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Mahesh and Puri effect!!
sasikanth2014 January 2012
Mahesh and Puri!! Their last film broke Telugu movie records, and you expect this one to be a bigger and better movie. But due to my recent experiences, I went to watch without any expectations, and at the end of the film I walked out quite satisfied. The movie makes no sense, has no story or nothing, but thanks to the brilliant acting by Mahesh, and pretty good dialogues by Puri, Businessman is a decent watch.

Filming for the first time without his favorite actors Ali or Brahmanandam, Puri Jagannadh makes Businessman without a comedy track. Thanks to the slick screenplay, you never notice the lack of comedy though. There are highs and lows, but overall, it works. Might not be as big a hit as Pokiri, and might not run in multiplexes, but is sure to run houseful in B and C centers.

Watch it only for Mahesh and Puri. If you like neither of them, then go watch some other movie.

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Excellent treat!!!
srikky_2715 January 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Superstar mahesh Babu's performance is roaring in this movie... You will not get bored even 1 min... the pace with which the movie goes makes you glued to the seats. Fire in his eyes, dialogue delivery and puri's direction are highlights. Even Mahesh's die hard fans will scoff at the idea. After the massive hit Pokiri a few years ago, the actor-director could have made a better choice as far as the script is concerned. The story of an orphan who takes to crime to avenge the death of his parents seems to be retold too many times, and in this case, it was a little too exaggerated. Though the love affair between Mahesh and Kajal takes off interestingly, later in the movie it seems to just go from one scene to another aimlessly. There are a lot of inconsistencies in Kajal's character as she hates his gangster ways, yet holds on to him without much conviction. He surrenders to the police to prove his love for her, yet his men abduct her to get him released. Our don is very preachy and promises to cleanse the evil system from within, but ends up supporting the cause of wrong ones (like saving Sayaji Shinde from gallows by eliminating an approver in jail). Music composer Thaman, who scored a musical hit in Dhookudu, couldn't sustain the momentum with this flick and just belts out two numbers for the heck of it. The film begins with Nasser, the top cop of Mumbai, declaring that the city is free of "bhais" and urges people to lead a peaceful life. Then arrives Mahesh Babu with every intention of becoming a don and helps a mayor-candidate win the election for money and hires out-of-work goons and establishes a network. He then joins hands with a political party. Meanwhile, he falls in love with Kajal, daughter of Nasser, but she keeps her distance after coming to know that he is a gangster.
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The Businessman: Back in form
aphitsindia14 January 2012
The Businessman has a mix of action, image, dialogue and montage but what makes it entertaining is that all the above quantities are inextricably bound and linked together at every level with an admirably tight script. It is a regular story but structurally, technically and content wise, the director makes no mistakes. He puts the passion of Neninthe, entertainment of Dhookudu and structure ofPokiri to churn out a story that really means business. The film benefits from other pre- release factors like Mahesh's super success of Dhookudu, Thaman's 'inspired'tunes that have already become a big hit and finally the lessons that Puri Jagannadh had learnt from his recent string of flops.

The film has no frills, no vulgar wastage and the hero is practically in every frame; you hear only his voice, he looks good, sounds good, he also steals the comedian's job. The story is woven around a man who is hungry for power and grows by leaps and bounds to become a mafia don at a time when the competition is zilch in Mumbai. With little brawn and more brain he becomes a successful businessman, as crime is his business.

The thrills for the audience, amoral enjoyment arrives with every step that Surya (Mahesh) climbs, he has the uncanny ability to deceive, to lie convincingly on all scales, as though this was second nature. Yet he is compelling when he speaks the truth. Mahesh plays it straight. His growth should have been slightly slow in the first few minutes allowing the audience to settle down with his character.

The choreography is disappointing. No complaints on Kajal Agarwal's work, but the innocence in her eyes is gone. Ayesha who plays her friend is irritatingly screechy. The film has been given an A certificate not for violence or obscenity but for the dialogues that have the unmistakable Puri Jagan touch — rustic, raw and very profane.

Jagan repeats most of the Pokiri team — Nasser, Prakash Raj, Sayaji Shinde, Subburaju and Brahmaji. However, there is no hangover as all the performances are fresh. The director's son Aakash who worked in Lotus Pond plays the young Mahesh here. Shweta Baradwaj's We Love Bad Boys borders on the vulgar, and there are scenes where the hero rolls out expletives, in muted fashion though the lip movement makes it very clear what the character is saying. Smart work, Puri.

The director's tribute to Mumbai mafia redefines a cool and a brisk flourish. It seems like Puri cannot resist giving the hero's character a Robinhood touch. All in all, The Businessman is a good festival serving of cinema that brings back director Puri Jagan in form and officially crowns the hero for delivering two back-to-back hits.
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guna-chittepu13 January 2012
Businessman is an action packed roller coaster ride and its Mahesh Babu's show all the way. An ideal movie for Mahesh Babu to hit the screens as the superstar took over from where he left in Dookudu. Typical Puri Jagannath's one liner dialogues coupled with Mahesh Babu's terrific action sequences hogs the limelight in Businessman. The film gives you glimpses of Pokiri and other mafia based movies like RGV's Satya but Puri managed to bring his own style of innovation. He has handled it very sensibly ensuring that there are no duplication of thoughts. Given the fact that Businessman movie was just made in 72 days, boy the output is brilliant and hats off to Puri Jagannath and Mahesh for making the movie in such a short span of time.

Businessman is a perfect mass masala extravaganza which satisfies the undemanding viewers. Mahesh Babu has strong screen presence that works to the advantage of the film. Puri Jagannath is raw, creative and daringly different like he usually is. When such a dynamic director gets the authentic acting support from his superstar, you can expect fireworks on the screen and that's what happens in Businessman. Mahesh Babu and Kajal give sterling performances to the shouts of 'action' and 'cut' of Puri Jagannath for Businessman movie. The result is that we have a massy entertainer in the face of stiff competition from other strategically released action movies this season.
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What a show by Superstar
varaare13 January 2012
WOW ... what a show by the Superstar, it just blows you away. Fast paced screen play, Mahesh's performance, dialogue delivery and Puri's best dialogs so far are just good enough to watch this movie multiple times. You do not feel bored even for few seconds during 2hr movie. Just go and watch if you haven't watched it yet. WOW ... what a show by the Superstar, it just blows you away. Fast paced screen play, Mahesh's performance, dialogue delivery and Puri's best dialogs so far are just good enough to watch this movie multiple times. You do not feel bored even for few seconds during 2hr movie. Just go and watch if you haven't watched it yet.

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Finally, Telugu Cinema grew some balls!
slifer99995 February 2012
I had the least expectations when watching this film, due to Puri Jagan's recent track record and the fact that most big movies flop releasing after a stupendous hit (Dookudu). I'm glad that I had the least expectations because I enjoyed the movie to the fullest. No unnecessary scenes in the film. The running time of the film is only 2 hours, 6 minutes. Mahesh Babu's acting was awesome! I am glad he came forward to do such a movie and he carried the film all the way. Puri Jagan's dialogues were excellent. A lot of them were worth blowing whistles and not many dialogues give that punch in movies: Only Puri can deliver such dialogues! Also, there are not many songs in the film so the tempo of the film is well-maintained. This is a good start for 2012. I am looking forward for Puri's upcoming films this year.
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trend-setter movie...loved it,,..
prasad-dante18 January 2012
Mahesh Babu is simply amazing in the role of Surya. His dialog delivery and expressions will send a tingle down your spine. He exudes pure menace when giving a 'dhamki' to his opponents. He has shown nice variations in his performance. And he looks stunningly handsome as usual. Mahesh Babu shoulders this movie on his own. The swagger, the attitude and his panache will be a big draw.

Kajal Aggarwal looks gorgeous as Chitra and she has some interesting moments with Mahesh Babu. She does not have much scope for performance however.

Puri Jagan is the other invisible hero of the movie. Take a bow sir, for some of the best dialog's seen in recent times. Each dialog explodes like a bullet and when delivered by Mahesh Babu, the result is devastatingly effective. The movie is high on entertainment factor and there is hardly a boring moment in the film. The sequences where Mahesh Babu sets about establishing his dominance are highly innovative.

All the songs have been picturized well but 'Sir Osthara' song and 'Chandamama' stand out for their sheer beauty.

Dialogues..Dialogues and Dialogues...They are an incredible asset to the movie. The timing is perfect and the punch is incredible. Cinematography is good. Editing is neat. Fights and songs have been composed well.

Screenplay is highly entertaining and narration is fast paced. I enjoyed this flick a lot go and grab your tickets friends...
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Story of a noble gangster
Ansango6 December 2014
Nice.... The movie truly deserves a watch as it is entirely different.The main power of the movie lies in its writing which is simply amazing.The story of the movie is very new(but foolish) and entertaining and is presented nicely.Screenplay was fast paced and slick.But the overall idea of the movie was too idiotic.The way of taking revenge of his parent's death was too weird.Still i enjoyed the movie for its non-sensical idea and power packed performance by Prince Mahesh.The way in which the protagonist legalised the Mafia was so stupid.What was the police doing at that time?Starting of the movie was too lousy.The lack of comic relief in the script is also a big minus point.But the main plus point of the movie is its writing and the performance by Mahesh babu.He was simply amazing.His body language and dialogue delivery was amazing.Kajal aggrawal looked cute but had nothing much to do.Music was good.Cinematography was good and editing was very good.If you are a fan of Mahesh then you should definitely watch it.And if you are not then you should watch it with low expectations.This movie proves how an idiotic could be turned into a blockbuster movie due to the excellent direction.This movie proves the flair of Puri sir. RATING : 6.8 out of 10
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A treat for mahesh fans.
k_abhi14 January 2012
Businessman is a typical Mahesh Babu film all the way, evoking laughs with comic one-liners and subtle expressions. There is only one actor in the film who is everywhere – it is none other than prince Mahesh Babu.The film revolves around him and all other characters including Kajal Agarwal are just like extra or junior artists. Mahesh Babu carries the role with the required intensity and charms. Kajal Agarwal is there just to fill the glamor element. Nazar is effective as the city police commissioner. Prakash raj is wasted in a small role. Sayaji Shinde is his usual self. Brahmaji, Subba Raju, Dharmavarapu and others are there just to fill up the gaps. PLUS-The plus points of the film are Mahesh Babu's performance and Puri Jagan's dialogues. MINUS-On the flip side,the story of the film is unconvincing and police/political system is twisted. Yet it is a good festive sankranti gift.
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Mahesh Babu All The Way
arundathi13 October 2012
A slick screenplay + Mahesh Babu + Puri Jagannadh = Business Man

A combination that rocked the screens before almost created another blockbuster. The concept was new but for viewers who are not fans of either Mahesh Babu or Puri Jagannadh may not appreciate this movie too much.

The beginning seemed to make no sense but as the movie progressed things began to piece together. A few scenes with Kajal Aggarwal and her friend seemed odd in the movie. Kajal definitely overacted and had no substance in this time around. If her parts were cut out, the movie would have still been the same.

Mahesh Babu's new avatar is indefinably worth seeing. A charming and cute boy-faced man has turned into a rugged tough guy. He reminds audiences once again that he can carry any type of role with ease. His dialogue delivery was superb and his style was unique.

True to his words, Puri Jagannadh does make movies for the sake of making a movie. He deviates from his usual style and presents a different take on movies.

The cinematography is worth mentioning because it really enhanced the movie. The editing was awesome, making the movie quick and enjoyable. The songs are good too.

Overall, this movie is different and a must watch for fans of either Mahesh Babu or Puri Jagannadh. Those not familiar with either of their works may find it hard to understand.
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Only Mahesh & his dialogues are the plus points.
chand-suhas13 January 2012
Puri Jagannadh has lost his form big time. He just thought of cashing in on Mahesh's Dookudu success by casting him in a movie with no story. But i'll briefly review the movie first. Mahesh plays a wannabe don who comes to Mumbai to rule & eventually with his unique techniques reaches his goal. Add a love story & a clumsy flashback with lots of violence & punch dialogues the final product is Business Man.

Mahesh is tremendous in his tailor made role & he rocked the screen. Kajal is wasted in a badly sketched role. Prakash Raj is as usual & so are the others. Music is average by Thaman & the 2 hit songs in the film are badly choreographed.

If Puri Jagannadh admits this to be his best work then please his last best work was pokiri & after that he has given only average to bad films.If you take Mahesh from the film then this'll be the biggest disaster of 2012. Like i said Mahesh is the only saviour of this film, the script lacks morality so i wonder how audience will take it. I'm a Mahesh fan so i enjoyed the movie anyway & the bad direction & script explains my rating 6/10 & ever single point is given only for Mahesh's rocking performance.

Puri Jagannadh please concentrate on good script rather than just hero's mass image. This time it was Mahesh otherwise it'd have been another neninthe & golimaar. Any star other than Mahesh starring in this movie can't make it as entertaining as Prince has made it.
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Brand purijagannadh film
eswar-dec-01512 January 2012
Warning: Spoilers
We can talk about two main things about the film "STORY" and "MAHESH" The story of this film is superb.Its about a Boy(Surya) whose family was killed by prakashbabu and also faces a lot of troubles,this changes him to a mafia leader. Mahesh showed again a energetic performance.he is in a negative role as a mafia leader in this film. purijagannadh direction is normal there is no different in direction from his last films like pokiri(2006). kajal has not showed that much impressive performance prakash as usually showed extraordinary role. Plus Points: dialogs,climax,mahesh,music,story. Minus points: direction is usual, Lack of emotional scenes
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Interesting story !!! A Noble Gangster !!
navinmax27 February 2012
Warning: Spoilers
"The Businessman: Guns don't need Agreement"...!!!!! (Telugu) movie Staring the current Superstar of Tollywood: Mahesh Babu & Kajal Agarwal !! directed by Puri Jagannadh !!! I must say this was a more intense and Interesting movie than the previous movie which the duo did called Pokkiri !!

Positive points of this movie:

Super Story :

Simple yet well presented !!


Well scripted Characters: loved Mahesh Babu's intense eyes as a serious & angry person !!! Must say, that it was more intense than his character in Pokkiri !! Other characters were good too especially Bramaji's character !! The punch duologue's by Mahesh were just Cool and stylish !!!

Stunning Action :

The fight sequence for this movie was Amazing !! Loved the Action, not to violent yet quite entertaining !! Fights was done by master Vijay !! hilarious !! Shiyaji Shinde was at his best hilarious person !! Loved his Character !!!


Music was a big plus for this movie as S.S Thaman developed such stylish Techno classical music for this movie, that was short and crisp and melodious !! Esp: Sir Ostara and Chandamama Navve were just so nice to hear and it was well composed !! The item song lyrics was hilarious !! But Bad Boyz was a cool song made sense because your seeing an item song !! Overall for the Music , S.S Thaman has done it again for Mahesh Babu after Dookudu !!

Romantic scenes:

At first I would have to admit that it was weird how the hero introduces himself to the heroine by blaming her unnecessarily !! But later on it was quite intriguing whether the hero really loved the heroine or he was using her for his objective !!

Cinematography and Screenplay:

Puri does it again after Pokkiri, well chosen locations, great story , always interesting to listen, no wonder he is my favorite director. Well directed movie overall and good to see the duo Mahesh and Puri working together, as they share a good friendship outside their work based atmosphere. !!

Negative Points for this movie:


Though the story was good, yet it was really simple and short, could have worked on the story more, got to say that this story is no match to Sreenu Vaitla's Dookudu !! That movie is just describable in one word: Epic !! Puri seemed to have rushed himself in making this script !!! could have used more of his time giving a finishing touch to this movie !!

Negative roles:

I personally felt that the Negative roles didn't influence the story very much !! It was purely Hero based script making the hero seem immortal !!?! Confusion about the characters whether they were good or bad, though it was clarified in the 2nd half of the movie after Intermission !!

Dialogues & Songs:

I understand that this was a Gangster based movie, but didn't get the point why the hero and other characters had to swear a lot ?! Especially when Mahesh Babu was swearing at the actress and other people without respect ?!!! No wonder the movie was given a "A" certificate rating !!!?! and lots of stuff were censored !!

I don't get why the director prefers his heroines over-exposing for his movies Unnecessarily ?!! The movie didn't need anything like that yet intense romantic scenes were needed ?!! If he is reading this he better work on this matter !!!


There wasn't any comedian in the movie that gave any sort of entertainment, Generally a serious film. !! I feel that's alright but it would have given some entertainment to the audience if some small parts of comedy scenes were shown in this movie !!!


Overall Nice movie to watch, after Dookudu this is the next best movie to watch !!! Must say that Superstar Prince Mahesh Babu is reigning Superstar of the Tollywood Industry !! I believe all the controversial news about Mahesh Babu's movie showing fake collections is false as i have seen the movie and must say that it is possible to get such a collection !!! Let's see whether he can make a hat trick with his 3rd movie !!! Watch it , those who know Telugu !!!

Rating : 4/5 !!!
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Just Mahesh Babu's Show
ha-0820931 May 2019
Mahesh Babu's Screen presence and dialog delivery is next level.. Puri did his best..👌🏻🔥
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Not a great Movie
sridhar-talatam14 January 2012
Warning: Spoilers
The first thing I would say about this movie is "disaster". I expected a lot from this combination - Mashesh & Puri Jagannadh. But to my dismay, nothing has been really great in this movie. The story is highly unrealistic. Mahesh sets a goal himself which is like riding on a tiger. He doesn't know how to get off from it without being eaten. The expansion of his empire is very illogical. The entire police force though knowing who Surya bhai is and his whereabouts wouldn't be able to do anything. There is no explanation how the hero is brought up in home town.. its just the one-liner sympathy story that he tells to Kajol and we're on our own to interpret things -- Complete nonsense. The storyline is similar to Pokiri and the direction is as expected. There's nothing new to watch. The events are not well connected. The movie is full of flaws. The only good thing about the movie is Mahesh's performance. As always he delivered his 100% and the comedy done by him and his assistance is great. Finally, this movie is an average.
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Watch it only if like mahesh
durgamdhinesh26 December 2012
Warning: Spoilers
First of all, the title of this movie not apt at all. All the hero does is run mafia in the name of business. When I heard about the title, I thought movie would be about how deals his business and whether he come up with a formula for a specific problem which no corporate companies haven't so far. But I thought that was much to expect when I saw the movie.

This movie is complete contrast to pokiri. In which protagonist tries to wipe out the mafia and it picturises how evil mafia could be. But talking about businessman, puri jagannath somehow realizes how important mafia is for the country.

There are many moments in the movie that doesn't make sense and make you laugh. At the end of the movie mahesh babu delivers a message to the youth which has nothing to do with the story and that is one of 'LOL' moment in the movie.
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must watch
younagendra1 April 2012
one of the most typical inspirational movies i have ever seen,Mahesh did an amazing job Puri(director)as well...each n every frame was fantastic whenever Mahesh appears though there are some lags.any way if you are Mahesh fan this would be feast for u..

The man plot of this movie is just about man who is desperate become a DON in Mubai city.Every thing was perfect in Mubai until he arrives there.City police commissioner was very happy with the things the way going in Mubai.Surya is main lead character in this movie.The best part of this movie is screenplay and dialogues.He has a flash back in the past his parents were killed by a astonish man JayaDev.

finally he will get his power against all odds.
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All men cannot be fooled some times, but some men can be fooled all the time.
braddugg20 September 2014
All men cannot be fooled some times, but some men can be fooled all the time. Telugu audience seems to be falling in the group of those who can be fooled all the time.

Its a mess of a film in reality and the only saving grace are dialogues that are though overboard at times, are delivered well by Mahesh Babu. But this movie fall short in many ways and is still a big hit. Songs are a waste of time. 'Sir Osthara' a rage song now in Andhra Pradesh just shows the taste of cheap audience. I would have loved the song if it was filmed on maids and beggars praising the hero, than a beach song as shown in film with heroine. I wanted to kill the director for most ridiculous use of 'For a few dollars more' music for heroine. Killing of a prisoner in jail itself in Kabaddi MAtch, getting in touch with each and every MP just like that. Doing things at will and beating up any number of people without being hurt. All this is mere crap. Most ridiculous flashback and a reason for one to become DON.

Now, having said all that what I liked is the way Mahesh Babu told his lines, and his reaction was just what was required for that very scene. It was a reaction that was there with envy and a gusto that is a rarity yet in a Garbage that is Telugu Film Industry. Few things are good and many things bad. If not for Mahesh Babu, mostly it was a reject for everything. I can see this man as the one who is learning to understand the director and even though its most silliest is trying to bring life into scenes.

Its an average watch and never even as good, yet I liked the way Mahesh delivered his dialogues. All rest was silly. I don't recommend it, if you are looking for a story. Just 2/5.
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Business Man (2012)
santhosh-102905 January 2018
The movie was not good. Mahesh Babu did not acted at all. The story is not new. Songs and BGM were also not good in the movie. The movie is very boring.
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