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(2012– )

Episode List


Season 1

21 May 2012
Capítulo 1
After the holidays, children are preparing for the first day of class. All are eager to meet the new teacher.
22 May 2012
Capítulo 2
When talking to Maria Joaquina, Helena asks if the girl has a problem with Cirilo and asks her to give him a chance.
4 Jun. 2012
Capítulo 11
Teacher Helena visit Valéria after the girl getting sick of sadness.
25 Jun. 2012
Capítulo 26
Jaime visits Maria Joaquina and says that everyone will miss her at school.
26 Jun. 2012
Capítulo 27
Jaime gives flowers to Maria Joaquina and follows the girl to school. Maria Joaquina says Jaime that she never would date someone like him because they are not of the same social class.
27 Jun. 2012
Capítulo 28
Maria Joaquina and Valéria talk in the courtyard.
28 Jun. 2012
Capítulo 29
Maria Joaquina and Valéria set out to fight after discussion. Teacher Helena asks Valéria and Maria Joaquina making peace, but Maria Joaquina not accept.
29 Jun. 2012
Capítulo 30
Valéria faints with shock and Maria Joaquina rescues the girl. Director Olivia is searching the backpack of the students and find the CD in the backpack of Maria Joaquina. Valéria tells the whole truth.
2 Jul. 2012
Capítulo 31
Teacher Matilde decides to spy Teacher Helena's diary, but ends up sleeping on the table. Carmen's mother, talks with Professor Helena and says she will no longer continue in school.
3 Jul. 2012
Capítulo 32
Jaime offers to get Carmen every day at his grandmother's house.
4 Jul. 2012
Capítulo 33
The boys, who are in the abandoned house, eventually finding the secret passage unintentionally. Rafael lashes out at Jaime to have been committed to Carmen.
5 Jul. 2012
Capítulo 34
Carmen tells Teacher Helena that has lost the will to study.
6 Jul. 2012
Capítulo 35
Frederico, Carmen's father, tells teacher Helena that changed the shift of work to be able to take her daughter to class every day.
9 Jul. 2012
Capítulo 36
Teacher Helena takes David to visit his ailing grandmother.
10 Jul. 2012
Capítulo 37
Children organize parties and special visit to the Davi's grandmother.
11 Jul. 2012
Capítulo 38
Paulo and Kokimoto throw itching powder inside the shirt of Cirilo.
12 Jul. 2012
Capítulo 39
Cirilo faces Maria Joaquina and says to her several times that he hates her.
13 Jul. 2012
Capítulo 40
Valéria arrives at school with Daniel and Maria Joaquina says the girl is trying to make David jealous.
16 Jul. 2012
Capítulo 41
Teacher Helena takes children on a tour to study the environment. Maria Joaquina is lost in the forest.
17 Jul. 2012
Capítulo 42
Cirilo rescues Maria Joaquina in the woods and gets a hug from the girl.
18 Jul. 2012
Capítulo 43
Valeria apologizes for having selfish with Davi, who asks the girl for dating. Matilde admits it was her who placed the trap on piano. Paulo gives a snack full of worms to Laura.
19 Jul. 2012
Capítulo 44
Paul says he will take revenge for all the girls by telling the truth.
20 Jul. 2012
Capítulo 45
Paulo and Kokimoto send a fake love letter from Daniel to Laura.
23 Jul. 2012
Capítulo 46
Valeria gets angry with David and the two end up fighting.
24 Jul. 2012
Capítulo 47
Teacher Helena asks Olivia gives a second chance to Jaime.