Money Monster (2016) Poster


Jack O'Connell: Kyle Budwell



  • Kyle Budwell : [snaps a pistol at him]  I want you to admit it was wrong

    Walt Camby : Look nobody was complaining when it worked it's how this business plays out

    Kyle Budwell : [cocks the trigger]  SAY... IT WAS WRONG

    Walt Camby : FINE! IT WAS WRONG!

    Kyle Budwell : [throws fake detonator at him]  That's all I wanted to hear

  • Lee Gates : You know what happened. It was a computer glitch.

    Kyle Budwell : A glitch! A glitch! A glitch! Shut up about the glitch! All right? What the hell does that even mean? You see, you don't even know. I'm not stupid, Lee. I told you, because somehow these clowns lost $800 million overnight. Overnight. And nobody's even actually explained how. How is something like that even possible, huh? It's not a rhetorical question. I want an answer.

    Lee Gates : What do you want from me, man? I don't run Ibis. I'm just a guy on TV.

    Kyle Budwell : Shut up, Lee! Shut up! No, no. Do not do that, Lee. Do not do that. You don't get to pass the buck today, Lee. Not today. Not with me.

  • Kyle Budwell : [pointing a gun to him while invading the show]  Don't move.

    Lee Gates : What the hell? Is this a union thing?

  • Kyle Budwell : [from the trailer] 

    [facing the camera] 

    Kyle Budwell : How's that even fair?

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