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25 Mar. 2015
Young & Too Late
Gabbi finds her true love and it's too late for her boss.
1 Apr. 2015
Young & Cookin'
Gabi wonders if her job is in jeopardy when she learns Josh has a new woman in his life that loves to cook for him. When Josh doesn't ask Gabi to be the chef for an important client dinner, Gabi decides a "cook-off" is the best way to keep her job. Meanwhile, Yolanda makes a date with the building window washer.
8 Apr. 2015
Young & Munchies
Gabi learns that her recipes for a magazine article must involve the use of a special ingredient.
15 Apr. 2015
Young & Old
Gabi's efforts to ensure that Elliot has the perfect 40th birthday party do not go as planned.
22 Apr. 2015
Young & First Time
Gabi plans to take her relationship with Cooper to the next level.
29 Apr. 2015
Young & Moving
Gabi and Sofia fix up Yolanda with their landlord in the hopes of securing a better apartment.
6 May 2015
Young & Ferris Wheel
Gabi creates an awkward situation for Josh when she comes up with a creative gift idea for Shauna.
13 May 2015
Young & Sandwich
Gabi plays matchmaker for picky Sofia; Josh takes a break from the dating scene.
20 May 2015
Young & Pretty Woman
Josh's opportunity to make a confession to Gabi is spoiled when Cooper returns from China.
27 May 2015
Young & Part Two
Gabi is bewildered when long-held secrets are revealed; a big opportunity lands in Gabi's lap.
19 Aug. 2015
Young & How Gabi Got Her Job Back
Gabi comes back to San Francisco. She gets a job working for Josh's neighbor. Josh gets in a mess involving a huge business deal and goes to Gabi for help.
26 Aug. 2015
Young & Back to Normal
To make sure Josh is cool with Gabi going on a date with her cute neighbor, she sets him up with a pretty girl named Sarah.
2 Sep. 2015
Young & Unemployed
Sofia announces that she quit her job so Gabi tries to get her hired as Josh's paid intern.
9 Sep. 2015
Young & Oh, Brother!
When Sofia's younger brother Benji comes to stay, Gabi falls for him only to discover that he's not into her.
16 Sep. 2015
Young & Earthquake
Gabi and Sofia go and see a fortune teller just for giggles, but when the prediction of the earthquake comes true Sofia and Gabi freak out.
23 Sep. 2015
Young & How Sofia Got Her Groove Back
Gabi tries to help Sofia by treating her to a spa day at a fancy hotel, but when Sofia is mistaken for a prostitute, Gabi's pep talk goes down the drain.
23 Sep. 2015
Young & Trashy
After Josh's app goes live everyone gives him a gift, but when Gabbi gives him a gift worth a lot of money she needs to find a way to get it back.
30 Sep. 2015
Young & Doppelganger
Gabi and Sofia rent out their apartment. Josh's ED Talk speech does not go as planned. Elliot and Yolanda attend the gay pride parade.
14 Oct. 2015
Young & Younger Brother, Part 1
Josh's younger brother comes to visit.
14 Oct. 2015
Young & Younger Brother, Part 2
Josh makes a surprising announcement to Gabi and Jake that will affect their future. Elliot and Alan finally get married.
24 Nov. 2015
Young & Christmas
Gabi and Sofia deal with Sofia's guilt over buying an expensive gift while Yolanda tries to figure out if her estranged sister JoJo has shown up to make amends or make trouble.

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