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Absolutely Great !
seoman4922 July 2012
I will simply tell you that the scenario, the plot, the characters, the direction, the production values, the soundtrack are absolutely fantastic. The casting and the acting are brilliant. The main lead in particular is outstanding.

I am extremely happy to have had the curiosity to watch this film. It is quite rare nowadays to find such a little gem that manages to be clever and funny, without being cheap, gimmicky or silly.

Great entertainment, the way it's meant to be. I would give it 8.5/10 if possible.

As a side note, this was the 2nd Brazilian movie I saw this month (after "Moebius", and maybe the 3rd within the last 12 months (After Elite Squad II), and I will definitely keep my eyes peeled for any movie coming out of Brazil due to quality productions and originality. Do not change anything Brazilian studios!
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A Date Twenty Years Later
claudio_carvalho30 January 2012
In 2011, in Rio de Janeiro, the brilliant scientist and physics professor João "Zero" Henrique (Wagner Moura) is researching an alternative source of power through the use of a particle accelerator device that he has designed. His wealthy friend Sandra (Maria Luísa Mendonça) has sponsored his research and his best friend Otávio (Fernando Ceylão) has helped him with the engineering. However, Zero has been a bitter and frustrated man for twenty years since he was humiliated in public by his sweetheart Helena (Alinne Moraes), who has become a famous top-model managed by her former boyfriend Ricardo (Gabriel Braga Nunes).

One day, Zero decides to test his particle accelerator and he accidentally travels to the past, more precisely to 22 November 1991, the day that changed his life with the embarrassment in public. However, Zero decides to fix his past and he tells to the teenager João Henrique what Helena would do with him. Further, he gives economical tips to João Henrique and Otávio to make them earn lots of money. When Zero returns to 2011, he finds the present totally changed in an alternative reality and he does not like what he sees. He decides to travel to 1991 again, to put the past back on trail, but now the situation is more complicated.

"O Homem do Futuro" is one of the best Brazilian films that I have recently seen and I have really loved this film. The story is a romantic comedy combined with sci-fi that uses the storyline of "The Butterfly Effect", with a man traveling to the past expecting to fix the future, but making things worse instead.

Wagner Moura proves that is a versatile actor, performing three different roles. Alinne Moraes is very beautiful and shows a great chemistry with Wagner Moura.

"O Homem do Futuro" follows the style of American movies, with top-notch special effects, but the delightful story will certainly be a wonderful entertainment for the family and friends. My vote is nine.

Title (Brazil): "O Homem do Futuro" ("The Man from the Future")

Note: I saw this movie again on 06 Sep 2013.
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a national of the best films I've ever seen!
william-jacondino26 November 2011
I'd seen the trailer for this movie in theaters and thought it would be like most other films, which has no plot, and calls for sex scenes to give audience, apparently, I was wrong, big time.

The film is spectacular, considering that this is not a those films that usually stand out when talking about the violence in Brazil, such as Elite Squad, City of God, between more ...

this is the first national film I watch, and I can say that I really liked, and at any time to distract me, worth watching every second of this great national production, a comedy and history novel, very well done, with a bit of fiction too, haha Recommend and much, congratulations by the Director, continue producing more films of this genre and that is not appealing to most movies are national.

Watch, you will not regret it!
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One of Brazil's finest films!
curzpemmel12 March 2012
When I say that this is one of Brazil's finest films, that is not to say that Hollywood makes great movies, because I think that Hollywood makes about 1/15 films that are worth watching.

That being said, this film is fantastic. It is a perfect balance of comedy and drama. A little heavier on the drama I would say.

The acting in it is amazing. Obviously who stands out in the film is the main actor Wagner Moura. He is amazing in just about everything he does. This character was great for him because it is very different than what I am used to seeing him in. Excellent acting!

The film takes you on a journey of many emotions. You will laugh and would have to be near heartless not to cry. The character is someone who a lot of people can relate to.

The story is fantastic. If you are like me, who has seen as lot of movies, than you will be skeptical to see another "time-travel" movie. I can tell you that this one is very different. It has a great moral to the story.

On another note, this film also has some pretty good special effects.

Go watch this movie!
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A differently amazing time travel movie
gkarlos-gomes13 April 2015
Warning: Spoilers
Just finished watching and I had to get in here to give a 10 (sadly I can't give 10.000).

I must to say that in general way, I'm not a big fan of Brazilian movies...but there are expectations and this one is a major.

This movie changed my concept of Brazilian movies!

The soundtrack is a splendor! (I just love almost every Brazilian music from 1985 to 1998)

This movie does not have violence scenes, as well as it doesn't have any nudity in a vulgar way. Actually... I didn't see any nudity (don't get me wrong... nudity and sex are great if it complements the history or is part of something in the history... but in this movie it wouldn't fit well)

During the movie, you probably get yourself laughing a lot... and then, perhaps, a bit sheepish (or even starting to cry)... and all over again till the end.

Watch it without fear...It is a fine and nice family movie... I'm sure you will love it!
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Bring it on..
abcvision27 March 2013
What if you could go back and change those awkward moments? Those defining moments that caused hurt and pain? In the movie The Man From the Future, Zero (Wagner Moura) is such a man, one who has taken an unexpected path, but it did not live up to his dreams. After fate has him discover a quirk in the universe where he can travel time, he goes back to 1991 to see if he could shift his life's destiny. This movie is really Back to the Future without the Delorean, it has some quirky funny scenes, this movie makes for a fun tale that makes you think, "would I want to change things even if it results in unexpected consequences?" Check it out. I saw this movie as part of the Atlanta Film Festival.
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great movie
daveleejoiner17 February 2017
this movie is subtitled, but so what, reading isn't that difficult and this movie was so very refreshing from Hollywood movies written by robots, an actual story and get this, characters ! brilliant soundtrack, great story, what's not to like about this film, the soundtrack is great, have i said great too many times regarding this film ? sorry but it just a great film, watch it.
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Good movie and great music
rebelis2 March 2015
This was first Brazilian movie I ever watched, thanks to HBO.

Movie is quite interesting, showing us another perception of time traveling but thing that i like the most in this movie is the music. Especially main song that became one of my most favorite songs in all (btw, originally, song is called "Tempo Perdido" by Legião Urbana.

After this movie I started to watch more movies and series from Brazil. I have to admit that i like almost all of them.

Advice to all, try watching also Argentinian movies as well as Spanish.Of course, Emir Kusturica's movies, too. Maybe people that used to watch Hollywood movies will not be able to see their quality from first watching but it worth to try.

And I almost forgot one thing, Alinne Moraes is so pretty.
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A masterpiece
guilherme-passer6 April 2012
This film is just one of the 5 best films i have watched.

Thanks Diogo for recommending this to me.

The acting, story and emotions catch you to non experimented sensations. I called it a masterpiece in summary because it simply link all movies elements in a perfect artistic way. I have been passed a long time not crying in movies, but tonight i fell.

I got very sad when i saw Renato Russo, the movie writer, died in 1996. Anyway.

It totally worth watching, the other reviews say it all.


Go watch it!
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Refreshing title about time travels
davidlosadag25 June 2017
In this film you will face a different and passionate story about time traveling, with an unexpected ending. The music is brilliantly joined and the actors are good enough to empathize with them and enjoy the story. Although sometimes you don't have time to read subtitles, it is very well made Brazilian film, I recommend it to see with your loving mate (and available in Netflix by the way).
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Excellent film!
gordon-373730 September 2016
The film "The Man from the Future" (or "O Homem do Futuro" in original) has made very vivid and bright impression on me. I am proudly giving this film rare 10 points of 10 ! The reasons are described below.

First of all, the film is about love. About loud, bright and sometimes even furious love. The film does not show snot, it does not show vulgarity or nudity, no violence. The film shows just real emotions.

Secondly and thirdly, the plot, the scenario is very great and here you will see not only the complicated and tricky story line, but also realistic effects of time travel. Just like in the classic "Back to The Future" trilogy, where characters disappear in future when their past has been changed. I would say that this film is a good example of classic "Science Fiction" genre.

The play of the actors is very good and realistic.

The soundtrack is great.

The film has a happy end, leaving only the positive associations in the memory in the head. It is very important for qualitative films.

If you like time travel and bright emotions, then this film is for you.

The only strange moment is the "popularity" of the film in the modern world. I wonder, why it has not yet been officially released in many countries. I hope, this mistake will be corrected in the future.
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Very sad
azules_turquesas5 November 2016
I never write reviews on IMDb, but this time I felt like it really needed to be done, since all the reviews on this Title are very positive, and actually that is what made me see the movie in the first place.

If I had the ability to build a time machine like the one on this film, I would definitely use it just to go back in time and advise myself not to watch this movie.

So, this is basically an unnecessary Brazilian version of Back to the Future, but taking away all the good things about that classic, and leaving an embarrassing result. They try to cover different genres in here: Sci-Fi, Comedy and Drama, failing catastrophically in each of them. The Sci-Fi aspect is an exact imitation of Back to the Future (they even copy the fact that a graduation party with a live band performing is the most defining moment in the entire main character's life... come on! are you kidding me?). The Comedy aspect doesn't work at all, and the Drama aspect is 100% cliché after cliché.

It amazes me that such a great actor as Wagner Moura has agreed to be part of this. And let me say that his performance doesn't help either. In the movie, he plays many different versions of himself, none of which we get to empathize with, or simply understand his drastic and nonsensical decisions, and it all looks really silly and embarrassing. So, please, consider myself as a future version of yourself coming from the future and suggesting you not to see this movie.

It's not a simple waste of 1hr 45m of your time (that wouldn't be so bad, unless you're spending your days trying to find the cure for cancer or something), but it is also that after watching this you get somehow depressed, very sad about the fact that films like this can still be made, pushing cinema backwards.
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Nice to see brazilian nerds, but still too happy
the_oak2 April 2018
Warning: Spoilers
Sometimes you would think that all brazilians are happy and extrovert and go to the beach every chance they get. Here we actually get to meet brazilian nerds and outcasts. That is a relief! There are some nice effects and an interesting plot about going back in time to try to correct your miserable life. I also liked the twists and the message that "hey, you must be quite self absorbed to not see that life is painful, it is not only you who struggle!" But for me it is a disappointment that the real message of this movie is that you must get rich and get the prettiest woman and go to parties to be truly happy. Maybe this is the identity of the brazilian dream, but I liked the brazilian introvert who is happy still, knowing that life has its ups and downs.
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Enjoyed this
alconway11 December 2018
I'm unsure whether I give non-English language movies more credit than if they were in my own language. But I can say that I enjoyed this movie and would recommend it to fans of time travel movies and light hearted sci fi.
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Fantastic review of the best pelican out there
magnusbaja14 October 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Hello, what movie I've seen with my good friend. Nailbites managed to reword the main character in pelican "zero" y Helena Did not know at all about the future before we saw this moving image. Very interesting info about this film that is about a little new world in front of us. Good music throughout the soundtrack. Be a bit touched by this moving picture got only 7 plus inches up. Despite such beautiful hot scenes.

Want more information about this. Thanks Feel free to accompany me in Paraguay, where the sun always shines. Miss you Helena and "zero" ä
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One of the excellent Time Travel Movies
kv-pradeep13 November 2017
An excellent treat of a time travel movie! The protagonist not only defines the time travel hypothesis but also underlines the impact. I don't want to say anything more, so that I don't spoil the movie for anybody. Must watch movie if you like and understand time travel paradoxes!
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