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buddybarba1 October 2013
Where to begin? First, why copy Oprah? Why put a "Q" at the bottom of the screen. Are we to think you are replacing Oprah? Oprah's "O" is one of a kind. If you didn't want to be compared or contrasted against such a legend of TV, WHY do that? Why copy Oprah's one-letter logo? Next the way Dana comes across as such a phony. Starting with the hair extensions and unnatural color. Then the awful interviews where she is fawning, and I mean big time fawning, over these so called celebrities (such as Billy Ray Cyrus.) Really?? You felt Miley in your heart? Really? Unbelievable! In other words, I didn't believe a word you said.

I wish the Queen would just start being herself. A lot is not right here. I'm out!
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On my top 10 favorite list
sgtcrm117 November 2014
When Queen Latifah began performing many years ago for some reason I took a liking to her. I am a true rock n roller and rap was not on my list of listening pleasure. One day I was watching a charity event with all celebrity participants. They competed in a variety of sporting events. Queen stood out as one of the best in more than one event. I asked my 2 young sons who she was as they liked keeping me informed on what was new and cool! Although I never took to rap, I love all things Latifah. She has a knack for picking great movie roles and her voice is pure heaven in many styles. I never missed an episode of her first talk show in the late 90's and was upset when it left the air. I think I have seen every movie she has been in. I am so happy she is back on TV, she just brings me joy.
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Best show ever!
seekfind7715 October 2013
Love love the new Queen Latifah Show! I find daytime talk shows boring - difficult to sit through the whole hour. That's why I didn't follow any of the show, esp the many many shows that came out after Oprah ended her show. I decided to give the QL Show a try, and simply love it!

QL has a great sense of humor, combined with inspirational stories. This show keeps me laughing and smiling for an hour.

I like the different organizations she highlights, and the way that she does it. She gets involved - like building the playground for the school.
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