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Season 2

7 Jul. 2012
Ake no Ba no Buin-tachi
The students go to battle with foes from Tres Espana and learn the motivation behind the attack. But when they search for an ally, they discover it may do more harm than good.
14 Jul. 2012
Butai-jo no Senkoku-sha
A Musashi ship crashes on English soil and a mysterious stranger offers aid. Meanwhile, the connection between Felipe and Juana becomes clear.
21 Jul. 2012
Do Jo no Kudari-mono
Negotiations between the Musashi students and the English heat up as Shirojiro suggests an unusual solution. Meanwhile, Tenzo learns the identity of the cloaked stranger.
28 Jul. 2012
Gekijou no Shihaisha
As the students prepare for a celebration, Tenzo and his new friend grow closer. Meanwhile, Horizon questions Tori's motives.
4 Aug. 2012
Ryouba no Jindoushugisha
A series of duels pits Musashi students against their English counterparts, but there may be more to these exhibitions. Meanwhile, feelings strengthen between the two couples during the festival.
11 Aug. 2012
Hiroba no Danjou
The duels continue, a skeleton army emerges, and a doppelganger leads to surprise and suspicion.
18 Aug. 2012
Hiroma no Kataribe
The Musashi students play politics as they're caught between the demands of the English and the dangers of Tres Espana.
8 Sep. 2012
Gekijou no Houkousha
Both Tres España and the Musashi formulate new strategies in their attempts to defeat one another. Meanwhile, two writers clash over Shakespeare.
15 Sep. 2012
Hanabatake no Goukakusha
Tenzo risks everything to rescue Mary, but she's not yet sure she should be saved. Meanwhile, the Musashi students face a new round of attacks in the naval battle with Tres Espana.

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