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MPAA Rated R for strong sexual content, language, nudity, drug use and violence throughout

Sex & Nudity

  • Although wrongly implied by the other items here, there is in fact no genital nudity whatsoever. Essentially it's just male and (brief) female topless nudity.
  • A man and two young women have sex in a swimming pool. While they are all nude, there's no nudity, save for the man's buttocks. Lots of kissing shown, but not much else.
  • A woman is shown sitting on top of a man (we see her buttocks and abdomen and his bare chest).
  • Two women shower and wash each other.
  • Two young women kiss a man's nipples.
  • A young woman is briefly shown taking a shower. Her buttocks is briefly shown (non-sexual).
  • Several scenes of young men and women in various stages of undress dancing on the beach and drinking heavily; bare breasts are shown briefly along with partially bare buttocks covered by skimpy bikinis. Nearly all of the men are shirtless.
  • A line of women bend over backwards on the beach while young men pour beer over them.
  • A young man snorts a drug off a young woman's very low abdomen.
  • A young man makes a remark about wanting to have sex with a young woman (she is intoxicated and sitting on the floor wearing a bikini); she teases him using crude terminology saying that they will not have sex.
  • Two young women kiss while lying on the floor (we see the bare back of one of the young women as the other wraps her leg around her hip).
  • Two young women shove two pistols into a man's mouth and he pantomimes oral sex onto the guns.
  • A young woman's low-slung pants reveals buttock cleavage and the top of her buttocks.
  • Throughout the film, characters are wear as little clothing as possible (due to the film being set on and close to various beaches). Women wear revealing bikinis and men don't wear shirts for much of the movie.
  • Young men seen in jockstraps on a beach.
  • A man asks four young women if they are "experimenting."
  • A man talks about twin men that "share their women".
  • A young woman draws a heart with the words, "I want penis" in it and then kisses it.

Violence & Gore

  • A man shoots at a car as it pulls away and a young woman inside is struck in the arm (we see a bit of blood); we later see the bullet hole.
  • Three young women put on ski masks and they drive to a diner where one remains in the car while we see from the outside the other two inside threatening the patrons and staff and stealing money (one wields a sledgehammer and breaks furniture while the other carries a realistic-looking toy water gun); we later see the robbery scene again from inside the restaurant.
  • A man is shown with blood stained hands and he holds guns.
  • Two young women point guns at a man's face. He tries to talk his way out of it but they put the guns in his mouth, one young woman asks the other, "Should we kill him?".
  • A man poses with guns several times.
  • Three men are attacked in their hotel room, one man is struck in the face with a gun grip (blood splatters and drips onto the ground in slow motion) and we then see the three men hogtied and lying on the bed.
  • Three young women re-enact a robbery and yell at one of the young women telling her to get on her knees; she lies on the ground while the other two hold their hands in the shape of guns to her head and yell obscenities at her.
  • Dressed as robbers, three young women are shown crashing a wedding. Pointing a shotgun at the bride and throwing the groom into a wedding cake.
  • The same young women, and a man are shown robbing an arcade. There is one particularly disturbing shot showing two of the women pointing shotguns at a crying, crouching females head.
  • A man sings a song about killing his best friend.


  • About 102 F-words and its derivatives, 8 sexual references, 24 obscene hand gestures, 37 scatological terms, 6 anatomical terms, 21 mild obscenities, 9 uses of the word "n**ger", 4 religious profanities, 4 religious exclamations.
  • Light name calling and exclamations.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Drug use is seen almost constantly throughout the entire film but is clearly not condoned.
  • Activities shown include smoking marijuana from bongs and cigarettes, snorting crack/cocaine, consuming large amounts of alcohol, cigarette smoking, and drugs seen packaged/being packed for distribution/transportation. In some montages, a few young men are shown waving marijuana and beer bongs around in the air.

Frightening & Intense Scenes


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Violence & Gore

  • Though violence in the movie only really occurs towards the last 20 minutes it is quite strong and realistic. In no way is it glamorized. A man is shot in the head and falls dead to the ground; two young women shoot the man that shot him and then many other gunmen approach and open fire, the young women shoot down many of the men, and we later see them lying in pools of blood with bloody bullet wounds.

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