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Season 1

5 Sep. 2012
Episode #1.1
1957:-Teen-aged Charmian Powell has a stultifying home life, dominated by her stern,headmaster father so that when she meets the charming, older Ronnie Biggs - a man with a criminal past - on a train she sees a means of escape from her family background. Ronnie persuades her to steal two hundred pounds from the bullion firm for which she works, which they use to elope to the South Coast. However they are caught and Ronnie goes back to prison whilst Charmian receives a suspended sentence. On his release they marry and have two children, Ronnie vowing to go straight and...
12 Sep. 2012
Episode #1.2
Along with Reynolds and his gang Ronnie takes part in a violent attack on the Royal Mail train,stealing over two million pounds and brings home his share of the loot. Charmian is appalled and does not share her husband's view that he will get away with it and is proved right when he is arrested. Despite pleading not guilty he is sentenced to thirty years in prison. The house is beset by journalists and Charmian threatened by a gun-toting stranger demanding a cut of the spoils but rescued by Ruby Wright and her son Alan,friends of the fugitive Reynolds. However ...
19 Sep. 2012
Episode #1.3
Charmian has an affair with Alan but finds herself visiting a back street abortionist after she falls pregnant. Ruby threatens to tell Ronnie unless Charmian pays her but Charmian has a better use for her cash - financing Ronnie's escape with fellow convict Eric Flower. Obtaining false passports in the name of Furminger the family flees to Australia where Ronnie gets hotel work in Adelaide. They are joined by Flower and his wife Julie,with whom Charmian is angry for telling her mother of her location. Having given birth to a third child Charmian is also unsettled to ...
26 Sep. 2012
Episode #1.4
After Ronnie's picture appears in an Australian magazine as a wanted man he and Charmian and the boys move to Melbourne where she gets a job in a biscuit factory and he works as a foreman on a building site. However,when his picture flashes up on the evening news he decides to leave the country and goes into hiding. Charmian is arrested and the boys put into care but she raises money for a lawyer by selling her story to the press and is eventually freed and reunited with her children. She goes to see Ronnie for one last time as he sets sail for Rio De Janeiro,where ...
3 Oct. 2012
Episode #1.5
Whilst waiting to join Ronnie in Rio Charmian is devastated when eldest son Nicky is killed in a car crash and she smuggles a letter to Ronnie to inform him. She keeps strong by taking a university degree as a mature student whilst fighting off the unwanted attentions of married Craig. Meanwhile Ronnie is visited in Rio by Jack Slipper after giving an interview to a tabloid reporter but cannot be extradited as he has impregnated girlfriend Raimunda,giving him a claim to stay in Brazil. Charmian takes the boys to see him to discuss divorce,on the assumption that they ...

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