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Terrible, I mean really terrible
tongueswirlshinebox6 October 2013
This is the worst movie I've watched since Dead Cop, which starred Joe Piscopo. The acting was fine so I can't blame any of the actors, they just didn't have anything to work with. The story was non-existent. I agree with the reviewer above. It's a bad knock-off of High Fidelity, except there's no chemistry between the characters (bad casting) and there's no story behind it. Whoever wrote this is probably very self-involved. BTW, the spoiler alert couldn't apply to this movie because absolutely nothing happens. I couldn't ruin this for you if I tried.

Don't waste your time, seriously.
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major disappointment, really BORING
beeeeeewitched29 October 2013
I really wanted to like this film. I like many of the actors, but probably 5 minutes into the film I was bored to death. I was checking the clock every minute, honestly. I see no point in it, nothing to keep the viewers interested, involved. I just didn't care about any of the characters and the main character came off as an idiot, someone I could not only not imagine being a writer or a teacher, but a guy so many women would be into. I only watched it until the end, because I know these actors are good, but no actor could have made a difference, when the main concept of the film is just useless, non existent. I felt the whole thing was just pointless. Major disappointment.
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Not a comedy
Gordon-112 December 2013
This film is about a writer who visits his ex-girlfriends to make amends before his wedding.

In "Some Girl(s)" we see the man visiting five ex-girlfriends, who all have different reactions to his visit. The reactions are quite real, especially the first one who claims that she is fine after fifteen years, but in fact not. The emotional roller coaster is quite striking and memorable, so it is a good start to a film. The second one I didn't quite like, then there is an older woman who is manipulative and smart. The fourth one is about a young girl whose subplot is a little disturbing. The main story is probably the end one with Kristen Bell, as there is a shocking revelation twist ending which attempts to make the film more memorable, but does not have the intended effect.

"Some Girl(s)" is an alright drama, but it is definitely not a comedy.
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The Dialogue Seems Improvised
marshagentry22 March 2014
I'm wondering if the main character is making the rounds to his various ex-girlfriends to gather material for his next novel. The trips down memory lane are vague and general, without specifics. Adam Brody's character doesn't remember details. Was he emotionally connected to any of them, or is this lazy writing? The actors are great. Adam Btody has turned into a hunk since The O.C. He's awfully cute.

At first our writer seems to have matured into a sensitive person. He wants to be faithful to his fiancée. Later, he refers to her as just some girl who's going to nursing school. Diminishing a current girlfriend is not impressive. This characterization is confusing and inconsistent, These actors do a great job with what little that have. Dialog needs to be more specific and more colorful.

As another reviewer suggested, this seems to have evolved from a play. No action. Most of the "in-action" takes place in the hotel room.
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LaBute's Latest Just Amounts to Pretentious Babble
larrys315 December 2013
Warning: Spoilers
In my opinion, Neil LaBute's latest film just ends up amounting to pretentious babble. He wrote the screenplay, based on his stage play, but the direction here is done by Daisy von Scherler Mayer.

Prior to his impending marriage, Adam Brody (he's given no name in the movie) is traveling around the country trying to find and meet with five women from his past that's he's selected. Apparently, he feels he's wronged them in some way and is trying to make sure all can be forgiven and forgotten. He's a teacher and writer, with his latest article, in The New Yorker magazine, on his relationships with women receiving lots of acclaim and even getting him a movie deal.

The five women he meets, in order of appearance are Jennifer Morrison, Mia Maestro, Emily Watson, Zoe Kazan, and Kristen Bell. All these actresses are very talented and perform well in their meeting with Brody, with Bell's performance a real stand-out, in my opinion.

However, we soon see that these attempted amends by Brody are half-hearted and insincere, not honest attempts like you might find in a 12-step program. The conversations end up being very awkward, talky, at times mean-spirited, and quite pretentious.

Very late in the film, we get a twist in the plot that makes the whole film just seem even more seamy and ugly.

I would say, although this may work better on stage, it doesn't have the sharp and cohesive dialog to work on screen, and never meshed for me as entertainment. A disappointment from Neil LaBute.
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Wow like I couldn't disagree more
RNMorton8 December 2014
I haven't seen this all the way through but I have seen bits and pieces periodically on cable, including repeated viewings of portions. Brody goes on a tour as it were of some past girlfriends and other lovers right before he is scheduled to get married. Why does he do this? What is his purpose? He would have you believe that he wants to make amends for those he harmed along the way, or could it be that he wants a final shot at each? Hard to tell (well for some maybe) but as he goes along, ala The Swimmer, we begin to learn more and more about who he really is. Kristen Bell is also welcome but I thought Zoe Kazan as Reggie was just magical. Nice work.
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A movie with good acting but the main character is so unlikeable that it makes the movie hard to watch. I give it a B-.
cosmo_tiger3 November 2013
"I wrote down the names of the women I felt remotely responsible for our problems. I narrowed it down to 5 who I felt were truly essential to me and where I am at now as a person." When a writer (Brody) decides to get married he makes a list of his former girlfriends and visits the top 5 one last time to bring closure to all the relationships. One by one he is told what they think of him and why they feel the way they do. He not only questions his current relationship but his past actions as well. This is a movie that is hard to review. First of all the idea and acting are good and it is obvious that this was written as a stage play. In order to really feel for the characters you have to not really even like them but you must respect them. Bad guys are interesting, you don't like them but you respect the character and his role. Adam Brody's character in this is so unlikeable you almost hate him and really have no respect for what he is doing. The more women he talks to the more you begin to despise the guy and by the end I really ended up hating everything about the guy. The test for a good movie is one that makes you feel certain emotions. By that standard this was a good movie, but this isn't really one I can recommend because Brody's character really could go down as one of the worst people in the history of cinema. I guess to see what I mean is a reason to watch. Overall, good movie but I can't recommend it. I give it a B-.
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On the brink of marriage, a man arranges reunions with his top five ex-loves.
daikerda-684-50090512 April 2014
Warning: Spoilers
Some Girl(s) is one of the most original and interesting films I've ever seen. I know that many others have found it "boring" and "pointless," but for me it is fascinating, focused, and brilliant.

The film builds through each of its five major episodes to present the central male character as a charming predator, what his ex-girl-friend Bobbi (Kristen Bell) calls an "emotional terrorist." Nameless throughout, perhaps to suggest his universality, the Man emerges at the male equivalent of the femme fatal, the homme fatal.

Although reviewers have compared the movie unfavorably to High Fidelity, it is by no means a comedy. You won't find Jack Black anywhere around. No, Some Girls is drama, quietly intense drama. As the Man meets with each of his five former loves, the pattern becomes clear: after using his charm, good looks, and perceived decency (!) to win deep love, he suddenly bolts—usually for another woman and often without a word of explanation or apology but always inflicting severe emotional wounds. He is, as Bobbi says, "a killer, an assassin." He is, in the words of Lindsay (Emily Watson), "vampiric," someone who sucks the life out of everyone who cares for him. "People get hurt," Bobbi says. "A part of them dies and never comes back."

Although the Man has arranged these meetings to "make amends" for his past actions, they instead inflict additional pain on the women by forcing them to relive his rejection—and to acknowledge his cruelty. "It hurts," Tyler (Mia Maestro) says.

What makes Some Girl(s) the opposite of comedy is that the Man never learns his lesson, never acknowledges the harm that he has done. As the film concludes, he is flirting with the flight attendant: he will surely find a way to escape from his current fiancée. No happy ending here.

Some Girl(s) is the frighteningly compelling portrait of a consummate narcissist who will continue to justify preying on women who care for him. Beware!
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great actresses but kind of pretentious
SnoopyStyle3 November 2014
Adam Brody plays a successful unnamed writer who is on the verge of getting married. He meets his high school sweetheart Sam (Jennifer Morrison) whom he left before prom instead of staying on the path to marriage. She is now a married mom back in their hometown with a stable husband. Then there is Taylor (Mía Maestro) who is single and just wants to have fun. His married college professor Lindsay (Emily Watson) who feels slighted after their affair and eventually him writing about it. Reggie (Zoe Kazan) is his former best friend's little sister remembering her 12th birthday. Bobbi (Kristen Bell) is the love of his life who has an identical twin Billie.

This starts with an interesting scene between Brody and Morrison. It's funny and awkward. Then I think the movie follows the wrong character. He's uninteresting, pretentious, and really really whiny. At least, she has a family that could give some real human interactions. For most of the movie, he is annoyingly clueless like he's not a real human being. The ending helps explain some of that but it's too little too late. Most people wouldn't stick around till the end. It's frustrating to watch this.

The other problem is that the interactions are too static. It doesn't have any cinematic style and can't justify jumping from a play to a movie. The scenes need movement desperately.
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What this movie needed is a Woody Allen
BenmoDellaDetta14 December 2013
I remember seeing something similar a few years back in Europe, a mo- mental laps us is denying me to pin point it, but I'm sure it wasn't a french movie.

This movie can be a studied case in art, movies schools, academies, you name it, lesson to learn: good and skilled actors, good direction and cinematography cannot compensate a bad script, more precisely, bad dialogues in some instance is just infantile.

What this movie needed is a Woody Allen type of dialogue. They try, commendable, but it's a failure, maybe not a financial one, looks like they didn't had a generous budget.
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Knock Off With less tasteful music
potter-randy30 September 2013
This film is just an unabashed knockoff of High Fidelity, except the music is less in focus and more like a chick flick. might enjoy it more. High Fidelity follows the 'mid-life' crisis of Rob, a thirty-something record-store owner who must face the undeniable facts - he's growing up. In a hilarious homage to the music scene, Rob and the wacky, offbeat clerks that inhabit his store expound on the intricacies of life and song all the while trying to succeed in their adult relationships. Are they listening to pop music because they are miserable? Or are they miserable because they listen to pop music? This romantic comedy provides a whimsical glimpse into the male view of the affairs of the heart. Written by
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good or bad; crazy or interesting
paulineaerens20 December 2013
I just found this film very confusing, I can't say if it was bad or good, I honestly don't know, that's why I came here to read the others their reviews. I keep asking myself: "Was the subject of the movie useless or not? Is there more meaning to it? What does the writer want to tell us, there must be some kind of explanation. I think the writer tried to show the audience something, but it didn't come across. The film wasn't boring at all! The scenes with that young girl and Kristen bell were so crazy interesting, I just kept on staring and being shocked, I even caught myself looking like a freak, while watching this movie. I can't even write a review about this movie, I'm that confused. I just hope more people could watch this movie and tell me what they were thinking. It wasn't bad, there were some fantastic scenes in there, so give it a chance I need closure, I seriously do!
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Good Film But Emily Watson Truly Shines Like A Supernova - A Reconsideration
JohnLeeT3 June 2013
With a cast like this it is amazing that one actor is particularly strong and that her unique genius stands out from the others. Arguably the greatest actor working in cinema today, Emily Watson shines as a super nova when she appears as the "older" woman the young student had once been involved with. Straight-laced and reserved, Watson sets the screen on fire with a simmering sexuality much like that she displayed so brilliantly in Gosford Park. It is subtle and smoldering but one senses it could explode like napalm at any moment, engulfing us all in the searing heat of her unbridled passion. The young man seems to be clueless and never realizes what he once had. The fool is blind and unworthy of this very special woman. However, the audience sees it clearly and it is this part of the film that rivets attention more than any other. As an actor, Watson is a undeniably an acting powerhouse and it is her presence in this small film that will capture the notice of worldwide audiences. While the motion picture is rather weak and misses the mark it could have easily hit, Emily Watson knocks it out of the park as usual and the brilliance of her performance sheds its light on the other cast members, especially Brody, an actor that hopefully has benefited from working with such an esteemed and respected genius as Ms. Emily Watson. Her work here is nothing less than staggering as the proof is made clear that she is most certainly an overwhelmingly exceptional actor, one so gifted that she defies description and no accolade is equal to her talent. It is undeniably true that this film would have passed into oblivion if not for her presence and the gravitas she brings to the project. Some Girl(s) must be seen by those who appreciate acting magnificence and realize Ms. Emily Watson is the supremely greatest actor working in any medium today. See this film to bask in the radiant light of her genius and to witness another of her tremendous screen triumphs. Such a performance, one that touches the very soul of an audience and moves it so incredibly deeply, is unforgettable in its power. To miss Watson in this film is to deny oneself the opportunity to see why all others in her profession believe she virtually defines acting at its most majestic.

5/24/14: Following a recent second viewing of this little film at a revival theater, I feel absolutely compelled to once again express my profoundest astonishment at the brilliant performance of Emily Watson and to share newly discovered insights into her art. She is simply electric in this film and her encounter in the hotel room with her former lover is one of the most sensuous scenes ever recorded on film. This is not due to any gratuitous nudity or graphic sex but the very simple removal of Watson's skirt and the way she moves in a white slip beneath. It is touchingly awkward yet so very, very seductive. She is a bit plump, a woman approaching middle age, but her sexuality is overwhelming and will leave most men aching with desire, and many women as well. Most males will feel incredulous that the young man in the film let this treasure slip through his fingers and disgust with the stupid cad will border on rage. Upon the second viewing, Watson's sensuousness becomes even more stunning. She seems to grow more uniquely beautiful as the years pass and no man that appreciates what a real woman looks like will ever forget her after seeing Watson's contribution to what would otherwise be a far less stellar motion picture. It is a wondrous performance during which Emily Watson virtually leaves the screen in flames and witnesses to the artistic inferno are unavoidably singed by her blazing gifts as an actor. A second viewing is absolutely essential to a complete appreciation of the finest actor of our time.

8/27/2014 - Rented this again tonight and found myself so deeply moved that I simply felt the overwhelming desire to share the fact that even upon multiple viewings, Emily Watson's powerful performance remains supremely majestic. One can never grow used to such greatness and again I was staggered, overwhelmed by her talent, beauty, and stunning cinema presence.
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Don't watch
amyalmeidax25 December 2015
Warning: Spoilers
When watching this movie you should keep in mind that your time is precious and cannot be relived. What's the point of this movie? There isn't one. This was literally the worse movie I've EVER seen! The whole movie I was bored out my mind, I only continued watching because I had to know how it ended. The whole movie just felt like a dragged out introduction to something that never happened. The main character just goes around seeing these girls and nothing happens. He just sees his past lovers then goes home. Don't bother watching.. not even of there's nothing else to watch. Btw I only gave this a 1 out pf 10 because there's nothing lower!
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This is a Daisy von Scherlee Mayer docu-drama, a series of
bonanza36018 May 2014
The pretext is to "clear the air" with respect to his past faux pas. It is probably unwatchable except for the charm of the lead, Brody, who in real life describes himself as a secular Jew. Brody is in every scene so if he's not one of your favorites, skip this film. (Brody previously starred in the long running television series "The OC".) The former flames include Lindsay (Emily Watson), Reggie (Zoe Kazan) and Bobbi (Kristen Bell). They are all engaging and it is fun to speculate with whom, if any, Brody will end up.

The meetings are set up in the domicile of each girl friend and there are very few scenes set elsewhere. So the low budget aspects of the film will definitely put some people off. The film works for me mainly because of the honesty of the actors and the strength and credibility of the star.
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Sleeping pill effect - recommended for insomniac
NoaLindberg9 August 2014
Oh my... I fell on it on TV mid way and... I am bored to death!!!!!! HELP!!!!!! How did this screenplay get those good Lead Actors? I like Adam Brody a lot. The Leads are all good in the film but the screenplay... What is that? What happened to the rules of screen writing? What happened to the under 3 minutes scene rule? Scenes are between 5 and 15minutes!!!!! It might be a low budget film, which I respect a lot, but please invest in the story and the writing more than in A lister actors. The end is good but kind of predictable due to the main character's personality. No need to be a genius to notice he is a jerk, and it is clearly mentioned in the synopsis: He is a womanizer, and that cannot change. Anyway, I've had a great day so far but now I'm ready to sleep! This film has a sleeping pill effect but without all the chemicals, so I might recommend to treat insomnia. I gave it a 2, for the Actors, otherwise it would have been a 1 for a few seconds of nice imaging during the movie.
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russa_0710 March 2017
I think I've never voted 1 for a movie here at IMDb until now. The idea is interesting, and that's what drove me into watching Some girl(s). This story is about a self-centered guy who is apparently trying to make amends. Horrible. As if the character wasn't appalling enough, Adam Brody's acting is abominable. The girls are awesome, but Adam is on screen ALL THE TIME. There's one scene in which one of the ex-girlfriends (I won't say who, so I don't spoil anything) says that someone has cancer. Brody's acting is so bad that I laughed at the situation. His face, his reactions, his body language.... Just awful. DON'T WATCH THIS MOVIE!
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That's right......Love has a distressing side.
SaarahN31 May 2016
I would never watch this film again. Ever. The trailer had made it seem so good, and if you can't judge a film by its trailer, what do you judge it by? The reviews, that's right. Why I didn't check the reviews, I have no idea. I actually think you would enjoy reading my review than watching film.

This film was terrible. The main character, (what was his name?), experienced some sort of dream which spurred him on to 'right his wrongs', to remedy all the broken hearts he caused, to help him live with himself. That's what he sets out to do, most probably it was inspired by his engagement and a promise of acceptance to a monogamous lifestyle. He wanted to start afresh, he desired forgiveness.

So he creates a list of his most notable exes (not all of them, just five) and he travels to them, to 'talk'. He didn't even have a game plan. An idiot, no doubt. have to cope with a lot of stuttering on his part and the obvious confusion, he had no idea what he was after. He had left all of them, at some point in their relationship, he was a coward. But not the romantic type for 'the one that got away' , is there a romantic type? So of course, they were angry. Not at first, but being the idiot he was, he provoked them to speak of their memories, to relive the pain. Initially, that's all I thought, just that he was bad with words (did I mention he was a writer?) and that he wasn't aware of what he was doing. But, I came to realise he was just playing with their feelings.

But then, I began to feel a tad sympathetic for him: he was lost and in search of forgiveness. But then I began to think about what would make his character worse...And it came to be: he sought them out to write a story on them for some magazine or something. So all that crap about seeking forgiveness was just that. Crap.

This is what he had done before, he had written his stories on them when he had broken their hearts. Did I feel sympathy for him, at this point? Not at all, he was just an idiot through and through.

The only reason my rating isn't completely harsh is because I loved that all the exes were intelligent, they all knew what had gone on and they showed him "who's boss". Their only mistake was him, but it really wasn't them, it was him. I especially liked Kristen Bell in this film, she completely detested the man. We shared a common dislike and then, the way she played with his feelings. Pure genius. But that was more the character, I liked Bell for her passion in the role. It was real. Jennifer Morrison was also strong in her role, perhaps a little crazed it seemed.

Another small thing I liked was the fact that there was no happily ever after, it was open ended and I like to believe that his fiancé ended up with someone new or that his marriage turns out to be a complete misery. Yes, that's how much I hated the main guy. You'd think that I've experience with a man of such nature, I actually don't. And I'm more than grateful for it.
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A Superb Performance by Emily Watson
jlthornb5126 April 2015
This is what would amount to a quite forgettable film if not for a power house performance by the great actress Emily Watson. She is simply electric in her sequence and brings this motion picture completely alive. It is amazing how her sexuality explodes on the screen with the simple act of showing her slip and moving across the room. This is one of the most sensual scenes ever filmed and other actresses might study how a real woman expresses her very being. Her performance is one of the most magnetic and memorable in any movie this year and save this otherwise dismal effort from the dustbin of cinema. It is fascinating to watch such a gifted woman grow in her craft when it hardly seems possible for her to become even greater. Her artistry is simply astonishing.
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sovafisi-524-9900116 January 2015
In this movie a, soon to be married, writer gets in touch with his ex-girlfriends to make amends.

The movie evolves slowly and will most likely make you look at your watch pretty quickly; but for me it intrigued me just enough. It made me wonder why the main character was going through all that trouble to apologize and i believe it's the acting that made that possible.

I thought the idea behind the script was good. I, personally, have never seen a movie showing the outcome of the intentional reconnection of old relationships, and the effect that the break-ups had on them. But unfortunately i thought that, as a script, it failed to make a connection with the viewer, thus making the good performances of the actors lost in horrible dialogs.

Overall, i would not recommend it. If you like the cast and have some time to kill, sure, go ahead; but if you want a movie with structure and flow you should skip that one.
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