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The best British comedy for years
timcallaway-832-55728930 October 2013
The songwriting skills of Neil Innes at his best, the intelligent madness of Spike Milligan and an inventiveness that defies description, these are just a few of the elements that make This is Jinsy the best British comedy for many years. Justin Chubb and Chris Bran are to be congratulated on an original character based comedy that has joined sit-com to sketch-show with a joyful confidence and utter success under the superb direction of Matt Lipsey. The series is supported by a surreal design team led by Nic Pallace the captures an entire world of insane parallel development.

The highlights are almost too numerous to mention, but gold stars have to go to the entirely too believable civil service banter and by-play between the two main protagonists that occasionally riffs on Yes, Minister for the niceties of political structure formalities; Harry Hill as the sadistic Dominatrix punishment manager; The Jinsy Singers for some entirely too complex harmonies; Alice Lowe as the darkly frustrated yet interestingly sensual Tessellator engineer; the narcoleptic historian; David Hatton as the Weather Monk Tracee Henge, surely Spike Milligan on top Goon Show gibberish form reincarnated; songs you find yourself humming three weeks later; Simon Callow, Kevin Eldon, Jane Horrocks, Nigel Planer, Jennifer Saunders, Peter Serafinowicz, David Tennant and Don Warrington completely off the wall in guest roles.

It all makes a kind of mad sense, suspension of disbelief is entirely too easy, not to mention enjoyable as you immerse yourself in a very different normality. You can't help but laugh all the way through, each episode has gem moments, but the overall absurdity is a giggle form start to finish. Bravo, more please.
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If you love Monty Python...
aripyanfar23 February 2013
...There is every chance you'll enjoy this. This is its own thing. But it's never going to escape style comparisons with Monty Python. And darn it, if you love weird, surreal, off-the-wall and unconsciously jarring British humour, Jinsy is going to sink under your skin. Even when you can't find it amusing, or find it repetitive, the visuals alone will haunt your back brain.

Jinsy also has flavours of Brazil, The City of Lost Children, The Delicatessen, and Twelve Monkeys. It includes the sort of self-consciously ironic music-comedy skits that peppered The Big Gig and The Sideshow variety shows from Australia.

I predict that in 10 or 20 years Americans will discover another reason why cults become classic.
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Is it an island or is it a lunatic asylum?
NonnyMus19 October 2011
Daily Greet! "This is Jinsy" is a surreal, satirical, ever-humorous look at life on an island administered by craven Arbiter Maven (Justin Chubb) and his ever-cynical assistant Sporrall (Chris Bran) by way of tessallators in every chalet and field. They labor in a Tower and under the sometimes bewildering eye of The Great He.

The tessallators, which look like a cross between a parking meter and an oscilloscope, spy on residents and also broadcast a range of light entertainment including island folk dibbler Melody Lane ("What's in my Handbag Today", "Types of Wood"), Weather Monk Tracee Henge ("Brrrr!" "Thud!", "Gentle Wafting!") and Sandy's Choice (a talent competition hosted by a dog).

The tessallators are also used to dispense justice to inebriates, petty thieves and other ne'er do wells by way of mild electrical shocks which honestly do wear off after several days and have only set a few small fires. One of the highest rated shows on Jinsy is "Punishment Roundup", hosted by a delightfully evil Joon Boolay (Harry Hill) who never seems to get tired of suspending dance vouchers and administering electricals!

Sporall and Maven are supported by Soosan Noop (Alice Lowe), their nearsighted tech, and Trinch (Geoffrey McGivern), who labors in the Law Caves under a stalactite. The Jinsy players round out the population of the island, constantly changing knitwear, wigs and genders to add to the surrealism.

Guest stars are also on hand to add to the lunacy. Especially funny are David Tennant as Mr. Slightlyman, Peter Serafinowicz as Eric Dunt, K.T. Tunstall as Briian Raggatan and Susan Horrocks as Mrs. Stenton.

Whether Maven and Sporrall are inadvertently exposing corruption in the island's wedding lottery, beheading an Ool bat, finding the way of the cupboard, making sure the spoons are clean or transferring name worms, "This is Jinsy" is always good for a laugh and repeated singing of the catchy songs (It's cold and it's wet and it looks just like an onion...").

Nightly Bye!
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Upbeat surreal comedy, uneven but don't miss the best bits!
caruby6923 September 2011
If you have read any of the press, you will know that 'This is Jinsy' started life on BBC Three and was then picked up by Sky Atlantic for a full series.

Jinsy is a fictional island and nothing is normal there! Only two episodes have screened in the UK at this time of writing and already the voice of Jennifer Saunders has warned us about the dangers of electric owls which attacked a man and excreted A4 or A5 size photocopies of his horrified face, the size depending upon the owl's age. Yes, I did warn you that this was surreal.

Watching Jinsy is an immersive experience. It transports you into the bizarre and is neither a sketch show nor a single continuous narrative. It has elements of both. Imagine what Surrealist painter Salvador Dali might have imagined to amuse himself, and you get close.

Episode one features some of former Dr. Who David Tennant's best moments on screen ever. Adorned with Thatcheresque lacquered orange hair, a bright yellow jacket and horribly patterned overly tight trousers, his Mr. Slightlyman is an hilariously camp creation that deserves a show in its own right, or at least many returns to Jinsy. In this instance he is overseeing the island's wedding lottery, which happens every three years. And yes, you did read that correctly. Every resident is entered into a lottery and paired off for three years, with often hilarious results.

Episode two draws some parallels with another comedy classic team - Monty Python . . . specifically their cult masterpiece, Life of Brian. A cupboard salesman is recognised (or mistaken) to be a being of great power in Jinsy. Cue lots of visual gags alongside a slightly weaker story. It does develop the characters further though.

Jinsy goes beyond the single episode narrative though. Each episode appears to have returning elements, an unexpected highlight being Harry Hill in drag, dishing out punishments to islanders who have committed amusingly odd and hardly offensive crimes. His/her tastefully gloved hand hovers seductively above a rather lethal looking red button while the seedy details are recounted with a cosy yet conspiratorial and somewhat malevolent gaze. It gets funnier the more you see it and has to be one of the gags you long for each time you return to Jinsy. And I say this as someone who has never really bothered with Mr. Hill's ITV shows. He has transcended himself! Other gags pop up as songs, and unlike most comedies, these are actually FUNNY. So many times I have watched otherwise brilliant comedies, such as Smack the Pony, and felt that the musical bits were only funny to those who wrote or performed them and were ultimately just fillers. On Jinsy it is different. They are so weird they are brilliant. Episode one features a song contest judged by a dog, whose paw wavers over a green 'Woof' button, or a red 'Enoof' button. The song itself is a bizarrely catchy creation about . . . a dog . . . licking. Obviously all songs in the contest aim to win the dog's praise! In episode two, the cupboard based story takes to music with a very retro Eurovisionesque man in drag singing about types of wood . . . "La La La La La Larch . . ." etc. It sounds mad and it is, and it works. It at once references Monty Python and feels immediate because it knows its own genre so well.

Also of note is the short segment in episode two featuring a dishevelled art critic who details the controversial depictions of fruit with leaves removed. How immodest! Words fail to express how spot on this character is. Just think of old BBC Open University broadcasts and you will have an idea of how funny it is. His back is so bent and his gaze at first seems awkward, progressing to be so off-kilter that he has to be 'revolved' back to face camera. A moment of pure genius.

So there you have it. All of the above is Jinsy. Having seen two episodes, it is not all perfect, but there are enough comedy treasures in there to warrant repeated viewing, and yes it gets better each time. Central performances are sufficiently weird and wonderful, and not just the cameos. Lesser known talent is starting to shine too.

I suggest you visit the island, and if you find any of it funny, go back several times, because you will like it all the more. Let's hope Sky realises that while it may take a while to catch on, it really is a comedy classic. Kudos to all involved.
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You Already Know If Your Heart Belongs To Jinsy
Duveteux25 May 2014
The reason most people who watch Jinsy will think it's genius is because nobody watches it under any illusions of its content - you know it's ludicrous, surreal and childish before seeing it and if you know that's your kind of humour then this will always tickle you terrifically in the tenderness of your titter pouch.

It is Monty Python/Goodies. People say The Goodies is a children's version of Monty Python's surrealist humour - Jinsy is the Island lovechild of their humour. It's like a place in the world where this humour sadly got put in a cardboard box over 30 odd years and has lost what little there was left of its mind and has recently been found and unboxed to confuddle and delight us all once again.

It is adult, although it never swears (unless you are native to Jinsy in which case it's terribly crass and appalling language), and it is just two very childish writers/actors/friends having a lot of silly fun with nonsense ideas that a seven year old could spin off high on sugar.

I envy them massively.

With a guest list involving so many brilliant people as well, it's just got the parrapawow-pop on top of the pong-shwing of swell. It's no low budget attempt at low logic laughs.
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Surreal, witty, crazy, great songs and full of A list guest comedians
bedrag10 May 2017
Must say I didn't quite know what to make of Jinsy the first time I watched the pilot episode. But after watching a few more, you really do get into the whole surreal world they've created. The songs are silly, catchy and years later I still find myself humming along to a number of them, something I haven't done to any comedic songs since the Python days. This won't appeal to all, especially the more conservative mainstream sitcom type watchers, but to anyone who likes some quirky and a bit crazy comedy sketches and songs and episodes filled with guest stars such as Rob Brydon (love his badger song!), David Tennant, Greg Davies, Stephen Fry etc etc, its a blast!

Funniest thing on British TV in many years and the most re-watchable program I've probably ever seen.
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Gold star Absurdist comedy!
UnoFlickChick8 November 2015
This show sits within that specific genre where people either love it or hate it. I'm not a fan of all absurdest comedy, but once I started watching this I just couldn't stop! It has a hypnotic quality that I just can't describe and it sucks you in. It's just so fabulously fresh and out there, but in a way where it has such momentum going from one crazy and entertaining thing to the next, that there is no time to ponder on one thing too long and get bored with the format at all.

Adding further to this; the show has (for me at least) that rare quality where despite the "nuttiness", it still has enough coherence to make sense without totally losing me. I also love the inspirational story behind the incredibly talented duo who star in and write the show, so I'm crossing all my fingers that we get the third season they so deserve.

If you enjoy something completely on the flip side, with a lot of (very well done and thought out) absurdity thrown in, then do yourself a favour and watch this gem. Hopefully the more positive reviews they receive, the more likely it will be that we'll get another season. Although I understand that this show isn't for everybody, I'm pretty confident that for fans of such niche genres, this show will become an instant cult classic!

WARNING: Be prepared to have the songs and ditties from this show stick in your head for days on end...aaarrgggh!!!!

Nightly Bye all ;-)
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The finest island comedy since, well forever.
morbeedoo22 February 2015
If you never grew up on a small island, watch this. If you did, watch this. Amazingly inventive and funny, full of cameos from the likes of David Tennant and Harry Hill.

Perfectly pitched and balanced, with an excellent cast, the residents of the island of Jinsy are definitely act like inmates of an asylum, overseen on the behalf of "The Great He" by Arbiter Mavern and his ever faithful team of dripping, myopic and cleverer assistants. Whilst this may appear simple, it is anything other than that.

If it is an asylum, the inmates have definitely taken over and they have a lot to sing about. So, daily greet and sing sing sing.
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future cult classic
info-632937 July 2015
You need Jinsy in your life, comedy for adults that doesn't include obscenity of some description is a difficult task but they achieve it with a wealth of odd characters that have been so meticulously worked out you will forget all the famous faces you see and believe them all to be residents of jinsy. the main storyline (that gets more intriguing as the show unfolds) creates a warm bizarre environment that you want to be part of, there are some annoying segments (the weatherman) but they are more than made up for by the main cast/story,series 2 pushes the mystery of the island further leaving you wanting more. this will be a future cult classic and fans of the mighty boosh should make sure they see it, personally I cant wait for series 3 and the uncovering of the Great he
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Sing! Sing! Sing!
markastzm18 February 2014
Warning: Spoilers
Now it's time for Sandy's Choice, A talent competition, judged by a dog. Marriage lottery. Daily greet. Praise be the Great He. Textile messaging. Punishment roundup with mild electrical charge. It's cold and it's wet and it looks just like an onion. New prickly carpet tiles - bringing uncomfortable flooring to places where cattle comfort isn't a necessity. It's Wilter! Time for birdcrunch and magipants! I made a cake of your face, it didn't take me long to bake, raisins for your eyeballs, icing on your pimples. Face cake! Face cake! Face cake! Need I say more? Just watch the bleeping show. It's good for you. Captain Beefheart meets Monty Python.
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Painfully unfunny
rovex323 October 2016
Funny really is in the eye of the beholder it seems. I like surreal, odd, and silly comedy. Python, Boosh, League of Gentlemen, but to compare those to this rubbish is insulting.

At its best its boring, at its worst its embarrassing to watch. The characters are mostly just unpleasant to watch and the songs are just awful. Its just silliness for the sake of it, and its not smart enough to justify itself

Quite simply this is completely unfunny, and no amount of heavyweight guest stars save it. Im not surprised the ratings tanked and it got cancelled.
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