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Wasted 3hrs of my valuable time
yalagala-vamsikrishna13 January 2014
Warning: Spoilers
First the movie is copied from the English movie FACE OFF.

overall the movie is the mixture of 3 to 4 movies(Vikramarkudu,Chatrapathi,Nayak,......etc)

People have taken the face surgery concept in Yevadu as a joke. How can voice,height,etc....can be changed after face surgery..... the Idea its self is a great disaster.......

Heroines play no role in the movie except song.....

It felt irritating to the audience to see brahmi doing silly comedy...

Ram Charan again proved him self as a wax statue ...

He is able to expose his muscles but unable to give proper expression from his face...

Over all Ram Charan ends with a disaster again before recovering from "Zanjerr"
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Raccha , Nayak ( Raccha 2 ) , Yevadu ( Raccha 3 ) A routine Revenge Drama
mkranthi1812 January 2014
Warning: Spoilers
Story :

Allu arjun ( Satya ) and Kajal agarwal ( Deepthi ) who were in love have their plan to marry and a local Goon who sees her falls in love with Kajal , Goon tries to take Kajal away with him, Both Allu arjun and Kajal will escape from them and plans to escape to other town. Twist in story there, Later Ram charan enters the same town and kills every Goon there, In that process Sai kumar a big Goon there tries to kill ram charan. What is this all killing about ? How is Ram charan linked with Allu arjun ? What happened finally is rest of the movie.

Performances :

Allu arjun and Kajal agarwal are major plus elements of movie, Both performed very well with lot of action and entertainment with their presence, Allu arjun is a special attraction of movie, Ram charan who prefers same kind of story line has nothing much to show than following his own kind of action. He did not improve his acting skills nor he did not decrease from his level. Overall his performance at fights and dances are good. Sruthi hasan who enters in second half has nothing much to do with story and also she is jut in movie for a glamor show, Same applies for Amy jackson too. Rest of characters had nothing much to discuss.

Positives of Yevadu :

Allu arjun and Kajal agarwal presence in movie. Ram charan performance Sruthi and Amy glamor scenes Nee jathaga song looks cool Pre climax and climax Negatives of Yevadu :

Movie has a routine story after first 15 mins Entire movie has a low standards of comedy and entertainment No special scenes or dialogues to be noted Over all talk on Yevadu :

Allu arjun and Kajal episode brings a huge hopes on movie but soon after they leave screen there will be a blank expressions from audience as everything goes as they expect. No comedy and few silly attempts to make fun turned disaster, But apart from that Ram charan and Allu arjun performance rocks and Kajal and sruthi glamor can drag fans to theaters.
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Boring, violent,
sudhakarreddy9216 January 2014
Warning: Spoilers
Typical Telugu film story.

Film is a non-stop 3 hour violent movie with very little comedy. Too much over action in fights and scene.Hero action even makes it worse.Even directors attempt to bring in a lot of well known artists like Kota, brahmi, saikumar, jayasudha couldn't help the movie.Some parts of story makes audience fell like Telugu serials had a good impact on movie director (maybe). Even Brahmanandam comedy is below average.

Film overall looks like a series of fights and songs, each followed by other.Unless you are a die hard fan of Ramcharan(probably not),you will be disappointed after watching the movie.some songs are good, rest of the songs just look like fillers.

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Thou shalt not worry about logics!!
thiszjithu14 January 2014
Warning: Spoilers
As soon as we came out of Yevadu, my friends started shooting questions-

1. How the hell a 'complex' surgery can change height and weight of the person? Oh wait... this seems to be the first successful vocal chord transformation on planet earth!!

2. How can nobody cares if a flat owned by a dead person is possessed by a random fellow?

3. Why everybody get off their vehicles and run on the roads in chase scenes?

4. What is the necessity to create a unconvincing "Director-Actress" drama with Brahmanandam and Amy Jackson instead of simply explaining her the plan? At the first place, why Brahmanandam??

5. Why bad guys do not have guns every time hero wants to fight with them??

All I could say is that basic commandment you should follow while watching a routine Telugu paisa vasool masala : "Thou shalt not worry about logics!!"
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Boring Movie
suraj094315 January 2014
Warning: Spoilers
Two revenge movies in one cinema. There is no comedy and there is no importance to other roles except Charan, jayasudha, and Sai kumar. Charan's acting is very bad, through out the movie he put only single expression(no expression at all) if anyone delivered dialogue, he put face like wooden statue.His screen presence is not good and he did not improve his acting skills.There is no difference between his first movie and this movie.

First half is OK but in second half is very bore, and i was always checking time and thinking that when it would be completed. BoM is good but songs are not good. Screenplay is good. It is not worth for watching it is not about money it is about time and headache. I saw this movie first day itself in Mumbai, I thought this would better than 1, but 1 is far better than in any manner. It is same routine revenge telugu cinema, Nothing new in this movie. It will get good collection due to festive season.
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A Surgery of Two Tales
Pavan_Daggupati12 January 2014
Warning: Spoilers
Yevadu offers nothing new. It has a simple story but well executed.

Ram Charan's Screen presence, Vamshi's direction, Dsp's back ground score and some dialogs are big assets to the movie. But it follows the regular Telugu movie cliché and at times too predictable.

Allu Arjun appears only 15 min on the screen but he reminds us through out the movie. In strict words Yevadu is a powerful entertainer.


Yeah. The scenes 15 min at the starting, 15 min before interval, Freedom song, 30 min before climax makes every fan go crazy.

A Feast for fans and a one time watch for others.
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Hollywood -Face off Tollywood-F**k off
vaddi-prince-ugavanth9219 January 2014

This movie is a mixture of films like Faceoff,Chatrapati,Nayak,etc... Story-Satya(Alluarjun)and Deepthi(Kajal)they both are in love Veerubhai(Rahuldev)who likes Deepthi comes to know they are in love and kills them Dr.Shylaja(Jayashuda)will save Satya Ram(Ram Charan)comes and kills Veerubhai and his gang with the help of Brahamnandam and Amy Jackson and finishes his revenge.Dhrama(Sai Kumar)will try kill ram.Who is Ram why he is killed Veerubhai and his gang,who is Dhrama,what happen to Satya,why Shylaja saved Satya.Will be seen on screen Positives-Ramcharan performance,Allu Arjun and Kajal performance,Vamshi direction,Devi music and BM and all artist performances Negetives-slow first half,predictable second half and story,unnecessary heroines Yevadu is routine flick with predictable story watch it for only first 15 minutes Ramcharan,Alluarjun,Kajal,and all artist performance Rating-4/10
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two revenge stories combined together
inner-ashwin14 January 2014
Warning: Spoilers
This movie does not impress much, its same old formula, a revenge story in fact 2 revenge stories, first revenge is personal by killing 4 bad guys, second revenge is for people good by killing another 4 powerful guys,

Emotional element of the movie does not impact much, its because we have seen this type of emotional scenes a lot. Jayasudha does decent work. In bad guys Sai Kumar is impressive and will hold your attention.

Comedy Bhramanandam is only in first half there after its just gone without any ending.

Shruthi Hassan enters only in second half... Ram Charan dance moves are good... few action scenes are good a part form that nothing interested me much.
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A Routine Revenge Drama.
spruthvi3515 January 2014
Well as speculated and rumored previously that this film is a copy of 1999 Hollywood blockbuster 'Face/Off' have been proved as partial truths as the movie is not a copy but rather an inspiration from that flick. When it comes to the plot , the film has two different stories , one for first half and the other for the rest and connected through an incident. It's like watching two movies for a single ticket. One story is the same old revenge flick while the other one is society and evil based. Ram Charan as usual , rocked with his dance moves. Kajal , Amy and Shruti did okay with whatever they had to. Jaya Sudha gaaru just made the mother's character even more powerful with her performance. Sai Kumar gaaru were just an added attraction. Without Allu Arjun this movie isn't possible , hence a special mention. Screenplay was routine and cinematography was just good. DSP rocked it all the way. Director sticked to the basic mass masala formula that is running in TFI presently and didn't at all try any new things , precisely routine direction.
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Yet another mindless telugu movie
ysndganesh22 January 2014
Warning: Spoilers
To start things with, this movie is filled with all those typical mindless telugu movie clichés from the beginning till the end. One need to put their mind safe at their house to watch a movie like this. A man loses his lover in a sequence of dramatic events and also half of his face. He returns with a new face, thanks to "face surgery" (or we should say "head transplant" !) and takes revenge on his enemies. He makes a death list of his enemies and kills them one after the other. Sounds like kill bill, isn't it!? But it looks pathetically awful! With unnecessary comedy, songs and with absolutely no logic, ends the first half at the end of which we arrive at a new twist so to speak in the plot. The second half of the movie runs on the twist that unfolds at the intermission and is a mixture of at least half a dozen telugu movies. Like i mentioned, clichés and logic free scenes everywhere. The lead actor at the beginning gets a face surgery, which is said to be very complex in the film, wakes up with his face covered in bandages after 10 months and boy when the doctors remove the bandages, his "new" face looks so stunning with his hair neatly trimmed and dressed! At the finishing minutes of first half, a man identifies the lead actor in traffic and attempts to shoot him, fires three bullets, the lead actor confronts him and the man runs away from him!?? I mean, he still has 3 more bullets left at least, instead of killing the damn person he runs away!? One can find a countless amount of such idiotic things in the film. ahem ahem.. this is a typical paisa vasool movie, so we have to be cool and take things easy. Actors like shashank and kota srinivas rao are wasted and saikumar kind of overdid his part. To sum it up, this is one of those average nonsense movies that you can find. Watch it if you want to kill your precious time.
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New approach to a revenge drama
mrtrickyster13 January 2014
The director, Vamsi, is only a few movies old, but the manner in which he introduces the characters and puts forth the story is commendable. Yevadu is an out and out entertainer and doesn't let the mass enthusiasts down.

Just like any revenge drama, the movie involves the protagonist's loved one being killed and how the hero in turn gets his revenge. But the part in between the entire drama is what makes Yevadu special. The story is very fresh but the mass elements give it a jaded approach. The story has twists but quiet a few of them are easily predictable.

Acting wise Ram Charan was good, his body language and emotions were spot on. And yes his dance moves were good but not very extraordinary. And one draw back of Ram Charan is his hair style, its been the same since Racha and he has to try out new styles. Kajal came and went doing what was needed of her. Amy Jackson's role was not chalked out well and her part might have not been required, she seems to have an overdose of make up. But in her song with Ram Charan, she gives the viewers a generous display of her voluptuousness and looked ravishing in that song. Shruti Haasan's role was not powerful enough but made her presence felt in the form of songs.

Veteran Jayasudha gets a brilliant character loaded with powerful dialogues. The others did their part as required.

Though Yevadu might have subtle similarities with Rajamouli's movies, it still has all the elements that a movie needs to become a hit. But there have been loads of such movies, but its the story that deserves a mention.
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Please kill me someone
ksantoshreddy-9013 January 2014
Please do keep your brain in the home and come to the theatre..You are gonna watch some of the fishy logics neva unfolded on any movie Yess..plastic surgery can turn you to completely another hero..Yess please vamshi I guess both the heroes need more plastic surgeries Due to these kind of stories narrated the TFI level is dropping down daily..Just a mass entertatiner..IF you are die hard fan of mega family please go kill urself Please charan do some interesting movies..don't do for some collections..choose stories wisely.."Mass entry interval bang villanism heroism exposing and brahmis comedy"..please keep this formula aside and use only if you are completely down in the career to get back you need these kinda stories..Racha,Naayak and yevadu seems like same films to me.

I don't want to waste any energy now on this movie still..
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Feast For Fans
mbharathm-mbm15 January 2014
Once again it has proved Ram Charan's stamina at box office. He is excellent in Dance, fights, performance. AlluArjun, even though he has played a role of minutes, his expressions are at peaks. And coming to the turning points in the movie, they will definitely surprise the audience. Audience went crazy when they saw their favorite actors like Chiranjeevi, Pawan Kalyan on the screen. And with a good script, Vamshi has done his job well. DSP once again proved himself especially the BGM. Dil Raju will be the happy man as it is going to rule the theaters this week

Finally, its a bumper bonanza for audience on this festive eve.
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best thriller movie in telugu in recent times....
shabbir-nrt4615 January 2014
Satya(Allu Arjun) and Deepthi(Kajal Agarwal) are lovers who decide to get married. Their love is opposed by an evil Veeru Bhai(Rahul Dev) who also falls for Deepthi. On the other hand, Ram alias Charan(Ram Charan) starts killing everyone from Veeru Bhai's gang.

When all this is happening, yet another gangster from Hyderabad, Dharma(Sai Kumar) is after Charan's life. Who is Charan? Why is he killing everyone from Veery bhai's gang? Why is Dharma after Charan? For all these questions, you need to watch the film on big screen.

The movie is completely Ram Charan centric. Vamsi Paidipally has successfully manged to showcase Charan as a powerful angry young man. Charan takes this film to another level with his mature performance. His dances are to die for especially in the Freedom song.

Allu Arjun and Kajal's cameos are breathtaking, and have been conceived wonderfully. First ten minutes and interval bang is very intense and entertaining. Sai Kumar does an awesome job as the bad guy. He looks menacing and once again proves what an stunning actor he is.

Story idea is unique and the way it has been executed is also decent. Some thrills and action episodes, especially the rain fight has been shot extremely well. Amy Jackson provides the necessary glamour quotient in the first half.

Vamsi Paidipally's films have always been high on technical values. Even Yevadu is no less, as it has been shot lavishly. Devi Sri Prasad's music is just about OK, but its his background score which elevates the film to another level.

Camera-work is stunning as the entire film is shot beautifully. Visual effects are top class and look natural. Screenplay of the film is good but a number of scenes could have been chopped off.

Dialogues are powerful and suit Charan's body language well. Editing is apt and so is the art direction. Choreography is top class and proves Ram Charan's dancing talent once again. Fights have been composed well and director Vamsi Paidipally has succeeded in elevating Ram Charan in a powerful role.
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Very Bad Movie
hiteshchamp-627441 January 2019
Extremeley Bad movie. Not expected from the actor Like Ram Charan
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Mind Blowing Script From The Director - Vamshi Paidipalli
bvritwonders-eceb12 January 2014
Yevadu is the film released on 12 January,2014.

Coming to the script, its definitely a different kind of story than previous movies of Hero Ram Charan or the director Vamshi Paidipalli. i Don't want to reveal the story by unleashing the twists of the movie.(Do watch in theaters for the complete entertainment rather than reading the story online)

The credit goes to the director for selecting such a story and directing it in such a brilliant manner.

Next it comes to Hero Ram Charan, he had improved vastly in his acting as he is doing regularly with his films.He has justified his role in both the characters of the movie. Next it comes to cameo role done by Allu Arjun, he was shown in brilliantly stylish manner as he is known as Stylish star of TFI.He has justified his role along with equally placed cameo role by Kajal Agarwal in each possible way. Next to the actress, Shruthi Hassan,Amy Jackson,Kajal.Everyone were shown marvelously beautiful in the film and they tried to justify there role.

Next to the music, Devi Sri Prasad once again showed his skills of attracting masses(some extent even the classes).His background scored very important points in the outcome of the film. Screenplay,Dialogues,Editing were up to the mark.

Finally, Yevadu can be defined as a movie with perfect mixture of all the qualities required for a Blockbuster start to 2014 and it may be said as the festival winner(Sankranthi festival season).

Punch Line: Two movies on One Ticket.
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A classic revenge drama well executed !
gollum-smeagol197621 January 2014
Ram char an rocked with yevadu yet again, after magadheera. Its an awesome take by the director vamsi paidipally. 1st half of the movie will keep on the edge of your seats. 2nd half is well executed with full of suspense and thrill. Dialogues are mind blowing. Dance is well choreographed. Over all a very good commercial entertainer. sure shot a blockbuster. Go for it.

The previous reviews written here are mostly from the antifans of ram char an and mostly fans of mahesh babu. Since mahesh babu's movie "1 nenokkadine" is flopped at the Indian box office, all the non resident indians have resorted to spoiling ram char an's yevadu movie, since it stood as a tough competition back in the home country. And in India IMDb is a place hardly checked by country people. IMDb is a international website for movie database and since mahesh babu has more fan following in USA compared to home country, all of his fans in USA have used this IMDb website to tarnish "yevadu"s fame and ram char an's image. Otherwise there is no chance that a stupid movie like "1 nenokkadine has superseded big time Hollywood movies like DARK KNIGHT and INCEPTION with respect to IMDb ratings Shame on mahesh babu's fans for this cheap trick!
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jeevan-chiranjeevi15 January 2014
Allu Arjun and Ram Charan starrer film is the first super hit film in 2014 for Telugu Film Industry in India.

Genre: Action Type: Straight Banner: Sri Venkateswara creations

Cast: Ram Charan, Shruti Haasan, Allu Arjun, Kajal Aggarwal, Amy jackson, Jaya sudha, Kota Srinivas rao, Rahuldev, Sai kumar, Ajay, LB Sriram, Supreeth, Vennela Kishore. etc

Music: Devi Sri Prasad Camera: C Ram Prasad Lyrics: Ramajogayya Sastry, Sirivennela Sitaramasastri, Chandrabose, Krishna Chaitanya, Sri Mani Dialogues: Abburi Ravi Editing: Marthand K Venkatesh Action: Selvam,Peter Hain Art: Anand Sai Story: Vamsi Paidipalli & Vakkantham Vamsi screenplay -direction: Vamsi Paidipalli Producers: Dil Raju Release date: 12 January 2014

Story:Satya (Allu Arjun) loves Deepthi (Kajal Agarwal). A local gangster (Rahul Dev as Dheeru Bhai) wants her and kills both of them in the process. Satya goes into coma and is treated by a doctor (Jayasudha). As Satya's body is burnt partly, the doctor performs a surgery and replaces his body with a new look (Ram Charan). Satya with new look and identity finds it easy to take the revenge on the people who is responsible for the death of his lover. Just about when he finishes act of vengeance, he comes to know about a bigger purpose in his life. The rest of the story is all about how he achieved the goal.
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Reiterating Twice the same traditional plot with the mask of a Hollywood film
urztrulysooraj15 December 2014
Yevadu _ My Review

Yes, Yevadu has got a very interesting story line,but falls short to some extent due to the easily predictable poor narration and inevitable logic less flaws.

Coming to the story, Sathya's lover Deepthi is killed in front of him and being incapable of fighting them, he is also brutally attacked and the bus in which they were,is burnt. But surprisingly,Satya escapes death by a half burnt face and 70%burns on the body. When the doctors too leave him, a lady doc takes the risk of saving him and, by a surgery, she gives him a "new face". Then, with the new face, Satya seeks revenge on the villains. The plot of the film ends in the first half ends, with an exciting bang in the interval, growing excitement among the viewers.

The first half of the movie was dangerously fast, with some unwanted and failed comedies of Brahmanandam. Only that TV show sequence evoked few wits. But the second half seemed to reiterate the usual story. The second half, even, drew similarities with that of Nayak. A better second half could have made out Yevadu a remarkable film.

Vamsi Paidipally is successful to some extent to make Yevadu a mass film with different plot. He copied, sorry..... Inspired the basic theme of #Face Off, and planted it into the most heard, usual revenge drama. But he isn't successful here. In the film, we can see a Ramcharan coming out after, Allu Arjun undergoes surgery. The biggest flaw is regarding the Voices. A viewer may doubt, how a person's voice and physique changes after a plastic surgery... There are many such sequences, for eg. The police offices, chasing the target "alone", by driving the jeep.....just a qn of logic. The most ironical scene is that, "when Ram Charan hits an enormous gate with his hand, it just explodes into pieces" Hmmmm.....even superman may get jealous of him.... Let it be, these are common in Telugu films, but the makers must remember one thing that, All the Viewers aren't fools.

#Ram Charan carries the film on his shoulders with his heavy action and foot tapping steps. But he always had only one expression on his face....wanna improve a lot in that section...

There were too many villains and unwanted heroines in the movie. Amy Jackson offered a beach song....bikniwala song. Shruthi had 2 songs and Kajal got 1. It is better not to mention abt the actress.

The Villains, i don't remember the number, were each of them inspired from each super hit films. The tollywood villain pack was complete with, a politician, a gunda, a land mafia wala, his goons, Hench boys, a mafia don, bro of mafia don and an inevitable police officer.

Brahmanandam was wasted in the movie.

Even though, Ram Charan tops high, #Allu Arjun's cameo appearance in 2 scenes seemed more impact able. That hand drawn picture of Allu Arjun just, roared the theater.

#DSP offered average tunes, with the song, "Cheliya Cheliya" offering a good feel.

Action sequences were of top notch with good cinematography. But certain sequences seemed very much familiar.

The tollywood tradition of slapping and extragerration is continued here.

A better narration, correct use of available characters and, some corrections in script could've done better.

Overall, Yevadu is a mass film with different theme, which slowly draws itself into the class of usual revenge dramas.

My Rating: 2.5/5

Thank You for Reading My Review.... Yours Truly Sooraj
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halwa movie
henucu20 June 2014
Warning: Spoilers
typical ramcharan movie. his woodenlike face and no expressions except as if he is high on something.

story is a lift off from a old Hollywood movie. allu arjun comes to our mind even though he is only 15 minutes in the movie. Such is a boredom with levels of ramcharan acting.

overall story is allu arjun face is gone in goons attack, gets replaced by ramcharans face. so allu with cherry's face kills cherry's allu arjun's villains in first half and then cherry's villains in second half. you have to be as intelligent as a potato to understand this story.
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Yevadu Review- He is entertaining!
Prashast_Singh23 April 2015
Movie: Yevadu Rating: 4/5

I have seen Ram Charan in various movies. I was excited to see him in this movie, which also starred my favorite hero Allu Arjun. Its not that I don't like Ram Charan, but I like Allu Arjun more. In this film, Ram Charan proves that he can do anything.

Yevadu,to be very honest, is a revenge saga in a twisted and unusual way. The entire screenplay is unpredictable from the beginning to the end. As it unfolds, one sits to watch what would happen in the next scene. The action is brilliant. The story is good. Brahmanandam's comedy is good. In other words, film is entertaining.

On the whole, Yevadu is a brilliant entertainer. Go for it!
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Face Phase
snaidu42226 January 2014
Yevadu (Who?) is again one of those movies, which must have really looked awesome on paper, and the transition from the paper to the celluloid became something else altogether.

The premise is pretty neat. But the screenplay is do damn confusing that you are left wondering what the hell is happening on the screen.

Satya and Deepthi (Allu Arjun and Kajal Agarwal) are two lovers who are on the run from a local don Dheeru Bhai (Rahul Dev) as Dheeru is lusting after Deepthi and has even murdered her parents for her, and in the process Deepthi gets killed and Satya becomes badly disfigured.

Dr. Sharada (Jayasudha) does a face transplant (nope, I got that right, not plastic surgery but a face transplant) and gives him a different face (Ramcharan).

Satya escapes from the hospital and eliminates all the people responsible for Deepthi's death with the help of a real dumb girl Shruthi (Amy Jackson).

Once the vendetta is over, Satya is shocked when he finds someone else out to kill him. He realizes that they are after the person whose face he now wears ( yes..wears).

He finds out that the face belongs to a charan, Dr. Sharada's son who was brutally murdered by a land grabber Dharma (sai kumar) since he interfered with the latter's plan of grabbing a slum area.

Now Satya decides to take revenge on those people who murdered Charan He kills them all and marries Charan's girlfriend Manju (shruthi hasan) in the end.

The most dumb sequence in the movie is the face off sequence, where both the male lead's beds are placed side by side and measurements are taken for each of their faces and lo and behold you have a medical miracle.

It reminds you of that awful sequence in AMAR AKBAR ANTHONY where a blood transfusion was done simultaneously to Nirupa Roy from Amitabh Bachan, Vinod Khanna and Rishi Kapoor, but then that was the 70's and we are in 2014 now and people are better informed, it is pathetic how tollywood filmmakers take the audience's intelligence for granted.

Now for the best points in the movie.

Allu Arjun and Kajal gave the best performances in the entire movie, followed by Shashank, as Charan's friend. Too bad these actors were only given 15 minutes of screen time.

Jayasudha as Dr. Sharada proves yet again that she is a versatile actress. She was excellent both as the caring doctor and the doting mother and equally carried herself in the high voltage confrontation sequences.

Ramcharan is his usual self, has the same constipated expression throughout the movie, we wish he played Satya and Arjun played Charan and not the other way round.

Shruthi Hasan does not have anything to do except wear tight fitting clothes and giggling and has a lost look when she is not giggling.

Amy Jackson does not look that firang, she plays the dumb act well, too bad her character was not so well written Sai Kumar hams his way through out the movie, just like a man who has not eaten for a week is suddenly given an emperor's meal to eat.

The songs are good..especially Chelliyaa...chelliyaa.

The item song by Ayyo Papam picturized on Scarlett Wilson was naughty.

Oye Oye shot on Ramcharan, Amy Jackson and a couple of bikini clad foreigners with clueless expressions was foot tapping.

Devisriprasad did a better job here than he did with One.

Screenplay and Direction by VamsiPaidipalli was confusing to the core, the climax sequences where another twist is revealed is one of the better sequences in the movie. This is the only sequence where you see Ramcharan and Allu Arjun in action in a single frame.

Shyam Naidu's cinematography is excellent and pleasing to the eye...too bad can't say the same to the movie however.
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Yevadu (U/A) TELUGU --------------- my Rating : ★★★ FACE OFF
yunusitboss9 October 2014
New movie Reviews and lots more Hot news .... LIKE THIS PAGE : English Hindi TAMIL TELUGU Facebook : Movie Review by Yunus Irshad

Yevadu (U/A) TELUGU --------------- my Rating : ★★★ FACE OFF

STRENGTHS :- * Casting and Performances: shruti was damn hot.... * Action sequences: were mass for perfect entertainer... * Screenplay: was good....

WEAKNESSES :- * Story gets predictable... * Songs....

FINAL VERDICT :- * Overall.. it is a decent one time watch family entertainer....

One person, just as he thinks that his vengeance is satisfied, his face drags him into another quest.

Director: Vamsi Paidipally Writers: Ashwin (script co-writer), Hari (additional screenplay), 5 more credits » Stars: Ram Charan, Allu Arjun, Shruti K. Haasan | See full cast and crew »
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