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Just skip it
magda_butra18 January 2018
It starts with a chase in the forest in the middle of the night. Girl falls into the water, Varg is jumping after her. Girl survives the fall, but then she gets strangled. After the autopsy the conclusion is that it was an accident, so Varg starts to dig, suspecting a murder. He got dragged into the case because of Karin, who as a social worker, had the girl under her custody. After her death, she is paying attention to her friend, Amina (Sarah Bintu Sakor). At some point it is already too late for Varg to stop the investigation, even after Karin asked him to leave it. Everyone wants to help poor Amina, but no one understands why. I also don't understand. She is just another amoeba. The only woman that is doing anything and has a seed of character is Ellen Wantu (Fumi Desalu-Vold). The viewer cannot be sure about anything that concerns Ellen, who is she and which side of power she supports.

I don't get that movie at all. I don't like anything here. Bad plot, a lot of cliches, bunch of extremely stupid decisions and on top of that Varg and Karin are arguing. Because what was not yet in Varg's life? Human trafficking! It concerns mainly girls from the Third World, so Ukraine and Uganda. And of course all men from the upper class are involved. Just no. Skip it.
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