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Mandy Is Announced as the Newest WWE Diva & Not Everyone Is Happy About It: Watch to See Who's Throwing Her Shade

There's a new Diva named Mandy in town, and not everyone is excited about it. In this clip from Tuesday's episode of Total Divas, the VP of Talent Relations, Mark Carrano, gathers the Divas for a "mandatory meeting." "Our boss Mark Carrano tells us that we have a mandatory meeting," Alicia Fox says. "These meetings are scary because they can either be really good or really bad. They can say, 'Oh you're going to Fashion Week!' Or they can say, 'Oh you're off the road for a year.'" Mark starts off by talking to the Divas about SummerSlam and then he tells them there's a second announcement. He then goes out into the hall and brings in...
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WWE Writing King Barrett Off Television

It wasn’t a great week for King Barrett after losing at SummerSlam in a tag match and then being attacked by his SummerSlam partner, Stardust. He was hit with Stardust’s finisher and rolled out of the ring because he’s been written off television.

Barrett mentioned on Twitter recently that he was filming a new WWE Studios film called “Eliminators” in September. Normally the filming of WWE movies takes about six weeks, so it’s likely that he won’t be back on WWE television for a few months.

In other Barrett news, he also recently changed his Twitter display name to Stu Bennett, which is his real name. He also noted that he was headed to England.

Heading home. Not a moment too soon.
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SummerSlam 2015: Seth Rollins Beats John Cena and 12 More Moments We Can't Stop Talking About

SummerSlam 2015: Seth Rollins Beats John Cena and 12 More Moments We Can't Stop Talking About
Let's get ready to rumble! Summer isn't even close to being over until the WWE hosts their annual SummerSlam tournament. Like always, millions of viewers tuned in Sunday night for plenty of blood, sweat and tears as the best wrestlers in the business competed for the top title. Whether you were looking for A-list star sightings, rooting for your favorite Total Divas or just hoping for a giant smack-down, chances are you got exactly what you wanted. But if you were somehow unable to miss out on the annual tradition, we have you covered. Check out 13 moments we couldn't help but love during Sunday's wrestling extravaganza.   1. Sheamus' afro and just plain wild facial...
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Spoiler: See Arrow Star Stephen Amell Impress In His WWE Summerslam Match

As expected, Stephen Amell and Adrian Neville won their tag team match against Wade Barrett and Stardust at WWE Summerslam earlier tonight. The Arrow actor is clearly in great shape and has an athletic background, but even taking that into account I don't think anyone expected him to be involved to the extent he was. Amell looked very comfortable right from the off with a confident springboard-jump into the ring, and even flew from the top rope at one point, taking down his opponents on the outside. He did not debut the Arrow season 4 costume as many thought he might, but to be fair, that may have been a tad hokey... even by WWE standards! Here are some snippets of action in gif form for you to take a look at. What did you think of the match and Summerslam as a whole? What a way to enter the match by @amellywood!
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Stephen Amell To Wrestle Stardust At WWE SummerSlam

There will be a celebrity match at this year’s SummerSlam when actor Stephen Amell goes one one with Stardust.

As we noted a few days ago, following their brief altercation at ringside on Raw, there is a plan in place for the star of TV’s Arrow to return to WWE. While a match was considered a possibility, it has now been confirmed by celebrity news website Hollywood Life, who reported that the match will take place at SummerSlam on August 23 in Brooklyn, New York.

While the match hasn’t been confirmed by WWE or Stardust yet, Amell did reference it in a tweet saying he had “wrestling moves to learn.” The article also notes that “WWE and Stephen are deciding if he should wrestle as himself or Arrow” and that we should know that answer within a few weeks. If he worked as Arrow it could
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4 Positives And 4 Negatives From WWE Battleground

Battleground will go down as one of the more underwhelming PPVs in recent memory. It really seems to serve solely as a placeholder event, with very little resolved. The immediate reaction has been generally negative, and with good reason. Like a car stuck in the mud, WWE’s tires were spinning Sunday night, but the vehicle didn’t really go anywhere.

However, there are a couple glimmers of hope buried within this subpar special event, a few things that hopefully provide something to build upon. But let’s not try to polish this one up too much: even some of the positive developments from Sunday night are tempered by some drawbacks.

So as WWE begins its careening course toward SummerSlam, what actually emerged from Battleground? And how do these developments fit the narrative going forward?

4 Positives…

4. Aj And Paige Finally Have A Real Title Match

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Total Divas Brie Bella Takes a Huge Hit and Loses WWE SummerSlam Diva Match to Natalya

Total Divas Brie Bella Takes a Huge Hit and Loses WWE SummerSlam Diva Match to Natalya
Don't let this picture fool you, Brie Bella got her butt kicked.   In every episode of Total Divas, we see a slight feud between Brie Bella and Natalya (Nattie) but it reared it's beautiful Diva head in the WWE SummerSlam Diva match. Brie was there to prove that she's a Diva veteran and Nattie was there to show her what a real Diva veteran looks like.   The week leading up to SummerSlam was full of mini Twitter wars between the Divas and the intensity between them continued to grow until it was time to prove it. Then it got even more intense...   In Nattie's corner, The Funkadactyls (Trinity and Ariane) were there and cheared her on for support....
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WWE Payback Review: Was It The Best PPV Of 2013 So Far?

WWE Payback, formerly known as No Way Out/Over the Limit has an unfortunate slot on the WWE calender, its place midway between Wrestlemania and Summerslam means it’s a sort of throw away pay per view. One to just keep plotlines going until Money in the Bank and Summerslam hit us one after the other.

However on Sunday night Payback stood strong and provided us with possibly the best PPV of the year so far. Entertaining matches from start to finish and a number of title changes made this a gripping 3 hours of wrestling.

Here’s my match by match breakdown of the event….

Curtis Axel Vs Miz Vs Wade Barrett (Ic title)

The absence of Fandango from this match had killed a little of my interest coming into the event but these three soon proved that they could put on a show without the dancing star in what

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