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Unoriginal and monotonous at first glance,but once you start playing you see how innovative and addicting this game is
yasenkiranov4 January 2013
"League of Legends" was recommended to me by a friend and,to be honest,I had very low expectations.I had seen gameplay before and it looked dull to me,you have several maps to choose from,you destroy the enemy turrets to get to their base and destroy it-simplicity itself.Plus it looked to me as if the game was ripping of Warcraft 3 in it's gameplay style.I was wrong.Dead wrong.Believe me when I say,you need to play the game to give it a fair judgment.

There if far,far more strategy involved than one can imagine.There are many variables that need to be assessed,what type of characters does the enemy team consist of,what items builds will they be using,what type of characters your team consists of and so on.Teamwork is essential,especially if you are playing as a support character.The thing I like the most,however,is the fact that your skill has much greater importance than your level,sure masteries and runes help too,but in the end it all comes down to your wit and your strategy.In that sense,there really aren't weak or strong characters in the game,it's more a matter of what gameplay style you like and which character's abilities you like.

Although I'm very new in this game,I already like it a lot and I strongly recommend it.
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The Best MOBA Ever.
Shyinx18 June 2019
This is my most-played game. I played this game more than 3000 hours. As a old player I know somethings are not the same. I miss old times.

At Season 5 the Summoner's Rift was changed and that progress was real successful. Champions reworked and some champions were strong some champions were weak. They've fixed that champions in less than one month.

At Season 6 the marksman champions was changed and after the changes champion balance, items was real good. Season 7 was similiar but a little bit worse than Season 6.

At Season 8 they've deleted all of the old runes system and masteries. They make runes similiar to masteries but different. At the beginning of the season there was some champion, item, minion and jungler camp balance problems but slowly (realy slowly) they've fixed. But there was a real strong champions and also there was a real weak champions also.

At Season 9 reworked and new champions has begin to be real problems for balance. They did very different champions, that is good but that champions has different skills that anyone or anything can counter. For example Akali's Twilight Shroud (W) was even invisible under the turrets. That's not changed for 4 months. After 4 months they finally decided to nerf this skill. And it was not in just Akali. But in also Urgot, Irelia, Aatrox, Zoe all of the new and reworked champions were strong. I understand at the first patch of a new champion it can be strong or weak. But non of them was weak every new and reworked champions was really strong. And it continues with this way. I think they need to bring more balance to the champions. Also at S9 they changed the Ranked league system. But at the beginning they did very big mistakes and only way to fix was reset the leagues to Master League. Also special nerfs for ARAM is real bad. Do we really need stronger Nidalee in ARAM? No. And the Nexus Blitz game mode was a nightmare for sure. That game mode needs to be named Bugged Blitz.

I hope Champions, Items, Buffs and Nerfs will be better. It must be better.
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(: Awesome AND Addicting :)
tiskec6 December 2016
Warning: Spoilers
I literally JUST STARTED playing this game two days ago on 12/25/2016. I figured it was going to be lame and plain. However, boy was I wrong. The game play is excellent and challenging. I was surprised to see all the different characters you can choose from. As a player, I was officially awed when I found out you can start an entire lineup of your own champions, as well as level them up with their abilities and stats.

This is mostly a PvP game. If you're into PvP mmorpgs, such as "World of Warcraft," or "Dragon Age," then you'll definitely find joy in "League of Legends." You'll also come to find out that this particular PvP MMO is not as tedious as a vast majority of them are. It's quite simple to level your character, while leaving a broad range of options open at the same time. This makes the game fun and exciting.

I will soon be playing "Poppy - Ruler of the Hammer," as my main character. She is a Yodel, and is as cute as f*ck. Her abilities and resistance are great in game. She is my main choice for my champion, SO FAR. Remember, there's hundreds of champions to choose from in this PvP style MMO. Anyone who likes PvP RPGs will enjoy League of Legends.
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League Of Legends - Considered In The Top 10 MOBA
jackiegirlbooster9 February 2017
Hi there, I'm Jackie :) League of Legends is considered a MOBA which is a Multiplayer Online Battle Arena. Although there is only 1 map per the entire season, this video game's addictive qualities come from the vast amount of Champions that a user can choose from. Each Champion adds his or her unique aspect to the game in the form of various abilities which makes for endless possibilities during game-play.

As of 2017, we are currently in Season 7 of League. Since the game has been successful for multiple seasons, ESPN has taken interest in this lucrative video game enterprise owned by Riot Games. It has now reached enormous publicity in ESPN's eSports segments, and because of this, there has been a huge market for Elo Boosting and Elo Coaching like EloHut. Consumers everywhere find the game so addicting that they will reach out to players that are much better at the game than they are and will request them to coach them to help them hone their skills in LoL.

This video game has been running for years now, and there appears to be no end in sight. As for myself, I hope this game lasts forever.

-Jackie (from Reddit) out!
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League of Legends
halexlp15 April 2014
Graphics: 7/10 Gameplay: 8/10 Fun/Trolling: 10/10 Community: 6/10 Longevity: 9/10

As said above, the game isn't on the current technical state, but the Tower - Defense concept is still fun after 5 years and to play Garen on bot lane as Support is always funny. But if you start to play LoL in 2014 you will have problems with smurfs and flamers etc. But as you can see on the viewer amount on twitch.TV LoL is know one of the most famous games in the world with around 15 million active player and around 50000 viewers on twitch per event.

Overall score: 8/10
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