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Season 1

2 Nov. 2012
Reba Gallagher gave up her own singing/songwriting career in order to bring up her children and take care of her Country and Western star husband. When he makes an extramarital affair public with her standing at his side, she publicly debases him. She then gathers up her two teenage children and her mother and moves from Nashville into a house that her cheating husband kept secret from her in Malibu. That's when the adventure begins. Her son (Justin Prentice) loves Malibu because the house is on the beach with bikini clad women. He immediately claims the beach side bedroom. Her ...
9 Nov. 2012
Baby Steps
Kim and Lillie Mae convince Reba to go on a blind date.
16 Nov. 2012
Shell Games
Reba is insulted when Mr. Bata wants a rapper to record one of her songs.
23 Nov. 2012
Cash's Car
Reba is angry when her ex-husband gives Cash a sports car for his birthday.
30 Nov. 2012
Not with My Daughter
Reba feels threatened by her daughter's relationship with Kim.
7 Dec. 2012
Bro Code
Reba tries to get dirt on Bobby's past from his ex-bandmate.
14 Dec. 2012
Merry Malibu Christmas
Reba and Kim are trying out for a the same solo in the church Christmas show. Kim's audition is terrible but that doesn't mean that she won't get the solo. June tells Cash that she doesn't believe in God.
4 Jan. 2013
Push Comes to Shove
Reba tries to get June's school to revive its music program.
11 Jan. 2013
Cold Shower
Reba agrees to host Kim's baby shower but gets caught on tape telling her true feelings for Kim. Lillie Mae helps Cash get noticed by some contestants to a beauty pageant.
18 Jan. 2013
Easy Money
June wants Reba to introduce her to Mr. Beta so she can start her singing career. Even after a video June uploaded to YouTube goes viral, Reba tries to convince June that the music business is hard to get started in. Cash has a knack for picking winning horses, so Kim and Lillie Mae use him to pick ponies for them to bet on.
1 Feb. 2013
Based on a True Story
Cash needs to write a one act play for a class at school. Reba tells him to write about something he knows so he writes a play about a star baseball player from Nashville who cheats on his red-head wife that sounds very much like Reba.
8 Feb. 2013
Adventures in Babysitting
Reba's record company wants her to work with a hit singer who has a bad-girl reputation. The singer moves in with the Gallaghers, where she becomes a very bad influence on Cash and June.
15 Feb. 2013
Babies Having Babies
A neighbor makes a confession that surprises the entire family.
22 Feb. 2013
Bowling for Mama
Cash, Reba and June try to give Lillie Mae the best birthday gift ever.
1 Mar. 2013
Oh Brother
Reba's brother shows up and decides to help Lillie Mae.
8 Mar. 2013
Marriage, Malibu Style
Kim's husband greets Reba with an overly friendly kiss.
15 Mar. 2013
New Plans
Reba is excited to finally meet Geoffrey's boss, Mr. Bata.
22 Mar. 2013
All You Single Ladies
Reba's family secretly orchestrates an online date for her.

 Season 1 

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