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Village Voice
[A] pitch-perfect, deeply affecting film.
Not since "The Straight Story," when Richard Farnsworth traveled all the way from Iowa to Wisconsin by lawn mower to see his dying brother, have the wisdom, innocence and pride of a senior citizen combined so powerfully as a metaphor for the courage to face mortality. Unforgettable.
Washington Post
It’s nice to be reminded of what old people look like, since they are, at least in movies these days, ever more invisible.
The estimable James Cromwell splendidly anchors this tender, true-life tale.
Still Mine is a rewarding, performance-based film, ultimately a small pleasure to spend time with.
Still Mine is a measured but considerably moving celebration of things hand-crafted, traditional and built to last.
Slant Magazine
As far as films about couples dealing with the female partner losing her mind go, Still Mine is pretty pedestrian.
The Dissolve
The film is less effective as an inspirational saga than as a simple portrait of a marriage in its twilight years, with the house-in-progress serving as a metaphor for love that endures by being constantly renewed.
Time Out
Providing the film’s foundation, Cromwell is adept at revealing emotional layers lurking under the surface of his flannel-clad old-timer.
Cromwell delivers his defiantly gruff dialogue with amusing relish, while still grounding his protagonist’s actions in desperation and desolation. And his nostalgic conversations with Bujold while the two lay in bed have a naturalness that almost overshadows the creakiness of the surrounding material.

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