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14 Jun. 2012
Episode #1.1
Despite declaring her innocence Helen Stephens is found guilty of murdering Eric Bridges,her boss at Entirely Tiles,and sentenced to a twelve year prison sentence. Sharing a cell with adoring arsonist Christine she is bullied by hard case Top Dog but finds ammunition when she recognizes her as her incontinent supply teacher,Miss Grainger. With her brief Tony useless,her sister Laura taking over her flat and her job her only hope is Justin who can supply her alibi,but where is he? Only work colleague Henry seems to believe in her innocence.
14 Jun. 2012
Episode #1.2
Tony is warned off Helen's case but Henry warns him back onto it again. Henry also finds mail addressed to Mashta Fembwick,with Helen believes will lead to the real killer but his sleuthing in Bridges' office is interrupted by the man's widow. The prison's annual quiz offers a seductive prize - five years off the winners' sentences. Christine assembles a team of Cambridge graduates to play with her and Helen but Helen is bullied into joining Top Dog's team,which comes last.
21 Jun. 2012
Episode #1.3
With Christine on a week's exchange to a German prison Helen is charged with minding temporary cell-mate Gertrude Varna,a notorious cannibal and subject of seven books. Helen hopes that she can run things smoothly,increasing her chance of an appeal but Gertrude's disdain for the other prisoners and the governor's painting leads to her being shipped out under a cloud. Tarty Elaine Bridges takes over as boss of Entirely Tiles,antagonising the staff with her austerity measures. Henry and mousey colleague Mary find out that Bridhes cheated the winning lottery syndicate ...
28 Jun. 2012
Episode #1.4
Justin asks Laura not to tell Helen that he has returned from Europe for the time being whilst Helen,angry with Tony's incompetence, reads law books to prepare her own appeal. She is however distracted when Top Dog's posse,sacked by their boss,ask her to be their new leader though instead she reconciles them. Tony infiltrates Entirely Tiles disguised as a handyman and catches Mrs Bridges as she in turn catches Mary snooping through her late husband's desk.
5 Jul. 2012
Episode #1.5
Broadmarsh are competing against the visiting male convicts of Woolley Grange in the prison choirs contest and Helen seems likely to be the featured soloist - until Virna puts in a stunning performance,which is hardly surprising as she is a professional with an agent. Still Margaret will go to any lengths to win - and does. Hearing from Mary about the money supposedly stolen by Eric Bridges Elaine visits Helen to ask where it is,armed with an audio tape of her late husband having sex with a mystery woman whilst Tony shadows Henry,whose flat is suspiciously full of new...
12 Jul. 2012
Episode #1.6
Helen is moved to D wing where she is befriended by elegant fraudster Jo,who tells her Eric Bridges is still alive as she forged a fake passport for him. Laura believes Justin should give Helen her alibi so that he can finish with her and carry on his affair with Laura instead. She gives hope to Helen by telling her Justin is back but Justin heads for Entirely Tiles and Elaine,whilst Henry (alias Mashta Fembwick),who,with Mary,plainly knows about the missing money,heads for a lock-up where he is shocked to find a body.


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