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Best Movie this year!
brittneyshakotko17 November 2016
Warning: Spoilers
I absolutely LOVED this movie!!!!! Exceeded all expectations! Growing up in Banff I knew very little about the Whyte Museum and Peter/Catherine Whyte, but after this film I feel so enlightened! I learned so much about the wonderful couple and its wonderful to go to the Whyte Museum with this knowledge now! I'm so blessed to have grown up in this stunning National Park. I couldn't be more proud of my fellow Banffite, Juan Riedinger !! He did an amazing job acting as Peter Whyte!! Can't wait till It comes out on DVD! I'll be the first to buy! I recommend everyone who loves a love story with beautiful Scenaries and history of Banff watch this movie!! HIGHLY recommended "Drawing Home" to everyone from 8- 80 years old! Can't say enough, LOVED IT!
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Beautiful film and a compelling story
pdellario19 September 2017
I highly recommend this film. I suppose it helps that I love historical biography, especially when set in the 1920's. I loved the clothing, and the beautiful environs of both Boston and Banff. But beyond the look, the story, the writing, and the acting are all compelling. There are some great characters in this movie, portraying the crossroads, guides and fates that build a life and legacy.
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Ramascreen21 December 2017
DRAWING HOME is one of those movies perfect to be enjoyed in breather moments, a nice relaxing romantic story at the end of an exhausting day. Mainly because it's a bit of a slow burner but also because the characters' conflicts are very mild and common to the point of stress-free. DRAWING HOME is endearing and sweet.

Directed by Markus Rupprecht who co-wrote the script with Donna Logan, based on the story of painting couple, Peter and Catherine Whyte. The story starts in the 1920s when a young east coast debutante is dating the famous John D. Rockefeller III, that is until she meets a young painter from the Canadian Rocky Mountains.

DRAWING HOME somewhat behaves like it's some kind of postcard for Canada. There are so countless scenes in this film where they are nothing but simply shots of landscapes and mountains, if I didn't know any better I thought I was screening some kind of nature documentary, but all of it was so gorgeous, it's kind of calling me to go there. If Canada's government wants to increase tourism, showing DRAWING HOME movie to potential visitors would be a perfect way to go about it. Plus the music is equally inviting.

The story is Romeo and Juliet-esque, two opposing backgrounds that invite disagreements between classes in society. But as I said earlier, the conflicts are very mild, even as one of the characters hits rock bottom, the tone is more soap opera as opposed to something earth-shattering like Ed Harris' movie, "Pollock." DRAWING HOME focuses more on this love of art that connect these two souls together and that is definitely a theme a lot of audiences with a rebellious adventurous heart can relate to. Thanks to DRAWING HOME, you'll get to know a bit about the prominent figure, Carl Rungius, played in the film by Rutger Hauer, you'll fall in love with the Canadian Rockies and Banff region, and you'll come to appreciate the joy and the pain of love in the midst of art.

-- Rama's Screen --
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