"Grimm" BeeWare (TV Episode 2011) Poster

(TV Series)


Silas Weir Mitchell: Monroe


  • Nick Burkhardt : I don't need you for what you know, I need your nose.

    Monroe : Oh, I get it. So little Timmy's stuck in a well, you need Lassie to come find him. You really know how to butter a guy up for a favor.

    Nick Burkhardt : I've got a '77 Bordeaux in my truck

    Monroe : I can maybe catch a scent.

  • Monroe : Easy there Five O, you called me, remember? Don't you have a partner for this stuff?

    Nick Burkhardt : Yeah, sure, because if I told him my two main suspects turned into bees, he'd completely understand.

  • Monroe : [Upon entering a dark house]  This is so the part of the horror movie where the sidekick gets it!

    Nick Burkhardt : Just stay close.

    Monroe : Tell me we are not going upstairs.

    [Nick keeps walking] 

    Monroe : Oh, we're going upstairs!

  • Monroe : Oh yeah, I'm definitely getting a female scent here. Undeniable.

    Nick Burkhardt : You that sure?

    Monroe : No, her perfume. It's called "Undeniable."

    Nick Burkhardt : Hey, wait up.

    Monroe : Don't you dare say heel.

  • Nick Burkhardt : Name's Melissa Wincroft.

    Monroe : Whoa. Did you just, like, Grimm that? Some kind of telepathic way?

    Nick Burkhardt : No, I read it off an envelope. Melissa Wincroft, owner and CEO. Must have been her office.

    Monroe : That's cheating. I sniffed her out.

    Nick Burkhardt : Good boy.

  • Monroe : If a mellifer sends out a message, it definitely means something sketchy's going on somewhere.

    Nick Burkhardt : Hank and I were attacked by a swarm of bees earlier, if that's sketchy enough for you.

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