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If you want to see tornadoes, go on the internet. Stay away from this disaster at all costs.
lnvicta20 April 2015
Let me start off by saying I'm fascinated by tornadoes - I've seen Twister 100+ times as a kid and it still holds up today. Why? Because it has relatable characters, great pacing, and a looming sense of danger that's always around the corner. I was hoping Into the Storm would be a modern day Twister but better - with technology the way it is, how hard can it be to create a worthwhile disaster film with such a simple premise? Well, Into the Storm makes it look damn near impossible.

The positives of this movie are as follows: the tornadoes. They look cool. That's it. Tornados on the internet look cool as well. No one should have to sit through an hour and a half of trash to see a few nice storm graphics. The characters in this movie are dreadful. I challenge you to care about a single one - hell, try remembering one of their names after the movie finishes. They're all awfully written, and the acting doesn't help one bit. Richard Armitage was fantastic in The Hobbit movies but holy hell it's hard to believe this is the same person.

The story (or stories rather) are abysmal. Seriously, why make three separate story lines for characters we don't care about? Are we supposed to care if the dad gets forgiveness from his sons? Are we supposed to care if the kid gets the girl from school? How about whether or not the hillbillies make it big on Youtube? The answer is an overwhelming "F*ck no".

Also, this is a found footage movie. Why? Beats the hell out of me. The gimmick is getting thin in horror movies, let alone a movie like this where they have to constantly make up excuses for these characters to be filming everything. In fact, nothing in this movie is believable. Twister had characters with depth - you believed that these people were storm chasers, and you believed in the tension between Bill Paxton and Helen Hunt's characters. Here, everything is so blown out that the imminent threat of what's happening on-screen doesn't phase the audience at all. We're supposed to believe that a tornado can rip through a concrete building in two seconds but can't suck up someone holding onto a flimsy car door? The movie makers take unbelievability to new levels here. Into the Storm is a collection of disaster scenarios loosely connected by multiple underwritten stories being carried by unlikable characters. The most unbelievable thing about this movie is the fact that I actually made it to the end.

If you want to see tornadoes, go on the internet. Stay away from this disaster at all costs.
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A really good bad film
bob-the-movie-man21 August 2014
There are bad movies that are just intolerable to sit through. And then there's "Into the Storm".

Jan de Bont's 1996 "Twister" came into cinemas like – and excuse the pun – a blast of fresh air. Whilst "Into the Storm" is not exactly a remake (there are no cows present at all for example!), it shares many of the key characteristics that made Twister such a fun popcorn movie: a truly terrible script, some pretty awful acting in places, a predictable plot, and the occasional mind-bogglingly improbable scene, but all redeemed by some slam-dunk fantastic visual effects.

Firstly, the script. Sneak a shot glass and a flask into the cinema and play the new drinking game: a shot for every time anyone says "Are you alright?". You'll be legless before the first hour is up.

Secondly the acting. This is a cast where the most well-known faces are Richard Armitage (Thorin in the Hobbit films) and Matt Walsh (Mike McLintock in the excellent "Veep"). And I don't like to be harsh on a young cast of actors in the early dawn of their careers, but let's say that some of the cast were probably cast more for their looks than their acting talent. I also struggled with Armitage's single dad/school principal character who in certain scenes (particularly one in the front of the stormchaser's van) looks the spitting image of Leslie Nielsen's Dr Rumack from "Airplane". I almost expected him to go off into that character at any moment – – "No, the school won't be safe. And don't call me Shirley".

One of the youngsters that I think did make an impact was Nathan Kress in his movie debut as the younger son Trey.

The predictable plot. No spoilers, but there's a small town and lots of tornadoes: "bigger than any storm that's ever been" (since "Twister" anyway). The plot, as it is, centres around a failing documentary film crew trying to capture good footage before the tornado season is up: with backer's funding drying up, the pressure is on. Walsh plays the hard-pressed producer/director sparking off the Helen Hunt character Allison, played by the fetching Sarah Wayne Callies, a data-besotted scientist for who, it seems, science only works for when good luck is in her favour. Aside from the film crew, the remainder of the cast are the residents and schoolkids of the backwater Oklahoma town of Silverton, with the usual disaster movie will they/won't they (die) tensions as the tornadoes wreak their havoc. Humour is injected through a couple of rednecks intent on making their fortune through Jackass-style video clips on Youtube.

The improbable scenes. Again no spoilers, but one of the characters meets an end that is massively improbable, poetic, beautifully shot and ironic…. but also snort-worthily funny. And why suddenly does sleepy old Silverton suddenly reveal itself to have a MAJOR INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT with dozens of Jumbo jets waiting to be lifted into the skies? Whilst a memorable special effects scene, it makes absolutely no sense at all. It's almost as if the filmmakers got to the end of the film and found a million dollars of contingency funding they hadn't used: "What can we do with this? Oh, I know!". Bizarre.

And those effects! This is no "Sharknado"! The special effects are all top notch, including a spectacular scene where a twister gobbles up a petrol station and all of its burning fuel which is a masterclass in CGI. I have no idea where you would even start in developing that.

The director is James Cameron protégé Steven Quale (2nd unit on "Avatar" and "Titanic" and director of the passable "Final Destination V"). And all in all, I think he does a pretty good job. The film is massively helped by a sensible 90 minute running time, which is all the light plot could really sustain anyway. And it is a good decision to adopt (in part) a "Cloverfield" type of video blog format (part documentary footage; part high school 'video time capsule' interviews) that holds the interest well.

So, in summary, this is a terribly good bad film and well deserving of your summer popcorn money. Just about everyone came out of the cinema with a silly grin on their face. Nuff said.

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See it on a big screen!!
swiss4227 August 2014
I caught an advance screening and found it a heck of a ride and thrilling fun to watch. I thought it really delivered the experience of being close up and inside the most power weather on the planet, and left me with images that I continue to chew over with awe. For a "disaster movie" it felt extremely realistic, and when you see news reports on TV or YouTube you realize this stuff happens again and again, usually in small towns just like the one in the movie, so it's completely real and they didn't really make any of this stuff up. And I really felt for the characters who, just like real people caught by these events, don't want to be in a disaster movie, they just want to get out of there alive. It got pretty emotional by the end.

I don't get all the negative reviews I've been reading, I thought it was really good and delivered a great night out. What do people want, stupid Sharknado? Whatever, I had a good time watching it. And I'm glad I caught it on a big screen instead of renting it later. Seeing it big and overwhelming is the way to go!
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Worth it just for the Tornado scenes.
Loving_Silence5 August 2014
Into the Storm was not a movie I had a lot of expectations for. I just wanted to have fun seeing huge tornadoes destroying everything in their path. And that's what I got for the most part in this movie. The first 15 minutes of this movie was so bad, the dialogue was atrocious, the characters were annoying and the writing was completely abysmal. But as the movie starts to show more of the tornadoes, it got really fun really quick. the movie got so much better.

One of the best aspects of this movie is how close you really get into the tornadoes. You go inside it and it looks frightening and beautiful at the same time. The visuals look amazing when you're in the movie theater. This is definitely a movie that should be seen in your nearest theater, because it was such an experience seeing the tornadoes, hearing the train-like noise when a tornadoes comes barreling towards the cities and cars. It's just so awesome.

One of the weakest aspects of this movie are the characters, we just don't care what happens to them in the movie. But the tornadoes are terrific and they keep coming on at you every twenty minutes or so for two hours. Now this can be a little tiresome, but "Into the Storm" does stop itself just in time before it completely overstays its welcome.

In the end, it's not a very good movie by any stretch of the imagination. Again, this is the film that one will either like as a guilty pleasure, like me, or you won't care for it at all. And even if you do like the movie, there is still one big lapse in the whole thing that you realize at the end. If tornadoes really did show up as often as they do in the movie in the same general area, there would be nothing left standing in the Midwest anymore. It would all be leveled.
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Special Effects +++ but that is all.
panther_husky29 October 2014
How this movie got a 6 rating is beyond me. Maybe people don't care much for the acting and storyline and settle down to a movie with good special effects.

Yes, the SE were great to watch and at times kept you on the edge of your seat but that is all. Weak in every aspect though the SE kept the movie on its feet.

There are 2 rednecks in the movie who were possibly put in there as comedy relief but they annoyed the hell out of me and then you have those stupid school kids who have lines which make them look like uneducated American teens.

I wanted to switch the movie off after the first 30 minutes as the acting and lines just didn't do it for me, but I thought to give it a go and as mentioned earlier, the effects were the only thing that kept me watching till the end.

.... and the ending made me curse a little.

Give me twister which was and still is a great movie whereas Into The Storm was nothing but a Hype into nothing.
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I seriously don't get all the negative reviews for this movie.
gemma_night14 January 2015
My family is a big movie-watching family. That's our thing. We watch a lot of different types of movies and we watch movies all the time. So I feel confident in saying I know quite a bit about movies--about what makes a good movie, how to tell a good movie from a bad movie, etc.

My mom really wanted to see "Into the Storm" because she's on kind of a Richard Armitage kick since "The Hobbit". We talked about going to the theaters to see it, but I decided to check the IMDb reviews, and they told me it was a terrible movie.

So we didn't see it. Tonight I was picking up a couple Redbox movies on my way home, and decided to get this one because why not. I wasn't expecting anything, but we were still curious about it.

So we watched it, and I LITERALLY DON'T GET all the negative reviews!! The main strike against this movie (according to the reviews) was the acting. What?! I thought the acting was really good! I thought the characters were all believable! I was able to understand and emotionally connect to all the characters--there were two scenes that made me cry a bit, and I am NOT a crier. I NEVER cry during movies. The acting and the documentary-style filming actually made me feel like I was ACTUALLY THERE (although this could probably have been even more palpable if I had seen it in theaters...that's what you get for basing a decision on IMDb reviews?), which was very stressful, but made the movie so much more enjoyable.

I have seen A LOT of bad movies in my time; "Into the Storm" doesn't even come close to making that list.
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Into the storm: the story about a knife, with a few tornadoes and some rain
benvandiver19 August 2014
Okay effects but the movie is lacking any sort of depth to the characters or story at all. It's almost as if they said, oh hey this looks cool, let's shoot that and just let the actors do whatever.. They don't need good dialog, no one will be paying attention anyways. And let's just throw in a random shot of someone wiping fog off the window cause we don't have anything better to cut to after this "emotional" scene. Also what is up it's the knife? Did it really deserve that much attention? If you're going have 3 separate scenes about it, at least give us some sort of back story as to why the son can't have one. Over all, I hated it. But, I've seen worse. This one was not worth my money. I give it a 3/10 only for the effects. Any kind of story was non existent in this movie.
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Great effects and acting that kept the audience on the edge of their seats.
nicolechan91613 August 2014
Warning: Spoilers
The effects in this film were phenomenal. I'm guessing this isn't really based on a true story as I have not heard of these types of tornadoes forming before, however it looked really realistic and props to the editing team who made the effects. Also, the use of on site cameras which showed the point of view from the characters was a good addition. It created an authentic feel form the movie. The acting was also impressive. Donnie and Kaitlyn (Alycia Debnam Carey) were trapped together and the emotions they displayed were really touching and had a connection with the audience. Armitage and Callies also played their characters well as single parents worried about their children. I am quite glad that the film did not show them ending up together. Although it was a time of crisis, it felt a bit too cliché and I cringed because I thought they would end up together. The addition of Donk (Kyle Davis) and Reevis (Jon Reep) was, I think, unnecessary. They were just a bunch of jokers who managed to get close to the tornadoes with no sense of safety and kept rambling on about how they would become famous youtubers. I guess the film makers wanted a comedic element added, but this was a pretty serious topic and it just did not really feel like it fit.
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Pretty entertaining stuff!
Hellmant12 August 2014
'INTO THE STORM': Three and a Half Stars (Out of Five)

Found footage disaster flick directed by Steven Quale and written by John Swetnam. Quale previously directed the horror sequel 'FINAL DESTINATION 5' and also co-directed the underwater documentary 'ALIENS OF THE DEEP', with James Cameron; he also served as a second unit director on Cameron's 'AVATAR' and 'TITANIC'. Swetnam also wrote the horror flick 'EVIDENCE' and the dance film sequel 'STEP UP ALL IN' (which was released the same weekend as 'INTO THE STORM', for some reason). The movie stars Richard Armitage (of 'THE HOBBIT' films fame), Sarah Wayne Callies and Matt Walsh. I thought it started out slow but ended up with a bang; pretty entertaining stuff!

The film is set in the town of Silverton, on high school graduation day. Vice-principal Gary Morris (Armitage) has asked his two sons, Donnie (Max Deacon) and Trey (Nathan Kress), to make a time capsule video, to be viewed in 25 years, of the seniors speaking about where they hope to be in their lives. A deadly storm is about to hit town but the community is unaware of it. At the same time an experienced storm chaser named Pete (Walsh), and his team, have tracked the storm to Silverton; they're hoping to capture tornado footage for a documentary movie they're filming. The storm turns out to be much bigger, and more dangerous, than even they anticipated.

There is a lot of character development but it's not well written and the acting is pretty bad. Walsh is great as the obsessed storm chaser but none of the other characters are very memorable. The first half of the movie is pretty slow, and boring, but it doesn't matter; once the movie gets to the action you get what you paid for. The effects are really well done and the movie is surprisingly suspenseful. I guess you do end up caring about the characters enough to care about what happens to them; because there are some really intense moments. Quale proves to be a goof FX and action flick director here and the movie does remind me of a more B movie version of 'TWISTER' (one of my favorite disaster flicks).

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Such a waste of time
vivianadeva14 September 2014
One of the most disappointing and silly movies have seen lately. I mean Twister from 1996 was 100 times better than this thing called movie. Bad characters, bad actors, nonsense action ( like the moment when all the characters getting out from the specially design storm car to enter some bank after they parked like 500 meters away and everybody filming the coming tornado with their cellphone, the characters getting out of the bus to see if 2 people from some car were all right and too many others to count) No offense but this movie was like being filmed and designed for morons. If this movie had only the tornado and not those silly characters it would have been worth your time. So don't spend your time!
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Poor and Corny Story, but Very Impressive Special Effects
claudio_carvalho6 November 2014
It is graduation day in the town of Silverton and the sons of the vice- principal Gary (Richard Armitage), Donnie (Max Deacon) and Trey (Nathan Kress), are responsible for filming the ceremony. However, Donnie has a crush on his mate Kaitlyn (Alycia Debnam Carey) and he has the chance to go with her to an abandoned chemical facility to help her in an assignment, leaving his brother alone. Meanwhile the storm tracker Pete (Matt Walsh) is advised by his meteorologist Allison (Sarah Wayne Callies) to head to Silverton where a tornado will probably appear. Pete needs to prepare footage of tornado for the producer and he drives his truck Titus with the cameraman Jacob (Jeremy Sumpter) followed by the equipped van with Allison, the driver Daryl (Arlen Escarpeta) and Lucas (Lee Whittaker) to film the tornado. However, several erratic tornadoes arrive in the town and seem that there is not no safe shelter to protect the inhabitants of Silveton.

"Into the Storm" is an entertaining movie with a poor and corny story and very impressive special effects. The movie gives the sensation to the viewer that he or she is near of inside a tornado. The bad thing is the story, with clichés and stupid attitudes. Donnie and Kaitlyn are trapped in a chemical facility plant with water but no contamination by chemicals. Kaitlyn is wounded in the ankle, but in the end she can perfectly walk with Donnie. The family drama of Gary and his sons is clichés and boring. The part supposed to be funny with Donk and Reevis is silly. My vote is seven.

Title (Brazil): "No Olho do Tornado" ("In the Tornado's Eye")
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Truly The Worst Movie I've Ever Seen In My Lifetime
erskinegillespie16 August 2014
Warning: Spoilers
I can now truly say that I've experienced one of the worst movies of my lifetime! I was "blown away" by the poor acting, stereotypical behavior, predictability and totally unrealistic scenes found in this so called movie. This "thing" was not even worthy of being billed as a made for TV release, so how could it be released on the Big Screen! Someone in Hollywood must have been repaying favors to the writer, director and producer of this "thing". I use the word thing, because I can't really bring myself to use the word movie at the moment.

This thing was a train wreak in motion approximately 3 minutes into the opening scene. Then it moves on to such major unrealistic scenes that it starts to insult your intelligence. I'm going to take a moment to list a few, in hopes that someone in Hollywood will take note, and never attempt to insult us in the manner EVER AGAIN: 1)The graduation scene, which appears to happen on the same day as a regular school day. Not to mention that no one moves out of the rain until they are told to move. 2)This is suppose to be "SMALL TOWN America", yet they have a MAJOR AIRPORT with a fleet of 747 Jets - really!!! 3)Many go into a storm drain, but somehow we only manage to see 5 people, then miraculously towards the conclusion of this scene the others reappear in this confined space.

I could go on and on about this THING, but I'll end my comments by saying they really would have been better off by labeling this as a COMEDY rather than a THRILLER, as it is ridiculously comical as it moves to insult you through a vehicle of poor cinema entertainment! This one isn't even worth purchasing on NETFLIX, so please don't purchase the DVD.
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Scary, Awesome, Realistic Natural Disaster Movie
nymphy198312 August 2014
I will have to admit, this movie scared the hell out of me. I have not been able to say that in many, many years. It was an awesome, frightening, very realistic movie.

Need to add, there were some points where I nearly cried as well, when things got really bad.A couple of the scenes where very heartfelt, and a single, hasty choice turned into the memory of a lifetime.

Completely unexpected events take place, things you never would have thought up. Strangers brought together, and a happy ending where I thought there would be a tragedy.

I will mention that I have not gotten scared by a movie in most of my life, but this movie scared the living Hades out of me, and I was so glad my bf was there because I got to snuggle close and hold on to him. I did not expect the movie to be so intense, and life-like, but you will never know until you see it, how realistic it is.
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Doing the flag waving maths
mikejallen7931 October 2014
Well here's how it works...

Every time 2000 Americans have died because they thought waving an American flag at a tornado would scare it off... Hollywood makes a new movie.

Think Twister (1996)...

Obviously we have reached or passed that number of dead, dumb, American burger munchers who thought rebuilding their house for the fifth time in five years in tornado alley was a good idea.

And so we have Into The Storm to celebrate.

If you're looking for a reasonably impressive storm CGI film that allows you to still consume your popcorn having left your brain at home then this should suit you just fine.
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Good Visuals. Poor story telling
mrh21428 January 2015
Into the Storm tries to add various elements to their mix but fails to meet a lot of standards. The visuals were quite good with a really convincing storm. The sequences of storm destroying the buildings and tearing apart cities were entertaining to watch. It can be quite entertaining to a few because of its premise. If you are unfamiliar with the classic disaster movies, you will find the plot and the story thrilling, if not the story is quite repetitive and full of clichés.The performance from the actors are mediocre. Everything happens all of a sudden, so i couldn't relate to or feel bad for any of the characters. If you are looking for a good movie to watch, stay away from this one but if you are planning to chill out with your friends and have fun making fun of all the clichés, this would be a perfect choice.
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Good Fun!
namashi_118 February 2015
'Into the Storm' is purely a guilty pleasure, that works as a good fun flick. Its not something remotely phenomenal, but its entertaining & visually rich, nonetheless.

'Into the Storm' Synopsis: Storm trackers, thrill-seekers, and everyday townspeople document an unprecedented onslaught of tornadoes touching down in the town of Silverton.

'Into the Storm' is visually brilliant, with the tornado bits leaving you awe-struck. The visual effects are definitely the high-point of the enterprise. John Swetnam's Screenplay, on the other-hand, never takes itself too seriously & hence it works. Steven Quale's Direction is crisp, he's handled the film well. Brian Pearson's Cinematography is eye-filling. Eric A. Sears's Editing is sharp.

Performance-Wise: Richard Armitage is a fine actor & he expectedly performs well. Sarah Wayne Callies has her moments. Matt Walsh is first-rate. Nathan Kress is excellent. Max Deacon lends good support.

On the whole, 'Into the Storm' is best enjoyed with a huge tub of popcorn!
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Blasty Blast
wewatchedamovie15 August 2014
Was lucky enough to see this at an early screening in Ohio for our youtube channel. Twister was one of my favorite movies ever growing up and as someone who even watches "Night of the Twisters" with Devon Sawa I'm a self professed tornado movie lover so I have been excited for this one! Even if the trailers did look way too obvious with the CGI. Into the Storm starts out awful and makes a huge comeback. The characters are like the bad MTV show version of the Friday Night Lights small town characters. Or a CW show rather. Everyone is annoying and whiny with cardboard cutout issues and almost everyone is a terrible actor. Then the tornado hits. Then stuff gets awesome.

See this movie in the theater! It wont translate as well to blu ray or DVD. When the storm finally hit you can literally feel the air on your legs and the rumble in the seats from how loud these terrors are and it is more of a ride than a movie suddenly. Into the Storm manages to put you inside of the situations it presents. You see what (I would imagine) it would be like to be in a school as it is hit by a tornado. Or in a car. Or outside. It does an amazing job of putting you in harms way.

For tornado lovers? Into the Storm gets way up inside these tornados. Its total tornado porn. You see parts of these things that you didn't even know you wanted to see. Really cool, inventive ideas and one of the coolest death scenes of all time. They don't get too political with a bunch of global warming junk either. This film is all about scaring the crap out of you and having a good time with it.

By the end of the film things get so intense your even able to become emotionally invested in the terrible one dimensional characters you hated so much at the start. Some things you cant fully recover from so as a movie this is an 8/10. As far as fun movie theater experiences go though..... it's a 10.
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This was the worst pile of garbage I've ever seen
joshlong19988 December 2014
Warning: Spoilers
The only thing that made this movie worth it is when the stupid ass storm chaser died at the end. I have wasted an hour and a half of my life, and I want to sue the people who put this horrible motion picture together. If I could rate this a zero, I would. It is filled of horrible acting, tired clichés, and predictability. This movie should of been a TV movie that nobody should dare to see. To the idiots who even rated this higher than a 2, I want to know what gave you the brain damage you have or what your crack dealers name is. To sum it up this was the worst movie I've ever seen and I feel sorry for anyone that has or will watch this.
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Bad script, bad acting, good FX (!) - failed "Twister" rip-off
bopdog10 August 2014
It is uncomfortable to say, because I don't want to hurt anyone's feelings, but this is a really awful movie. First, the trailers were very misleading. This flick is a limp 4th or 5th generation duplicate of "Twister" (1996; and an exciting and excellent weather adventure, with future Oscar winners Helen Hunt and Phillip Seymour Hoffman, as well as Cary Elwes and Alan Ruck, for example, and Bill Paxton recently Sargent Farrell from "Edge of Tomorrow" - all showing up with excellent actor skills, loads of charisma and talent). "Into the Storm" was NOTHING even remotely close to a finished, professional movie, let alone "Twister." Second: The "acting" was so bad it would look bad even if it was on a YouTube skit. I won't go into line-by-line analysis, and instead will just say it is wooden, emotionless, and so unconvincing I had to remind myself they were actors in the same movie - ANY movie.

The only way the acting could have been more dead and flat is if the actors held their Xeroxed copies of their scripts and read the lines verbatim.

Saying such things about a movie that maybe many people worked very hard to create and produce is not a good feeling. I promise, I am not trying to be mean-spirited, but you need to know what you are in for BEFORE you hire a baby sitter, make evening plans, and plunk down $40 for parking, a couple of tickets, and popcorn and drinks.

The actors are probably genuinely great and wonderful humans in whatever careers they have chosen... but please, please, PLEASE make that not acting.

BTW- The special effects were very good - maybe spectacular. The model building and FX shots were actually top-notch. Too bad the script was so lame, it could not make all that good looking disaster seem interesting.
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Very intense film with many aspects
thedukeof9016 August 2014
Very intriguing movie that I didn't know what to expect of when walking in. Was almost a mix between documentary and feature film. The graphics are incredible, the story is compelling, and very emotional. Will definitely be adding this one to my DVD purchase list. The direction is wonderful too- the camera angles, the pace of the film, as well as the acting. I had my jaw dropped at many points of this movie and there is some wonderful comic relief throughout. Definitely for fans of Twister and those who enjoy an action film packed with a storyline that is compelling emotionally. After leaving, I felt more aware of the recent natural disasters that have plagued the world- and almost feel it was a point for the filmmakers. This film puts you in a first-person perspective of what a storm of this nature is like, as well as the lives it affects. Anyone can see a news report and think how terrible it must be- but films like this really put it into a personal perspective.
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Was this supposed to be a movie??
Westeire30 October 2014
Rented "thinking" this was a movie, is more a docuvie. Lets run around with cameras recording while other cameras are recording us.. The special effects were not so special, they were awful. The acting was awful. The plot was bad, pretty much you could have called the movie Twister II. Predictable predictable...Nothing original. So much time is spent justifying the presence of all these cameras that no one bothered to create a single character worth rooting for.Unfortunately, long before the storm has blown itself out, the plot has long since come apart. Its one of those movies that quickly move from Cinema to rental and then to netflix quickly afterwards.
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I'm the girlfriend of a professional chaser, awful move, awful portrayals
smurfette36318 August 2014
Awesome graphics! The storyline about the kids and their dedication to family was touching. But those were the only good things about that movie. The stupid actors they hired to "portray" Oklahoma rednecks on the big screen just flat out made us mad. Literally wanted to walk out as soon as those stupid "rednecks" appeared on screen. Now, Hollywood, I know Oklahoma is like a ghost land to you but damn, at least Julia Roberts and Meryl Streep from August Osage County knew how to make "characters" from our state look ....classy and semi-normal behavior within families, but this movie about a small town in "Silverton Oklahoma" was worthless, non accurate and done in poor taste. Twister still remains the most amazing tornado movie to date and I highly doubt anyone will ever top it. Pfffttt to you dumb writers for a poorly told story. Try better or not at all.
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Slap to the face movie
taylorsagereed3 June 2015
Warning: Spoilers
This movie was a slap to the face.

I wasted two hours of my life watching this thing called a "movie". It was the worst thing that I have ever seen in my ENTIRE LIFE!! Seriously though....

1) First of all: the weather lady said that the winds were over 300 MPH. Simple cars and school buses were not torn to pieces by the strong winds. Oh my God, magic is real!!!

2) The powerful wind would have broken the cable that was connected to the storm drain.

3) Come on!! The director of this movie obviously doesn't know how fast 300 MPH wind is. Again with the wind! The weather car's little bitty windshield wipers stayed on just fine and they worked!

4) The teenagers stuck under the debris are making videos for their families because they know that they are going to die. Why in the crap are they making videos when they know they are going to die????? Save yourselves stupids!! Keep trying!! And plus, the camcorder was going to get destroyed by the water anyways.

5) When the school was FINALLY getting ripped apart by the wind, magically on one was hit by debris that was flying all over the place.

6) AGAIN WITH THE WIND: people are driving. They are driving and their cars aren't being lifted up, in fact, people weren't being lifted up either. They drove near the tornadoes and nothing, just nothing.

7) When the daredevil rednecks were very near one of the bigger tornadoes, they weren't blown away. How? How? Please tell me how!! Then finally they do get thrown around in the tornado and they are perfectly fine. There is not even one scratch on them. Debris is flying all over the place in the tornado. How did they not get hit? And how does the camera still work?

8) *chuckle* Oh don't put your phone up to your ear to see that it was not working. Ears can't see.

9) And don't even get me started on the acting!!!

10) The telephone lines were destroyed, yet the son sent his dad a voice mail. And it went through.

11) The weather car was said to stand up to 200 MPH winds when it is stuck in the ground. There was 300 MPH winds and it was not stuck in the ground. It drove okay and didn't get flipped over???

11) When the teenagers were stuck under the debris, you could clearly see water dripping in the hole. Yet, the water line did not rise.

In conclusion, this movie was crap. Obviously the director knows nothing about wind. Seriously? If you are going to make a movie like this, make it accurate!! But this was absolutely not something the director could accomplish.

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A very divisive disaster.
ftwisterboy12 September 2014
Into the Storm is a very polarizing film. For many, it's seen as a bland b-movie with bad acting. For others, they see the characters as sympathetic and the effects incredible.

I happen to fall in the latter.

Growing up, I adored the film Twister. I was always fascinated with storms, specifically tornadoes; I just find these long, destructive wind funnels absolutely mesmerizing. So when I first Twister, I was (pun intended) blown away by it. The special effects, especially for the time, we're fantastic, and the characters were enjoyable. You could tell that a lot of heart was put into the movies production.

So considering all this, it was always strange to me that tornadoes were never more popular for big-budget disaster movies. Floods, earthquakes, and even volcanoes get at least a few big films, but not tornadoes strangely enough. So my excitement reached unparalleled levels when I saw the trailer for Into the Storm. On opening day, I saw the movie, and I really enjoyed it. It wasn't perfect, no film is, but I found it to be a very enjoyable disaster movie. So you can imagine my disappointment that so many people ended up harshly judging the film. As of now, opinion is split about 50/50, but still many spew bile at the movie. Because of this, I thought I'd give my thoughts on the film.

Special Effects: This is definitely the strongest aspect of the film. Now the trailers have painted the effects in a bad light, making them look relatively poor. Please don't judge the effects on the trailer; when you actually see them on the big screen, they look fantastic. The tornadoes look incredible, and the destruction is messy, as you'd expect.

Story: I will concede that the story is incredibly simple, and that can be seen as a negative. However, being that the focus of the film is the tornadoes, the story isn't the most important aspect, and to be honest, sometimes a simple story is welcome for me. I don't always want long, complex background details told in flashbacks.

Characters: This has come under the most fire from critics in the film, calling them bland and badly acted. Well call me naive, but I disagree. While the characters aren't overly complex, this isn't the film that needs that. In regards to the bad acting, I also disagree; I thought that most characters did well with their role, and was able to sympathize with their problems. I even found them funny at times, and I know I wasn't the only one; at the theater I went to, it was a packed crowed, they were cracking up the funny moments as well.

So overall, this is film that I feel that you should at least see before you make your judgment. It's not a perfect film by any means, as it's story is quite simple and the characters the same. But it's made up in the fantastic effects and seeing a new big-budget disaster movie.

8/10 - Great film overall.
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Go watch Twister instead
TheFilmGuy122 December 2014
Quick story time. Twister was a film I watched as a very young kid, and I watched it over and over. Probably over 100 times. It holds a place in my heart to this day. It's not perfect, but it's fun. I think it also made me interested in storms and tornado's and rainy weather in general. So with that in mind, I was excited to watch this. I knew it probably wouldn't be a masterpiece, but I liked the idea of Twister as a found footage movie. But sadly I was disappointed. And I apologize for all the Twister comparisons that will be coming, but I have to do it.

Into The Storm is a film that has ideas that worked, but is mostly made up of silly, cheesy moments and really poorly written and cliché characters and drama. You look at Twister and you have the interesting relationship between Bill Paxtons character and Helen Hunt. They are divorced, but tornado chasing reignites their spark. But here, you get your typical father who wants to rescue his son, woman with a small kid at home, and all the other boring, one dimensional characters. So when there's drama, I kind of felt myself just watching without being invested. The only person I felt a little twang of sadness for was the victim of the "fire tornado", but that was short-lived. It's just full of boring characters that you can barely remember AS your watching, so good luck remembering them the day after you watched the movie. Twister has characters like Philip Seymore Hoffmans character who is eccentric in the best of ways, where as Into The Storm has... two drunken hillbillys that we are supposed to feel for and like cause... they are the "innocently dumb" kind of hicks you see in movies only. You get the idea.

Effects wise, I couldn't help but keep thinking about how good Twister looks to this day, and how it could probably hold it's own against this film. Perhaps this film had a larger scale, since it wrecks a town instead of emptier farm land, but some CGI left me disappointed. I also felt that Twister got the behavior of tornado's a little bit better. Twister is far from realistic, but Into The Storm had some eye roll worthy moments with how sudden the storms appear and disappear and come right for our protagonists. There are also some scenes that might work as an idea, but when executed are more cheesy than good. There's a moment at the end that I won't spoil, but it involves seeing the "heavenly light" above the tornado, and while it's a cool visual, it just doesn't work in a way I would like it to. But things like the massive tornado, the fire tornado, and some of the destruction did satisfy the part of me that just wanted to see some tornadoes destroy crap.

I personally will still stick with Twister. It's got waaaaay better characters, and just is a tighter film. A lot of people hate on it, but it's actually pretty fun and enjoyable. This, on the other hand, is weak. It's feels like a weaker, found footage movie version of Twister, mixed with Christian film level acting and writing. It's not that I didn't enjoy it, I just wanted more. Is it worth a watch for people who want to see some cool tornadoes and storms? Yeah I guess, but even then you still might be let down. Don't expect much, and you might like it.
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