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Season 1

20 May 2003
Ayu & Nina
Ayu is the only person in school who knows her best friend Nina's secret. Nina is a witch-in-training who can't seem to perfect her magic skills. She tries to use her powers to unite Ayu and her crush, Tetsushi Kaji, but she ends up causing more harm than good!
May 2003
Boy Meets Girl
Yuta, Nina's childhood friend and fellow magician, asks Ayu to show him around the town. Compared to Nina, Yuta is very proficient in magic, but he gets carried away and uses his magic skills for the wrong reasons.
3 Jun. 2003
Change Over
Ayu duels with Tsujiai in a tennis match for the ages.
17 Jun. 2003
Ayu, Nina, and their friends search for a hidden room in their school. The room may contain the Holy Stone that Nina needs to find in order to become a better magician. Meanwhile, a girl in a dark cloak roams around their school. Who is this mysterious girl?
24 Jun. 2003
Fight Over
The tennis and baseball teams go to a training camp in the forest, and Nina is invited to come along. While the students go on an adventure trek to test their courage, Nina goes off in search of the Holy Stone. But Nina's childhood friend Maya tries to beat her to it. In the meantime, Ayu loses her composure at the sight of a ghost and ruins her cool image.
8 Jul. 2003
Hello, Little Girls
Nina's little triplet cousins come from the Magic Kingdom to help her find the Holy Stones. But they just make it harder for Nina to keep her true identity a secret. To make matters worse, the triplets go off on their own, leaving Ayu and Nina in a desperate search for them before they cause any more trouble!
15 Jul. 2003
Yuta gets a hold of important information regarding one of the Holy Stones, but when Nina tells him to leave her alone, he decides to help Maya instead. Why would he betray Nina? Now, Ayu and Nina must find the Holy Stone before Maya gets to it!
22 Jul. 2003
Jack Straw
Ayu sleeps over at Nina's house to study for a test together. Maya creates a voodoo doll out of her jealousy over Nina's first Holy Stone. The doll is supposed to scare Nina and stop her from finding any more stones, but it only ends up frightening Ayu!
29 Jul. 2003
Knight Spirit
Maya's eager to please butler, Sebastian, comes for a visit. But he disrupts everybody studying at the library by spilling a potion that makes things on paper come to life! Can Nina find a way to undo the magic potion?
5 Aug. 2003
Lovesick Night
Kaji and Tsujiai invite Ayu and Nina to go see the fireworks near Ayu's house. But Ayu doesn't have a yukata to wear! Nina makes one for Ayu using her magic, but during the evening, the yukata starts to dissolve!
12 Aug. 2003
Magic Vest
Nina accidentally sells her dad's magic vest at the flea market to her teacher. Now, Ayu and Nina have to find their teacher before the magic vest plays any tricks on him. But will they find him before he makes a fool of himself in front of his crush?
19 Aug. 2003
Negative Girl
Maya's friend Luna comes to visit. Luna is a girl that suffers from bad luck, and when she gets a crush on Kaji, she begins giving him all sorts of strange gifts. Unfortunately for her, Kaji mistakes the gifts as some sort of bad prank.
26 Aug. 2003
Orange Stone
When Maya finds out that one of the Holy Stones is near Tsujiai's house, she starts hanging out with him, and rumors circulate that the two are dating. Tsujiai invites Kaji, Ayu, and Nina to his beach house, and Maya follows them in hopes of finding the Holy Stone.
Sep. 2003
Pinch Hitter
Kaji is hospitalized after getting knocked out by a pitch during a baseball game. Ayu and Nina want to go visit him, but Akiho won't let them.
9 Sep. 2003
Tsujiai witnesses a magical happening.
16 Sep. 2003
R & B
Upon receiving an invitation to a club, Nina decides to transform herself and Ayu into older versions of themselves so they can go. At the club, they run into a couple of people they recognize, but more importantly, Nina starts to feel the presence of a Holy Stone! Will she be able to get her second stone?
23 Sep. 2003
Stand by Me
Nina's grandpa tries to cause a rift between Ayu and Nina so that Nina can concentrate on collecting the rest of the Holy Stones to become the princess of the Magic Kingdom. He plays a lot of tricks on Ayu, but their friendship is too strong to break!
30 Sep. 2003
Ayu and Nina wonder who Kaji likes, and Nina comes up with something that would make him confess his true feelings. But before they find out his crush, Nina discovers that Kaji is not as nice as he pretends to be, but Ayu doesn't believe her when she tries to warn her.
7 Oct. 2003
Ayu begins to worry that Nina may have a crush on Kaji too. Meanwhile, Kaji tells Nina that he likes Ayu, and Nina convinces him to ask her out. But when he does, Ayu gives him an unexpected answer. Why would she refuse to give in to her true feelings?
14 Oct. 2003
Virgin Love
Students have started talking about Ayu and Kaji dating, making it a little awkward at school. Nina flunks an English test and has to focus on studying for school rather than for her magic skills. Meanwhile, Maya devises a magical plant that steals the hearts of girls in love and puts Ayu's new relationship in danger!
21 Oct. 2003
Wonderful Night
Nina decides to tell Kaji that she comes from the Magic Kingdom, and the girls become closer with Kaji and Tsujiai. Yuta comes by to give Ayu two pairs of tickets for a magical ride around town. Meanwhile, a mysterious man visits the principal of Nina's school to inquire about her and Maya.
28 Oct. 2003
When there's a class costume party, Ayu and Nina look to literary inspiration.
4 Nov. 2003
Yes, I Like You
Maya sucks all of her classmates and teachers into the dark zone, and it is up to Nina to save them. But Maya's black magic interferes with Nina's powers, and she can't use her computer properly. Yuta warns her that the dark zone is powerful enough to steal her Holy Stones.
11 Nov. 2003
Zoom In
Nina has mixed feelings after an unexpected visitor appears before her. She has achieved her goal of collecting all of the Holy Stones, but she doesn't want to let go of the friends she has made. After returning to the Magic Kingdom, Nina decides to set things right.

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