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19 Oct. 2012
Sam Hunter,an agent for private security firm Byzantium and is left for dead during an operation in Tangiers. A year later, having recuperated in a remote Scottish cottage, she returns to Byzantium anxious to discover who betrayed her. On the orders of her bosses Crane and Keel she is to infiltrate the world of criminal turned millionaire businessman Jack Turner which she does by saving Turner's grandson Eddie from a mock kidnap attempt. This attracts the admiration of Eddie's father Stephen who engages Sam in her guise as a teacher to tutor his son. Jack Turner is ...
26 Oct. 2012
Hasan,one of the Byzantine operatives involved in the fake kidnapping,is captured by Jack Turner whilst spying on the house and imprisoned in his cellar. Sam slips out to see colleague Aidan who denies any treachery in Tangiers but her brief is not to rescue Hasan but to kill him before he gives away information about Sam and Byzantine. However Hasan tells her he was betrayed by the same person who sold her out and she eventually releases him but kills him after he atttacks her. 'Groebel' gives Turner a case which contains evidence of Turner's plan to buy into the ...
2 Nov. 2012
Lars Holm,head of KPEC,a firm out to prevent Turner's acquisition of the dam,is murdered,along with his wife,by an assassin sent by Turner. At Byzantium the word gets out that there is a mole but Keel tells the staff they are acting on behalf of a client in a bidding war with Turner. Sam accompanies the Turners to a country mansion where the bids will take place. Here she meets Bernard Faroux,with whom she had a liaison in Tangiers and agrees to tell her who betrayed her if she can get him Turner's memory stick so that he can outbid him for the dam. In the event ...
9 Nov. 2012
Keel offers Natalie a job in exchange for naming the mole but she refuses whilst Aidan,whom Keel and Deacon Crane suspect of being the traitor,finds the link between Natalie's boss Ballard and the name Hour-glass which he used as a spy. Sam shadows Jack Carter and his accomplice Lewis Conroy and sees Turner kill Vincent Cage,an economics professor threatening to go to the police rather than help him criminally secure the money for his bid. Though suspected by Turner Sam dates Conroy and finds that Turner was planning to use a group called Kismet, who make sabotage ...
16 Nov. 2012
Aidan survives the explosion but is accused of being the mole and goes on the run,asking Natalie,in vain,for information on Hour-Glass. Sam wakes in hospital to find that,rather than seek her death,the blank-faced man has put her there to warn her that she is in danger and explains that he had to assume Goebel's identity to get close to Turner. Giving Stephen a cover story Sam discharges herself and confronts Aidan. He tells her that he was blackmailed by Natalie to spy for her - she would otherwise expose his true identity.They meet Ballard and ask for information on...
23 Nov. 2012
As Keel goes to see his doctor about his terminal illness Stephen hears that Lewis and his secretary,the innocents Keel had implied to Turner were the witnesses to Cage's murder, have committed suicide but he is not convinced and tells Everett,the inspector in charge. Slowly he begins to see that his father has blood on his hands and will stop at nothing to get the dam. Sam has slept with Stephen and,in his room,discovers a document from the Polyhedrus corporation,who built the dam and whose directors include Dr Goebel and Dr Hill,whom she rescued from Faroux in ...
30 Nov. 2012
Sam breaks into Stokes' house and finds a Top Secret file on her as well as a document relating to the death of her mother Katherine,killed when Sam was a child. Aidan believes that back then Sam saw something which has made her a mark to be killed.Ian tracks Turner to a meeting with Pakistani minister Soomro,who wanted Fatima dead and who tells Turner the dam is to be sold to the Chinese. Turner however tells him that he will expose Polyhedrus's shameful secret unless he gets the bid. Sam learns the secret - Polyhedrus massacred six hundred Pakistani villagers to ...
7 Dec. 2012
Snow Maiden
Sam accompanies the Turners on an outing to a go-cart track to celebrate young Edward's birthday. It's the end of the operation as Byzantium intends to assassinate Jack Turner. Things don't quite go as planned. When Stephen subsequently learns what really happened to his wife - and other family secrets - he confronts his father who tells him the truth about why he's out to destroy Polyhedrus. More convinced than ever that Alex is a spy, Jack Turner decides to get rid of her. Sam continues to struggle with the memories of her past. Aiden is convinced that something ...

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