"Krupp: A Family Between War and Peace" Teil II: Liebe & Verhängnis (TV Episode 2009) Poster

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Even the mighty Krupp family suffers after the lost Great War, using most accumulated private capital to keep its staff employed while they seek new peacetime production, next must, after initial reluctance, commit to the Nazi rearming effort, despite Berta's disdain for the 'upstart' Hitler. Firstborn heir Alfried obtains a gymnasium instead of private education, while training to succeed as CEO, but is deemed 'unsuitable' when he insist to chose his own bride, commoner Anneliese Bahr, whom he met at Munich university and weds for -doomed- love. Anneliese, mother of Alfried's love child which Berta practically commandeered, must be dumped if he's to be named chief of the military growth division, which he refuses, but then patriarch Klaus dies at the news his 'spare heir' son Claus von Bohlen und Halbach is killed in action as military pilot.

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