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10 Nov. 2013
At the center of events are fateful moments immediately before the aggression of Germany to the Kingdom of Yugoslavia and the bombing of Belgrade on 6 April 1941.
17 Nov. 2013
Morning peace suddenly breaks ominous roar of the engine plane, which spilled posters. The village Planinica came the news: Yugoslavia was attacked!
24 Nov. 2013
The village Planinica, on the spacious sun-drenched field, to the whole family Taralica. Suddenly, grandfather Obrad seeing the above fields, to the circumference of the hill, emerging silhouette of man. From the depths comes a man in a military uniform. Somewhere in Slavonia, in early April morning in 1941, distraught troops 41st Infantry Regiment of the Royal Army are retreating. With bad news and worse situation on the front line, the military is increasingly dissipated. However, few, led by a military honor and patriotism, however, argue that they need to move in ...
1 Dec. 2013
On the German control barricade press the multitude of the world. The refugees, war victims, as in procession, passing by guards. An officer in the Ustasha their uniforms arrogantly and angrily, legitimize each of them. King Peter II and members of the Yugoslav government in limbo awaiting news from other command staffs. Through thick oak forest in rugged Bosnian regions, it pulls the column of about forty officers and soldiers. Tired, unshaven, go hard, but decisive steps. At the head of the column, with topographic maps in hand, walk officer of the Royal Yugoslav ...
8 Dec. 2013
On a warm April night in Belgrade, the government curfew. In the abandoned luxurious apartment at Kalemegdan, Krcun, by order of the party, instructing young skojevce. Zarko Taralic given the task. His next destination is his homeland ... The village Planinica. In the Bosnian village Sprecno, in the courtyard of the old brickyard, gathered around the fire, standing Colonel Mihailovic and his comrades. I prefer decides the fate of the two Muslims, captured near the village.
15 Dec. 2013
In the early morning, on a hill above the river, staring into the Drina, stand Colonel Mihailovic and his comrades. He came to the moment to move to Serbia.
22 Dec. 2013
Colonel Draza Mihailovic with his comrades continued towards Serbia. The first stop of the mountain Tara, Zaovine village - taverns When Kodet Janjic. In the dead of hear a pounding on the door. Surprised by the unexpected visit, Janjici receive shelter to the royal army, not knowing that among them lies a hardened criminal. Milisav bodes trouble ...
29 Dec. 2013
On the platforms Zemun railway station is much of the world. The crowd stands Krcun. Beside him is Davorjanka Paunovic, and with it the Veselinka Krk. On the same day in May, in the village of Zaovine on the Tara, Milisav Janjic, in full battle dress, with cartridge belts over their shoulders, moving toward the clearing where the already lining detachment led by Colonel Draza Mihailovic.
5 Jan. 2014
Night and Fog. While colon tired horses, mules laden with people and promotes the clearing, from a distance came the sound of a powerful bursting of thunder, and then, all of a sudden machine-gun fire. Meanwhile, on the deserted embankment near Zemun, standing group of young men.
12 Jan. 2014
Ravna Gora
In the last tenth episode of "Straight up", which takes place in the mid of May 1941, Stanoja Taralica we find in a German prison in Ljig And in the village Struganik, the native home of Zivojin Misic, his son, Aca Misic welcomes his old comrade, Colonel Dragoljub Mihailovic. Waiting for the final decision: whether to join the major muscle Irritating and speedy squad ...

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