was developed and if anyone seriously wanted to make this movie or did they just want to waste our time.

Aliens / Saw / war of worlds jumbled into one movie on an F grade level. don't waste your time
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Some elements well executed, worthy for the genre
cocaine-neurosis9 April 2013
Warning: Spoilers
I agree, it wasn't the best thing ever. There has been a LOT of terrible remarks here about this movie, mostly undeserved I believe. I think keeping in mind the budget and that it is a B Grade movie is important.

I actually really enjoyed most of the characters, they were acted well, and written well enough, although the direction could have had a little more involvement in making them more like- able/hate-able, and interesting dialog was VERY limited. I would probably build the characters a bit better, and introduce them earlier.

Also, I felt like there should have been another couple of characters to throw as meat to the monster, like a couple of special forces that came to track the monsters, etc. I know thats totally cliché, but I felt like it would have given some brute force to the movie; someone who would have had the balls to face it and attempt to fight.

The special effects, both practical and CGI, were done very well, and the creature itself was great, at no point did they have to flash it past or hide it in the dark to mask crappy effects.

They needed more scenes like when the creature puts its finger through the air circulation vents, it reminded me more of Alien, i know I shouldn't compare the two, but that scene had a little more suspense than the rest of the movie, it's scenes like that that make you think about what you would do in that situation.

I suppose people who work on films like these have great imaginations, but unfortunately the end result is quite often terrible because they cannot execute their good intentions. This movie, however, actually executed those ideas quite well, not perfectly, but well enough to be an enjoyable movie.

I am happy that I saw it, but I wouldn't watch it again, but I would probably give the credit to whoever did the special effects, and there's a couple of actors I would probably check in on in a couple of years, most certainly NOT that character that played Shelley, LOL, but sometimes that is down to direction and script..

The guy that played the old dude living there to escape his wife had some great presence and was probably my favourite character, so I wish he had been given a chance to put up a bit more of a fight, he deserved to kick some alien butt.

Overall, not a terrible movie at all, and the ending wrapped things up well enough.

RATED: 7/10 - this is rated against the genre and the pool of similar style and budget films, not against higher class films like Alien or The Godfather :) What it did for me was worth the 7

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Try "Borage 24"...
tmccull524 January 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Truth be told, I don't mind much the cheesy, sometimes implausible horror/sci-fi flicks if they somehow manage to be amusing despite their flaws.

This one didn't. Take the escaped ALF (Alien Life Form) from military custody ploy, a la Super 8, toss in a Saw-esque maze of a storage facility, add the usual trapped victims, the hero, the coward, etc., and add a creature that looks like a cross between the xenomorphs from the Alien movies, and the insectoid aliens from District 9, and there you have it. I realize that there isn't a whole lot of wiggle room left in this genre, as pretty much every scenario that one might come up with has been used a few dozen times over, albeit in different ways, but Storage 24 doesn't even try to add any new elements or takes on any of those themes or plot devices. The back-stabbing best friend also turns out to be a craven, self-centered coward. Wow, there's a stretch.

At this point, I do have to pose a query: why do film-makers insist on arming the protagonists in most of these movies with ultra-high tech ballistic weapons, when the greatest monster fighting device of all time seems to be the good ol' CO2 fire extinguisher. From the original horror classic "The Blob" on, there has to be a gazillion movies where the evil-doing creature is thwarted by a fire extinguisher. All of you gun control advocates take heed; the true danger comes from fire extinguishers, not firearms, apparently.

We are also treated to such delights as seeing the ALF in this movie temporarily taken aback and held at bay by a six-inch high mechanized toy poodle. Mind you, this is the same creature that punches it's way through metal reinforced, solid wood doors, and tears through ductwork metal like tinfoil. And then we get the classic dead-guy-who-isn't-quite-dead-yet when the main protagonist of this movie discovers the body of the engineer/tech whom we're lead to believe dies near the beginning of the movie. When he's discovered, he's about two-thirds devoured, but he's still somehow miraculously clinging to life, at least long enough to give the surviving characters (and supposedly us, the viewers) a start.

Oh, going back to the mechanical toy poodle ploy... the ALF kills a fully grown German shepherd near the beginning of the movie, but it is subsequently put off by the aforementioned child's toy representation of a french poodle.

Then there is the completely inane death of David, the curmudgeon who lives upstairs from the storage facility, and hates his ex-wife, Mary. He sacrifices himself so that some of the others might escape. How does he do this? With a fire extinguisher? A crowbar? No. He berates it and tells it how much it reminds him of his ex-wife, and then the ALF stomps his head into goo on the storage facility floor. Way to go, Dave! I recently saw "Bigfoot: The Lost Coast Tapes", and thought that stunk up the screen. Sadly, I expected more from "Storage 24". Unfortunately, I didn't get it.
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Oh dear, exactly what I expected
scotsmist122 October 2012
I am a patient man and I can sit through just about anything yet watching this tortured me to the point were I wanted to vomit,,,,No, no not because of gore but more poor! The acting seemed to come straight out of woody woodpeckers school of drama (for creatively challenged newbies) As for unstoppable entertainment, I create better with my bowel movements so please just stop! If it was supposed to be a comedy it might have worked to say 2 and a half stars but it was NOT funny in fact it was depressing to the point until Chris comes face to face with the......'with the WTF was it?' As I said I can take a kicking but this was too cruel I want to be compensated for every second I had to endure and who ever unleashed this crock should be hung drawn & quarterer and have his head stuck on Pinewood studios gates for crimes against humility. But don't take my word for it, if you are as much a fool as me then go ahead and indulge in thy doom.
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Scary Brit flick horror movie
alistairc_20003 July 2012
Warning: Spoilers
I walked into the movie hall thinking that the monsters were going invade Noel's hood. Then Noel and his homeboys were gonna bust a cap up the monster's bottom. At the end of the movie they were going to fire off all their nickel plated automatics in the air shouting we are the Crew!

Then I thought as it was a Johanne Roberts movie it is going to be endearingly awful like the wonderful forest of the damned (wonderful but terrible).

Nothing could have prepared me from the fact that this is a great movie. You have to keep in mind that the title of the movie has the word storage in it. So the movie is going to be in one of those storage fortresses. Basically the characters find themselves trapped in a storage facility with an force of evil. Take away the storage facility and put a spaceship in and you have Alien. The evil entity picks them off one by one. Who will be next? Added to the fact that there is an argument and a love triangle between the characters. This is the basis for getting the group together in the same place.

The plot gives Clarke a chance to show that he is not a one dimensional actor like Danny Dyer and can play more than just gangsters. I felt the movie was tense SF horror thriller. There is a lot of humour in the plot and times when you just laugh out loud. Watch it and support great British film making.
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Excellent movie - refreshing
argoran-410-83752729 June 2012
I'm a great fan of sci fi movies, most of the ones released recently are either budget movies with horrible scripts, or actors or animation/cgi or a combination of any of the three.

For Storage 24 the acting was great ( what did you expect when it had Noel Clark? ), there was enough time for the characters to mature to become believable and for viewers to empathise with...I'd say this is British acting at its peak, dare I say the acting was much better than other British sci fi releases even Dr. Who !

The script was good, a very nice build up of the characters and the atmosphere (loved the puppy!), I didn't feel that there were any loop holes or an overstretch of the imagination; Finally the cgi was well executed, blended in nicely with the characters and the backend...

All in all a 10/10 from me !
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Surprisingly Good.
davidfurlotte16 November 2012
Warning: Spoilers
While I was watching this movie I decided to check over here and read some of the reviews. I am glad that I didn't accept the word of some of the poor reviews because this movie was actually quite good. It had some very FUNNY moments near the end to the point where I'm still wondering if the producers were making a Sci-fi flick or they were making a spoof for Sci-fi. Either way, it was a good movie.

*****SPOILERS AHEAD***** The ONE thing that I kept questioning throughout the entire movie was WHERE the hell were the guys that were sent in to deal with the "Problem?" Early on, we see a whole bunch of BLACK SUV's come screaming into the site of the plane crash but that was it! They never went anywhere with this. It was like it was part of the movie but someone forgot about this special clean-up or retrieval team or whatever you want to call them.

The acting was good and to be blunt, the main actors reacted in much the way I would expect someone to react in reality. Once you get over the initial shock of realizing what you're dealing with, you get down to business and try to figure out ways to stay alive and escape from the threat. The one thing that kept coming back to me was a line from another alien movie..."Predator". "If it bleeds, it can be killed." Either way, this movie is worth a watch simply because it does show that a reasonably good movie can be made on a tight budget if you have good writing and some solid acting. I recommend it if for nothing else to enjoy the serious LAUGH you're going to have near the end. I'm not going to tell you about what it is, I'm sure you'll recognize what I'm talking about when you see it. ENJOY!
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