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This Movie is for people who want to laugh, laugh and LAUGH!!!
puninder-bhatia2 July 2012
The Movie is complete comedy pack. Diljit surely rocked it big time, I have sorted liking his acting too, he has come up very well after his last flick - "Jihney Mera Dil Luteya" which was a hit too.

The movie is a typical love story but its the script and one liner Punjabi jokes which makes the movie a laughter show. The one liners and script can make any one laugh throughout. The music is fantastic, the best one is the entry of the song "Pooja Kivein AA", just brilliant.

I recommend this movie for every person of any age with a taste for a good Punjabi. If you understand Punjabi - this is a treat waiting for you.

Loved it.
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Awesome entertainer...must watch!!!
navdeep-singh57129 June 2012
After repeatedly watching the teasers and songs of this movie on the internet and TV, I was really expecting a smash hit laughter burst out of this movie and my expectations came to be true. Diljit Singh Dosanjh was perfect in his role and made the audience laugh and smile throughout the movie.Neeru Bajwa as always was charming and did justice to her part.The roles of Jaswinder Bhalla and Upasna Singh were also well dealt with.Rana Ranbir played his part well also.The best part was the epic dialogues of the movie which kept the people tied down to their seats and I also jumped out laughing on couple of them.The songs were extremely good.Overall a must watch.It is worth your time and money.
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"Pollywood" shines as Bollywood decline
"Jatt and Juliet" simply become one of the best comedy Punjabi movie ever made, most of the dialogues in this movie are in typical Punjabi "Malwayi" accent,which is pretty common in punjab's villages.

For Daljit, as a villager "pendu" Jatt Fateh Singh, execution of dialogues are pretty natural, the way he use mild swear word "sala" makes the dialogues more natural lolz :D.Those who know "pure" Punjabi language, this movie is a real treat to watch.

Some movies goers from cities find many dialogues hard to understand hahaha, a girl who was sitting beside me in theater was asking several question like "what is jaag??" "what is vaak?" even for some viewers, word "doomna" is new lolz..but viewers from villages (like me:D ) really enjoy the movie.

now Compare this Punjabi comedy with bollywood "comedies" like "kya cool hain hum"(trailers shows how the quality of comedy decline in bollywood movies).
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Dozens Of Comedy and Must Watch Movie
khalsa_jimmy29 June 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Yeah ! Jatt and Juliet gives a flow of laugh and you may cry of laughing in some scenes. After the success of Desi Romeos we were expecting something more great fun and Jatt and Juliet full fills that expectations . I am thinking that why you are reading this . JUST GO AND WATCH IT NOW . In some movies you find that their is a tons of comedy scene in the first half of the movie but after interval you were starting getting bored but this movie don't upsets you . It is a family movie and one can enjoy it so much that he/she can't stop laughing . I bet you will not turn your face from the movie screen . After every comedy scene you may thing that now its the end of comedy but then a more funny scene and yeah ! Neeru Bajwa And Diljit just ROCKS once again . Thanks to the crew and especially the lyricist and the director, producer.

Now don't waste your time here just book your ticket now and enjoy the movie .GO ! GO ! GO ! .
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The funniest punjabi movie EVERRR!!!
sharon_mic9 July 2012
When it comes to comedy, I don't hesitate admitting that I am one of those who rarely find stuff funny and are hard to please. I am one of the few who think Bollywood comedies these days really suck! I have hated all the akshay kumar and babbu mann crap in the movies.

When I first saw the trailer for this movie,I'd say I liked it. But I still didn't have any high expectations because I know that punjabi movies may start off well, but eventually fall flat and predictable once the couplefalls in love. Cuz then their parents don't agree and blah blah blah.

Coming back to Jatt and Juliet, this movie is drop dead hilarious!! This is the one movie that makes you laugh every single moment!! And yes, I am not exaggerating! Diljit and Neeru couldn't be any better. Diljit is the one singer who knows acting (unlike most others), and the movie couldn't be the same with anybody else but Neeru Bajwa. They don't sing the bollywood-like romantic songs. This movie has the original punjabi flavor to all the comedy and the romance and this is the USP!! If you understand punjabi at all, I 'd say go for it. This is the one not to be missed!!
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Excellent movie with a consistent and easy flow!
balrajsd14 July 2012
After seeing all the promo on Facebook about this movie, I decided to check out the movie with the family. I've just gotten back from the theatre and I must say that I was thoroughly impressed and enjoyed the movie very much!! The movie had your typical storyline of guy & girl, but was done tastefully. The producer was able to maintain a consistent storyline throughout the movie. I've seen too Punjabi movies where the storyline is very weak and is thrown off by side stories or jokes. The storyline was consistent and Diljit and Neeru did a great job at playing their roles throughout the movie. Diljit and Neeru made a great combination the screen and were able to make a modern movie that also worked for families. Neeru was able to maintain a conservative profile on screen but looked pretty hot throughout the movie. Diljit's pugh's were looking pretty crisp throughout the movie as well. I especially liked his pugh style and the way he was able to match his outfit as well. This was a great movie for folks outside of India, but was very consistent with the themes and popular culture within Punjab right now as well.

Too often we see Punjabi movies that go overboard on depicting a lifestyle of "Canada, UK or US" that is not consistent with reality. The producer was able to really capture the essence of Canada and Punjab really well. The produce was also able to incorporate "Jennifer" the gori into the movie really well. The incorporation of the gori was introduced well and also incorporated within the storyline showing that Neeru and Diljit were still the the key focus.

My last point regarding the movie was that given the influences of western society on Punjab, the movie was very tasteful. Neeru and Diljit were great in showing the true essence of Punjabi's. Keep it up!
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back to true humour--decency and simplicity
aniabhi25 February 2016
Its hard to understand Punjabi for those who have been away from it for a while. But this movie makes you want to learn again, because how beautifully it uses the language. The main star of the movie is the script.

And next of course is the director---and even though at number three, the chemistry of main stars, their excellent comic timing, and natural dialogue delivery adds to the charm of the film.

This film will be remembered for ages to come, simply for its witty dialogue that are true to the language--Punjabi and take the viewers on a ride filled with laughter
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A laugh riot
CriticGirl9129 April 2015
This is a perfect stress buster movie. If you go to the theater for pure entertainment, then this movie is for you.

The script of the film makes sense, and is very funny. It's a situational comedy. Diljit's character is annoying, yet very lovable, and Neeru is the perfect snob. Their acting is perfect. I also loved the supporting caste, and Arminder's special appearance is a treat.

What is striking about the movie is that it is very good-looking compared to most Punjabi films. The attempt to make it on a bollywood scale is visible and successful. The music is brilliant for a Punjabi film as well. The last film I remember of this stature is Yaar Anmmulle.

Overall, this film makes for family viewing and is a must-watch!
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