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  • The Graysons unite to protect Daniel in the face of the murder scandal at the Fire & Ice party, while suspects are questioned and tensions in the community reach a boiling point.

  • Daniel having been found blood-stained, holding the gun which killed Tyler, nothing can stop the police concluding he's the only prime suspect, and the judge denies bail. Nolan bitterly but unsuccessfully questions Emily's determination to continue her revenge even now it turns her true love's life into a complete hell among chaotic collateral damage. She alone knows mentor Satoshi Takeda's crucial part. The Graysons must work together again, terrified the police may discover their parts in Frank's murder and the whole David Clark mess.

  • The murder scandal at the Fire & Ice party rocks the Hamptons, and someone has to take the fall. The devastating turn of events call for desperate measures, as the Graysons form a united front, Emily grows more anxious, Ashley steps up for the family, and Jack is not the only one wondering where Amanda has gone.


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  • All of the principles are simultaneously speaking with various Southampton Police about the events surrounding Tyler's death. Emily says that when she went home for Daniel's clothes she noticed her gun was missing.

    Daniel isn't being charged with anything yet and the family is allowed to take him home. Daniel is going to home with Emily but wants a word with Victoria alone before they leave.

    Emily tells Nolan she's worried Tyler told Daniel everything. Daniel glares in her direction while she talks to Victoria.

    On the way home Daniel said he just wanted to clear the air with Victoria. Emily asks him what happened on the beach. Daniel flashes to Tyler showing him Emily's revenge list but tells her "I don't remember."

    Conrad and Victoria want Charlie to stay at the home, but she's headed back to Declan's place. Ashley is put to work helping the family handle the case.

    Jack returns home to find Declan waiting in his room. Declan is very suspicious of where he's been. Declan tells him what happened with Tyler and seeing a suspicious hoodie-wearing person on the beach.

    Emily returns home to find Daniel looking through her box. She denies any knowledge of it. He tells her Tyler said she'd been "playing" him and had secrets hidden under the floor. Emily tells Daniel that Tyler was crazy and reminds him the deceased had held them at gunpoint. He seems to settle down and she comforts him.

    An attorney named Brooks (Courtney B. Vance) tells Victoria, Daniel and Emily that not much will happen until the Coroner's report comes back.

    Victoria isn't pleased that Conrad skipped the meeting with Brooks. He flashes back to the moments after the plane crash. Conrad told Victoria that he was responsible for the crash, that he has been laundering money for the group that claimed responsible. He told her life as they know it over. In present day he tells her they're in another tough spot.

    Jack stops by Emily's place to see how she's doing. They talk about Daniel and Declan and Jack asks about Amanda. He says her phone is disconnected.

    Nolan opens up the video footage from his surveillance cam on Jack's boat to show Emily what happened. They see Amanda show up.

    Declan spots a frantic Charlie taking a pill of some kind. He wants her to talk to a psychiatrist and wonders if she was high the other night. She leaves.

    Daniel tells Emily he should have gone to Paris. The police knock on the door with a warrant to arrest Daniel for Tyler's murder. They take him into custody.

    Brooks tells the family that there is damning physical evidence stacked up against Daniel. Conrad thinks it's time he tells them what happened. He says that Tyler charged him, he fired once and then blacked out. Brooks points out that Tyler was shot three times, one in the chest and twice in the back. Daniel can't say for certain what happened after he blacked out. But since Daniel has a wound on the back of his head, Brooks think they can use that to offer a defense that a third party hit him from behind. He asks who might want to hurt Daniel and Victoria mentions Amanda.

    Jack finds a shirt and some paper in his car.

    Victoria pays Emily a visit and says she'd understand if Emily was reconsidering the marriage. Emily says leaving Daniel never crossed her mind. Victoria asks why Emily came back to the house when they were all at the police station and Emily says it was to get a change of clothes for Daniel.

    Jack shows Nolan a receipt for a $5 million bank deposit he found in Amanda's jacket in his car. Jack says he followed her to the beach but couldn't find her. Nolan calls Emily and leaves her a message that they need to talk.

    Charlie doesn't like what she's reading about her brother online. She asks about David Clarke and wants to know what he was like. Victoria flashes back to being with David on the beach and talking about leaving Conrad. There just doesn't seem to be a way for them to be together. In present day Victoria asks for Charlie to try and remember details.

    An alarned Nolan tells Emily about Jack finding the wire receipt. Brooks drops by Emily's place to talk about Daniel. He wants to make sure he's completely prepared for anything that could come up. She tells him she just met Amanda that Summer and doesn't know whether she's capable of framing Daniel. Brooks' investigators are tracking Amanda. Emily tells him there is something he should know about the Graysons.

    Brooks asks Victoria and Conrad about paying off a judge to downgrade Daniel's DUI. Emily admits that she was the one who told Brooks and the lawyer thinks she's the only one who is putting Daniel's best interests first. Victoria promises to be more candid with Brooks in the future. Brooks tells them the security tapes from the party were tampered with, kept on a three-minute loop. This will be used against Daniel.

    Emily confronts Nolan about working for Takeda. She thinks the security tape tampering reeked of Takeda. He admits Takeda wanted him to look out for her.

    Ashley tells the press the Graysons are offering a $100,000 reward for information leading to the third party on the beach. After hearing this on TV Declan goes into one of Jack's drawer and pulls out a bloody sweatshirt.

    Charlie pays Emily a visit. Emily asks her about the pills.

    Declan shows Jack the sweatshirt he found. He says he's not sure who Jack is protecting, but as of that point Declan will no longer protect him.

    The next day Brooks drops by Jack's bar and introduces himself. He asks about Amanda and where Jack was on Saturday night. Brooks leaves his card and tells him to call if he hears from Amanda. After Brooks leaves Jack tells Nolan he needs to find Amanda before the Graysons do.

    Ashley tells Brooks she thinks Daniel shot Tyler and will probably get away with it. Brooks tells her if she continues to perform well in front of the camera she'll be able to parlay this case into a new career.

    Victoria and Conrad share a drink and laugh at how far their life has fallen. She tells him she's worried about Daniel and says she doesn't think he'd do well in jail.

    In court for his arraignment, the sitting judge (Veronica Cartwright) denies Daniel bail, remanding him to the maximum-security facility on Riker's Island.

    Jack tells Nolan he's not going to skip town, which Nolan thinks is a mistake. Jack thinks Declan needs him. Nolan places a call and asks about some photos.

    Nolan calls Ashley to the bar and tells her he's learned the photos of Daniel being leaked to the media came from her. He is the only one who knows, "for now."

    48 Hours Earlier:

    Emily rushes to her house from the homicide scene on the beach. Takeda is there and he tells her "You should have heeded my warning." They struggle and he blames her lack of discipline for what took place. She asks what happened on the beach and he shows her the revenge list that Tyler showed to Daniel. Flash back to Takeda watching Daniel and Tyler struggle with Daniel shooting Tyler once in the chest. Takeda knocks Daniel out with a rock to the back of the head, then finishes off the still-alive Tyler. Takeda tells her that he's taken care of Amanda and "the other boy" she has feelings for. Emily then grabs her box out of the floor and smashes it.

    An entire month will pass before we learn what transpires next.

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