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13 non-superhero graphic novels you may have missed

Megan McGill Mar 20, 2017

Fancy some graphic novels that don't involve a Marvel or DC hero? Try some of these...

You don't need to tell comic book and graphic novel fans that there's a whole lot more than superheroes out there. However, if you're just starting to dabble, might we make a few recommendations...?

Sweet Tooth

Put Mad Max in some plaid, make him feel a little Wolverine circa X-Men: Origins, add some creepy Wes Anderson stop-motion animals, and you’ll get Sweet Tooth, the post-apocalyptic story of human-animal hybrids in rural Nebraska. You may be familiar with Jeff Lemire’s other work on Animal Man and Green Lantern, or his acclaimed graphic novel Essex County, but for me, Sweet Tooth really is something special. Running from 2009 to 2013, this forty-issue arc centres around Gus, a young boy with antlers living with his strictly religious father in a world infected by some sort of plague.
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Review: Patience pays off for refreshing animated tale 'The Little Prince'

  • Hitfix
Review: Patience pays off for refreshing animated tale 'The Little Prince'
Cannes — In 2015, it's much easier to tell which company produced an animated movie as opposed to who directed it. That’s a tad disheartening considering how much energy the studios behind these films exert trying to nudge their directors into the spotlight. For instance, you can immediately tell a Pixar film by its character design and a story that almost always has a life message it wants to tell (which you can predictably see a mile away, for better or worse). Walt Disney Animation has soared in recent years by blissfully keeping the movie musical alive or finding the heartstrings in action-packed adventures. DreamWorks Animation films skew toward broad, interactive 3D animation that overshadows their peers and a sense of humor that can often appeal more to adults than kids (at times). Laika’s gorgeous stop-motion work has the quirky, dark corner completely covered. The artists at Universal’s Illumination
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San Andreas Beats: 'GTA V' Three-volume Music Collection Is Out Now On iTunes

A collection of original music, the game's score, and tracks featured in the game's radio stations make up the massive "Grand Theft Auto V" music collection, out now on iTunes.

Oh, I get it--69 tracks. Clever, Rockstar.

The three volumes are available now as either separate purchases at $9.99 each or as a single download for $24.99 via iTunes. The collection includes original music from artists like Twin Shadow and Neon Indian on "Vol. 1: Original Music," to the incidental music and score of "Vol. 2: The Score," and remixed and licensed songs on "Vol. 3: The Soundtrack."

The release of the soundtrack continues Rockstar's media domination following the billion dollar launch of "GTA V" last week for the PS3 and Xbox 360. It's also not the first time they've had a major launch for one of the game's soundtracks: fans of "Vice City" may recall the lavish soundtrack for that game which
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Laura Dern and Nat Wolff Join Fault In Our Stars, Dave Franco Set for Business Trip, Imogen Poots Replaces Brie Larson in Showbiz Comedy

We’ve got a number of new castings to report on today. Briefly: Laura Dern (Enlightened) and Nat Wolff (Admission) have joined Shailene Woodley in the cast of director Josh Boone’s highly anticipated adaptation of The Fault in Our Stars. Dave Franco will star opposite Vince Vaughn in the comedy Business Trip. Imogen Poots (Fright Night) has replaced Brie Larson (21 Jump Street) in an untitled showbiz comedy produced by Wes Anderson, previously titled Squirrels to the Nuts. Hit the jump for more on the aforementioned casting. The feature film adaptation of author John Green’s incredibly popular (and emotional) novel The Fault in Our Stars has made two more additions. The Wrap reports that Laura Dern will be playing Shailene Woodley’s mother in the film, while EW adds that Admission star Nat Wolff has signed on to star as Isaac. Woodley plays a young cancer patient who strikes
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'Sharknado' live blog: Syfy's ultimate nature-disaster movie

"Sharknado" may represent the pinnacle of the nature-disaster movie genre. There are sharks. There are tornados. Both seem intent to rain death and destruction down upon '90s-era stars like Ian Ziering and Tara Reid.

Where can the Syfy Original Movie franchise go after this?

That's not the concern of this blog. Instead, this bit of important writing will focus on the minutiae of "Sharknado," chronicling one person's experience as this seminal film plays out. Please, follow along. There may never be another event like this.

Here begins the live blog

Even before the opening credits role, we get to see a tornado -- more accurately, a waterspout -- suck up sharks "20 miles off the coast of Mexico."

Somewhere nearby, Captain Santiago negotiates with a very serious Asian man while drinking tea or coffee or something. They might be talking about fish. Santiago wants a million. He gets it by flashing a gun.
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Kajal Agarwal not out of Mahesh Babu's hands - News

Kajal Agarwal not out of Mahesh Babu's hands - News
Chennai, Oct 11: Prince Mahesh Babu and Beauty Queen Kajal share excellent relationship and it bonded well during their romantic business in 'Business Man' under Puri Jagannath's direction. Both were roped in by Sukumar of '100% Love' fame and even completed the film's first schedule in Hyderabad where he completed even a romantic song shoot on the hot couple. Then came the shocking news that Kajal decided to walk out of.
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Prince Mahesh Basu to romance Kriti Sanon - News

Prince Mahesh Basu to romance Kriti Sanon - News
Hyderabad, Oct 5: Prince Mahesh Babu is the most charming person in Tollywood. Many heroines rave to romance him at least once in their career while females grew envious of them. However Kajal who did romantic business with this 'Business Man' walked out of his future venture Sukumar citing dates problem. However she got her share of romance as she shot a song with Prince Mahesh in the film. Sukumar now started.
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Manisha Koirala cancels her birthday party - News

Manisha Koirala cancels her birthday party - News
Mumbai, Aug 18: 'Bombay' sizzler and yesteryear Bollywood beauty Manisha Koirala canceled her birthday celebrations. She turned 42 couple of days back. Manisha was on a comeback mission after her breakup with Nepali Business Man Samrat Dehal. She had on and off relationship with her husband Samrat Dehal and the buzz was that they did not share good relationship once their honeymoon period was over.

Manisha tried her best to bond the.
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Let Puri Jagannadh Introduce You To The Business Man, Mahesh Babu

Several weeks ago, the Telugu film Dookudu made international news when it had the biggest opening weekend ever for a Telugu film and reportedly the biggest opening weekend in Us history for a foreign language film without subtitles. That film starred Tollywood pretty boy/action star Mahesh Babu, or Prince Mahesh to his legion of fans. The film made roughly $1.4 million dollars in it's opening weekend, which is just a bit less than last year's Enthiran, which was subtitled in English and released in three languages.  The film's success has encouraged the producers behind Puri Jagannadh's The Business Man, starring Mahesh Babu, to do something very unusual.  They are planning to subtitle the film in English. It seems like a small thing, but in the...
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